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The Meteoric Magic Item System of Doom


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This is a magic item generation system based on that used in Diablo and World of Warcraft.

It's not random like those systems, however, and the lists provided should be used to give the GM of a DnD-style or other High Magic game inspiration for his own loot.

Also included are unique items from Caleon, my Fantasy HERO world I'm translating to BRP.

Enjoy! Feel free to post additions or comments.

Remember: These are jumping off points, and some of them are very powerful! Use with caution!


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What are you? Some kind of rule machine, set on automatic, by a long-forgotten dead game designer? :D

This is a fun read. Thanks for sharing.

My minions will be around to collect you later for processing. Put your affairs in order. You can rest in the knowledge that I and my Dark Masters will put your material self to good use.

Seriously... thanks! More later!

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