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Stat this critter?


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So, maybe I've watched Hoodwinked one too many times with the kids, but I was just thinking ...


The Wolf. Yeah, it’s him. The original Big Bad: Sultan of Stealth, Master of Disguise, He of the Herculean Lungs, the terror of little pigs and little girls. What? There are a lot of wolves in the big woods, you say? Maybe that explains how the BBW seems to be everywhere at once. But which of those mangy curs can speak flawless Human, charm potential victims with urbane manners (at least until he loses his temper), and swap into appropriate raiment faster than Clark Kent on a hectic day? What mere flea-bitten canine can, with a little effort (OK, OK, with a lot of effort), emit gale force winds from his muzzle capable of demolishing small buildings, or at least poorly constructed ones? Also, the BBW appears to have more lives than the proverbial cat. Plummeted into a cauldron of boiling soup? Sliced in half by a woodsman’s axe? Drowned in raging rapids by a clever hen? No problem; he always bounces back for more. Hide the goodies, Grandma. The BBW is back in action!

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One hundred twenty views so far and not even one reply? Hmmm, maybe there IS a fantasy sub-genre that BRP can't handle. :shocked:

Of course, I know a lot of you guys are into "grim 'n gritty." I'm more of a "Grimm Adventures of Billy & Mandy" type of gamer. :D

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for me the problem is this will take a lot of work, and it's not high on my priority list. If you provide starting stats, I could comment without taking a lot of time, but starting from scratch you're asking (me) for a lot. And unfortunately I need motivation (lots of personal interest) to make that effort.


Bathalians, the newest UberVillians!

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Uh, well.... I guess I'd stat him up as a super in BRP. I know in the WoW Superworld he'd have a modest ranged kinetic attack (huffing and puffing) along with some regeneration. A bit of Acting skill would suffice for his disguise (though it never worked well did it?) as grandma.

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