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Gyffur’s Hidden Gale


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This is probably a Sartarite rebel warband. It's mentioned in The Eleven Lights on p. 166 as being part of Kallyr's Candle Dancers: “It is those rebel bands who fought with Kallyr during the Shiprise. My Storm Rams, Orstalor’s Mudhens, Thundercape’s Silent Wind, and Gyffur’s Hidden Gale are amongst them.” says Venharl Stormbrow.

Does anyone have any more information on the Hidden Gale?

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Gyffur made his debut in the Hero Wars product line, starting with an illustration with a paragraph of description below on p.133 of Thunder Rebels, and an A4 page dropping a few names for the Hidden Gale band and its structure on p.38 of Sartar Rising vol.2: Orlanth is Dead, repeating the text from Thunder Rebels.

Picking up those Sartar Rising pdfs from Chaosium's Vault for less than 5$ is definitely worth the money:



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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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1 hour ago, Puckohue said:

Does anyone have any more information on the Hidden Gale?

It was one of four hero bands written up in the original Narrator's Book for Hero Wars. As Joerg noted, it appears in a few of the subsequent texts. 

Gyffur Ulfsson kills, destroys, and demolishes. He is a fanatical rebel, with a band of committed berserks. They all worship Barantaros, a demigod who lets their souls fight on after death. Their warband is organized entirely around that god, so that they do nothing except raid, vanish into the wilds, and ride on to the next ambush or fight. To join them is to leave normal society. To meet them as foes is to leave the world of the living. 

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