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Colin Bret's Cyberpunk 2046

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Hey guys,

I have been reading the Cyberpunk 2020 rules and I decided to check out Colin's BRP version. It's really good and I can see how BRP could easily replace the Cyberpunk's Interlock system. Has anyone here done anything with it? I have been talking about doing something for two years but since then I have watched Altered Carbon and the latest Bladerunner and it has got my interest up. Has anyone tried rolling their own Bladerunner or Altered Carbon.

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Hi @rsandford . Thanks for the feedback. 

I have run a couple of scenarios with it over the past few months. I might pretty them up and post them here. 

I think the 2046 rules need a clean up, so I might start on a "2050" iteration with simplified hacking rules, an expanded timeline, more corporations and a more detailed look at Techno Allegiance.

2019 has just begun, so I'll add it to my project list for the year.


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