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TDM610: Worlds United - Out Now


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Our latest setting for Mythras is Worlds United, John Snead's view of a 1950s where the Martian invasions described in HG Wells' seminal novel, and Orson Wells' radio play, truly happened.The invasions brought destruction, certainly; but they also brought new technology, and opened up the Solar System for expansion. While the Cold War simmers on Earth, Mars and Venus are now colonies, and humankind is turning its eyes towards new worlds for exploration.

Characters in Worlds United are adventurers, heroes and explorers, with campaign power levels ranging from the mundane, through the pulp heroics of Science Fiction's Golden Age, to the superhuman levels of heroes such as Doc Savage or the Lensmen. Players can choose from Earth, Martian or Venusian humans, or something more exotic, such as the Ophidians or Lizardmen of Venus. Professions too, range from the expected to the unique - such as Venusian Dinosaur Wranglers, or psychic investigators. And, despite having been vanquished, the malevolence of the octopoid Martians, with their fearsome war tripods, are not far away. Can the United Worlds crystal weaponry and gravity-nullifying machinery take on the war engines of the octopoids in a third battle for the Solar System? Will political tensions on all three worlds threaten the peace first?
Worlds United is a setting book, and requires either the Mythras rules, or Mythras Imperative for optimum use. Despite being self contained, it is fully compatible with Luther Arkwright (the multiverse-spanning campaign setting based on the graphic novels of Bryan Talbot), and contains notes on how to slot the period into an Arkwright Parallel.
The book contains comprehensive character creation, new backgrounds, powers, rules for Ophidian science, crystal weapons, a range of creatures native to Mars and Venus, and much more. Featuring art by Dan Barker (The Guide to Glorantha, Tales of the Reaching Moon, The Road To Hell), and cartography by Colin Driver (Mythic Britain, Monster Island, The Guide to Glorantha, Paladin), Worlds United is a welcome addition to the Mythras line. At 128 pages, Worlds United is available in both hardcover, softcover, and PDF via DrivethruRPG and friendly local game stores. The book is printed on premium paper, and contains colour elements throughout.
Hardcover: $39.99 (includes free PDF) - Note, hardcover is only available via DrivethruRPG
Softcover: $34.99 (includes free PDF) 
PDF: $15.99


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