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KAP review in the latest issue of Tabletop Gaming Magazine honours Greg Stafford


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"The mythical roleplaying game from the co-creator of RuneQuest is a legend in its own right, and continues to define epic adventure decades after its release. Pendragon is a fantasy RPG like no other... it represents a master of roleplaying and worldbuilding at the height of his powers."

Recognition of Greg Stafford's genius in this great review of KING ARTHUR PENDRAGON 5.2 in the latest issue of Tabletop Gaming Magazine (May 2019): 



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This makes me all the more impatiently waiting for the Paladin Kickstarter to start shipping. I‘m expecting a ton of books (figuratively speaking, ofc), which will be my first update on KAP since 1994. Still have the 4th ed rulebook and a handful of supplements (Pagan Shores comes to mind fondly) lying around here somewhere... 🤔

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