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No, it is 19, 20, 21 aka 1W, etc.

There is no benefit between an ability of 19 or 20 on an unmodified roll, however, once you augment or suffer from flaws, the difference will be there.

Telling how it is excessive verbis


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With a rating of 20, I treat a rolled 20 as a regular fail rather than a fumble. Essentially, it treats the rolled 20 as a bump-down. When a rolled 20 is a fail, that becomes a fumble. In the case that a rolled rolled is a success, the 20 bumps it down to a fail.

If you use the Crit-on-Rating rather than Crit-on-One variant, allow a 20 rating to critically succeed on a rolled 19 in addition to the above. That seems contrary to the 20-as-bump-down principle, but preserves the possability of rolling a critical  and a fail at rating 20. The other option would be that there is no fail and also no critical in the result set, as the bump up from rolling your rating and the bump down from rolling 20 cancel. This would be cleaner, but would be strange compared to 1M where you can crit again, but also fail comes back at rolled 20.

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2 hours ago, Tinkgineer said:

Is 20 points 0W or 1W? I ask because it’s impossible to roll a 0 and so it seems you just skip 20.

Neither, it's 20 as Joerg noted.  At the level of a base roll, there is no difference between a 19 and 20 as 20 is a fumble in each case. (I would not use the 0W notation as that implies a mastery that is not there.)

2 hours ago, Tinkgineer said:

If you start an ability at 17 and add 10 points at you at 7W or 8W? 17 + 10 = 27 or 7W right?

Correct, it is 7W.  Each mastery starts at 20(*x)+1.

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