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Short Lightbringers' Pilgrimage


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51 minutes ago, PhilHibbs said:

What is "the Conflict Phase" in the Short LBQ, in the context of Kallyr's 1625 attempt? Is it Day 5, The Obsidian Palace? Day 8, Three Challenges? Day 11, The Proof?

KoS Revised, p143-146.

I can't find anything relating to "when normally a polluted icon is destroyed".

Day 11, The Proof, elsewhere the Ritual of the Net.

My secondary guesses would be Day 3, the arrival on the shores of Luathela, where Orlanth invokes the Ring of the Vingkotlings to fight a scarlet-skinned enemy army, or Day 4, fighting Kaldar.

There isn't supposed to be fighting in the Obsidian Palace, as the other Lightbringers are mortified and stunned by Eurmal's betrayal.

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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2 hours ago, PhilHibbs said:

I can't find anything relating to "when normally a polluted icon is destroyed".

Have a look at the picture on GS p.42, the bas-relief of Kallyr's Short LBQ. Top line is the Westfaring. Second line left is Rausa and Gates of Dusk, center is confronting Maggot Liege/Yelm, then far right is the Proof (aka the Summons of Evil/Ritual of the Net). It is Day 11.



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