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  1. This sounds like a lot of fun! Both in a professional and, well, fun way. I envy American students for the flexibility of their curricula. The same thing happening at a stuffy German university? Unthinkable!
  2. Read a thing a while ago, can’t remember it verbatim, but it said something to the effect of: whenever we read old books (or personal conversation for that matter), we are invited to visit past times with the author; we get a glimpse through the eyes of a writer at the world as it has looked for him and his contemporaries (no-one writes in a vacuum), and we should respect this. We may marvel at or be thankful for how the world has changed since then, but we shouldn’t take neither author nor his work out of their temporal context and judge either by our “modern” standards. But that’s just what people do these days. Omit context, ignore historical facts, and slander past world views, because seemingly modern sensitivities are surly the only ones that are right, are they not? Thing is, they really didn’t know better back then. In centuries to come (if they come at all) they will say the same about us.
  3. They must have done something right. 😎 Congrats, folks! You deserve this. Qualities like excellence and devotion are not out of style, as your work shows, and this is acknowledged and appreciated. @Jeff Lasst die Sektkorken knallen! 🎉😄
  4. Done and done. 👍
  5. I concur with tables serving both as a possible or valid spectrum of a monster’s parameters and inspiration on how to tweak said parameters for interesting (and unpredictable) results. Furthermore, I‘d like to see advice on how to determine, or balance, SAN loss caused by a monster. What is the reasoning behind any particular monster causing the loss of x/y SAN points on a successful/failed SAN check upon encountering it? How much wouldn‘t be enough to do it justice, how much is too much? Can there be other ways SAN loss caused by this new monster is handled, e.g. by an ongoing, if low level drain („the monster is feeding on your sanity“), or delayed onset („now that the innate charm spell wears off, you suddenly realize that the hobo‘s face you were talking to just half an hour ago was entirely made up of maggots“)?
  6. Now isn’t that funny? I read about the C&S KS just yesterday, looked at it, read up on some of C&S‘s history (apparently, HarnWorld was originally a campaign setting), and decided to back it, because I dig RPGs with a pedigree. Now I learn that RQ and C&S share some history, too. Small world, but great as well. 🙃
  7. http://www.ennie-awards.com/blog/2019-ennie-nominations/ Congratulations Chaosium for nominations in 7 whopping categories! 😍 I like Best Art, Interior for the RQG slipcase set the most, but CoC gets lots of love, too.
  8. Hmmm, applied case of YGMV (in your language)? 😉 BTW, this whole situation could serve as (another) incentive to think about getting the Gloranthan equivalent of the Miskatonic Repository on the road... 😎
  9. From the DriveThruRPG product description: „It came runner-up in a White Dwarf magazine scenario competition, which is kind of like winning second prize in a beauty contest, but with more tentacles.“ 😂 Anyway, read that Kalin did the map, so it‘s sold.
  10. In my humble opinion, D&D 5E is graced by the virtue of elegance through simplicity. I think it works extremely well as a tool of bringing people young and old new to this whole roleplaying business into the fold. Once there, they may of course graduate up to the more serious fun that is Call of Cthulhu. 😉
  11. *looks at shortlist* Oooooh, battle mats! Must... resist... shopping... spree... That‘s quite an impressive (and inspirational) list. I think Chaosium‘s products fit right in! Congrats for the nominations!
  12. I picked up Down Darker Trails more or less on a whim at SPIEL fair last year. And boy, did it turn out to be such a treasure of a book for Old West background and folklore! Exhibit A above will definitely follow suit this year. Btw, I just love the layout of all the new Chaosium products I‘ve seen so far. It‘s very high production value, and it pleases the eye (at least of this beholder). 🤩
  13. This makes me all the more impatiently waiting for the Paladin Kickstarter to start shipping. I‘m expecting a ton of books (figuratively speaking, ofc), which will be my first update on KAP since 1994. Still have the 4th ed rulebook and a handful of supplements (Pagan Shores comes to mind fondly) lying around here somewhere... 🤔
  14. I've ordered the RuneQuest Beige & burgundy Dice Set and the Expansion Dice Set on 08/03/2018 from Q-Workshop's online shop. I got sent a replacement D20 Hit Location die for free a few weeks later without any interaction with them. Truth be told, I only noticed said die to be faulty after a post on the RQ/BRP-related forum at tanelorn.net (a large German-speaking online community). That being said, I've made nothing but good experiences with Q-Workshop's customer service. They're quick to reply and generally very helpful. @jpsYeah, it's a shame the RQG dice can't be ordered separately. Anything to do with licensing by chance, @Rick Meints? 🤔 Just asking. 😉 Anyway, their Viking Beige & burgundy Dice Set is very similar in coloration and typeset, so I just got some more of those D6 (already had the full set).
  15. <nitpick>it's geasa</nitpick> But I like geese better, anyway. Much more tasty!
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