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  1. In my humble opinion, D&D 5E is graced by the virtue of elegance through simplicity. I think it works extremely well as a tool of bringing people young and old new to this whole roleplaying business into the fold. Once there, they may of course graduate up to the more serious fun that is Call of Cthulhu. 😉
  2. *looks at shortlist* Oooooh, battle mats! Must... resist... shopping... spree... That‘s quite an impressive (and inspirational) list. I think Chaosium‘s products fit right in! Congrats for the nominations!
  3. I picked up Down Darker Trails more or less on a whim at SPIEL fair last year. And boy, did it turn out to be such a treasure of a book for Old West background and folklore! Exhibit A above will definitely follow suit this year. Btw, I just love the layout of all the new Chaosium products I‘ve seen so far. It‘s very high production value, and it pleases the eye (at least of this beholder). 🤩
  4. This makes me all the more impatiently waiting for the Paladin Kickstarter to start shipping. I‘m expecting a ton of books (figuratively speaking, ofc), which will be my first update on KAP since 1994. Still have the 4th ed rulebook and a handful of supplements (Pagan Shores comes to mind fondly) lying around here somewhere... 🤔
  5. I've ordered the RuneQuest Beige & burgundy Dice Set and the Expansion Dice Set on 08/03/2018 from Q-Workshop's online shop. I got sent a replacement D20 Hit Location die for free a few weeks later without any interaction with them. Truth be told, I only noticed said die to be faulty after a post on the RQ/BRP-related forum at tanelorn.net (a large German-speaking online community). That being said, I've made nothing but good experiences with Q-Workshop's customer service. They're quick to reply and generally very helpful. @jpsYeah, it's a shame the RQG dice can't be ordered separately. Anything to do with licensing by chance, @Rick Meints? 🤔 Just asking. 😉 Anyway, their Viking Beige & burgundy Dice Set is very similar in coloration and typeset, so I just got some more of those D6 (already had the full set).
  6. <nitpick>it's geasa</nitpick> But I like geese better, anyway. Much more tasty!
  7. Best case scenario, in my humble opinion: Newbie: Hi, I just got RQG and I‘m new to Glorantha. Everyone: 😁
  8. DPD delivered in Germany! Grabbed my packet this morning, for a nice unboxing at work: Feels good to look at, feel, and leaf through the books. Production quality of the highest order, I'd say. 10/10, strongly recommended!
  9. @Jeff: Julia the result of a Bene Gesserit selection process?! Bwahaha... 😂 But she grew up (and put up) with the bunch of us wreaking havoc (her mother at the forefront) in selected Genertela locations on a weekly basis some 20 years ago. That, and of course the continued exposure to RuneQuestCon/Tentacles/Eternal Con may have left lasting impressions. What an awesome way to grow up! With her and her father in charge of the German translation of RQG, I’ve not a single doubt that Uhrwerk Verlag’s edition will be most faithful to the original — and additionally be in line with older RQ publications, given that Magister Ludi had his hand in their translation as well. Welt der Spiele (WDS), anyone?
  10. Not at all. After watching @klecser‘s video of unboxing of the RQG slipcase set, I caught myself thinking damn, I need to frame these gorgeous maps somehow and find a place to put them up. And I feel the same as you: old school, because I like to have printed books populating my bookshelf real estate; new tools, because of the ease of referencing search terms and carrying around a whole library on mobile devices.
  11. Yeah, how very fitting! I mean, what is storytelling, if not creating illusion(s)? It may reflect truth(s), or it may not: it may embolden them, or diminish; but every truth/lie told to entertain an audience may yet become truth as commonly shared imagination, which in the best case is inspiring to any participant. Whatever helps passing time cannot be bad said one caveman to the other in the depth of winter. Some stories are old... 😃
  12. Well, having played a Shaman in the World of Glorantha, after a successful resurrection I'd definitely go: "DUDE, WTF DID YOU JUST DO TO ME?! I was right in the middle of something..." 😊
  13. I just went over The River of Cradles to find some ties to notes I made for a character (a shaman, of course 😜 b. 1592) I played in a campaign with Magister Ludi back in '98. Reading the timeline it hit me: my character was part and parcel of history. And that history is still ongoing; so much so, that it begs the interesting question of how that character fares in the year 1627. Enter Conversion Guide rules. Maybe that's the secret to the fascinating attraction of the World of Glorantha: it's a living world, because it continues to live on in the joint imagination of all of us. That's the very definition of Myth, by the way... Back to OT: What's out there so far for the 4th edition of RQ (and the world of Glorantha) is a good headstart on the background. Of course, more is always welcome. As a GM new to the material I'd focus on the status quo, i.e., ordinary people dealing with their everyday problems: like, where their next meal comes from, or how their neighbouring clan comes raiding cattle again; who suddenly must face -- and eventually overcome -- challenges that are out of the ordinary. That's how heroes arise. No need to know (as a player OR GM) what King of Sartar currently holds sway (if any), or what happened in the year 1616 elsewhere; that background (which may serve either as a precaution or mould of possible behavior) is always there to be gleaned, as the protagonists go along making up their own story and either grow (or devolve) because of it. The important thing to remember is that they eventually may/must sense they live and act in a context bigger than themselves, and have the choice to act accordingly (or not). A heroes journey is never easy, that's why it makes for interesting stories.
  14. For what it’s worth, I just ordered the holy trinity in a box. That makes for one surplus rule book in this household, but I’m certain it’ll make a fine gift for someone new to RQ(G).
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