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New Creature - Kishi


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Kishis are city inhabiting chaos monsters which appear as human females and have an unusual attack method.

I have quite a large collection of creatures that I created for RQ3 some of which have been posted in a RQ3 Yahoo group.

This is the first one that I have converted to BRP to the point where I'm happy to post it. I chose it because it is seems different from other creatures in the BRP book and from those which have already been posted here. I also wanted to post a low/mid powered monster.

Comments are very welcome, and if people want, I have many more that I'm happy to gradually post.




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Must of missed this when you posted it, I rather like it: post more !

Thanks, I shall. Until your reply, this creature seems to have sunk without a trace, so I had decided not to post any more .

I'm curious about the happy to have got it to BRP standard comment. BRP and RQ3 aren't that far apart are they ?

This was the first creature I'd converted so I din't really know until that point exactly what the differences were. There are some:

HP for locations. RQ uses .16 for the most fragile locations compared to 1/5 for BRP.

Skills are different

Skill Categories are different.

Some weapons have different stats

Magic is quite different, and this is the BRP area I'm least familiar with.

There may be some others that I can't immediately think of.

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Actually the Kishi is not from Australian mythology.

My campaign is inspired by (not based on) mythological Australia.

While many of the creatures do have their basis in mythology from this continent, there are many others that I have made up or borrowed from other mythologies.

I see Kishis as being urban creatures. Like rats, regardless of where they originated, they would follow the flow of civilisation.

I created the Kishi years ago and they were simply known as Hair Hags (I find coming up with names is often the hardest part of creature creation). However, I recently came across the Kishi from Angolan mythology.

Kishi (Folklore) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It wasn't a perfect match, but was close enough so I borrowed the name.

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You are correct. It is also a Japanese name.

Kishi Nobusuke was prime minister of Japan from 1957 to 1960.

I wonder if he was two faced?

Besides the name the whole thing had a feel of being oriental. Japanese mythology has a tradition of good looking mysterious young women who turn out to be something different to that which they seem to be. You've got the Yuki Onna, Fox women and so on. It seems to be a common theme.

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