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Magic World form-fillable character sheet 2.3.2

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About This File

A custom form-fillable adventurer sheet for Magic World. The sheet uses JavaScript to auto-calculate many fields dynamically, includes a built-in dice-roller (species-sensitive), changes base skill values based on species (the eight mentioned in the rules), automatically applies the correct category modifier for weapons skills, contains numerous tool-tips, lets you import a character sketch in JPEG, BMP or PNG format, and more!

Feedback welcome.

What's New in Version 2.3.2



A fully automated, form-fillable PDF character sheet, including species-specific skill adjustments, derived characteristics, characteristic roller, tracker for allegiance, heroic or normal hit points, and more. For people who like more control over their characters there's a form-fillable PDF with no calculations whatsoever. For all intents and purposes, this sheet is feature complete, doesn't appear to have any major bugs, and should hopefully simplify character creation for harried GMs who want to create some pregens in a hurry, fully stat up an NPC and simplify the tracking of changes for players.

Update 5/20/2019

Very minor bug-fix. Changed the way the armor penalty applies to perception skills. Insight is no longer affected, because a helmet that you can't see out of enough to read someone's body language doesn't seem like a very awesome design. I also uploaded the custom sheet I use for my home game that's set in the B/X setting of Dolmenwood by Gavin Norman, that I adapted for BRP/Magic World. I also uses social class, and a reputation system (nicked from RuneQuest: Glorantha). I can't imagine why it would be useful to anyone but me, but if you want a game with goatmen, grimalkin, moss dwarfs, woodgrue, wodewoses, and whatnot. Maybe it's something you can pull apart and edit in Adobe or Foxit Phantom yourself? Who knows, the world is your oyster. If you really want the 20 pages long gazetteer and house rules document I whipped up PM me.

Update 12/22/2018

Uploaded a version of the sheet without any calculated fields. Hopefully useful for people that like to house-rule the hell out of their games.

Update 7/3/2018

Small bug-fix: The Evaluate and Nature skill-total boxes were bugged.

Update 6/19/18

Lots of changes under the hood and some cosmetic flourishes. This is about as "final" as it gets (unless somebody reports a show-stopping bug).


  • More easily track weapon skills in the weapons section (no need to use Miscellaneous entries)
  • Type in a weapon type in the skill name field (swords, bows, spears, etc. and it should automatically apply the correct characteristic bonus (uses regular expressions with wildcards, so maybe it doesn't catch every permutation, but it captures a lot).
  • Biggest change: base skills change based on species selected from the drop-down menu based on the default values in the bestiary.
  • Fancy version with a decorative border (royalty-free, open-source art) and a plain, no-art sheet that's a little smaller (about 2mb vs. 1mb respectively).

Update 5/12/18

Major version change. This character sheet eliminates the need to have two separate versions of the same sheet: one for "Heroic Hit Points" and the other for "Standard Hit Points." Both methods are combined in one.

Biggest changes:

  • Cleaned up some code so the sheet should be faster
  • Radio buttons to choose between standard HPs and Heroic HPs depending on the campaign's optional rules
  • Check boxes for armor penalty to apply to physical, manipulation and/or perception skills based on whether or not you currently have armor and/or a helmet on
  • Check boxes for apotheosis to Champion of Light, Balance or Shadow. The latter two will recalculate Hit points and Magic Points respectively as per the rules on page 31 of Magic World. (calculation no longer relies on a numerical checks, so characters that have a high score in an Allegiance but don't want to become a champion don't have to screw around with anything)
  • Unlocked the base Characteristic fields for Chroniclers that allow characters to swap ability scores, or for people who don't want to use the built-in dice roller.
  • In the species drop-down list, I added "Human+" this will roll 2D6+6 for every characteristic
  • There is an invisible field that can be highlighted with the "selection tool", right under the "reset" button, that shows how many times the dice roller has been used - No cheating! (actually, not really. If somebody wants to manually edit a field this won't stop them. If it bothers you that much make them roll in front of you, or use an online dice-roller like unseenservant.com for validated rolls).

I tested the sheet with Adobe DC and Foxit Reader and I didn't spot any obvious problems (YMMV with other viewers). As always if you spot any bugs, or have any feature requests feel free to post a comment, or better yet send me a DM. The sheet isn't locked so, if you want to open it up with a PDF editor like Adobe or Foxit Phantom (which is what I use), you can muck about and edit away to your heart's content. 

Update 4/22/18

List of changes

  • Cleaned up a few more typos, and added more tool-tips.
  • Added a couple of widgets: One rolls characteristics as per the standard method (3D6, save 2D6+6 for SIZ and INT), a widget to reset rolled characteristics, and two buttons to clear tick marks, one for lost HPs, the other for used MPs. These buttons are invisible if/when you print the sheet on paper.

Test it out and let me know if something is wonky and I'll do my best to fix it ASAP.

Update: 4/18/18

List of changes

  • Separate fields for tracking current and original characteristics -- useful for characters that burn POW for Fey Magic, or get temporary boosts/banes from spells, etc.
  • A field for temporary hit points (for things like Quick Heal, or whatever other effects might temporarily boost HPs)
  • fields for tracking spell levels in memory and free INT (for you demoniac summoners)
  • A field for tracking temporary Magic Points from something like a Brazier or Staff
  • Reordered fields so you can comfortably tab through the document when you are filling out the sheet.
  • Added a few more miscellaneous tool-tips for some fields, to make rules references easier.

Update: 04/16/18

List of changes:

  • Armor penalties now automatically apply to physical, manipulation, and perception skills (and the Agility Roll). You'll see the effect in the Skill Modifier bracket.
  • Added mouse-over pop-ups that provide rules notes for things like low HPs, 0 HPs, 0 MPs, etc.
  • Added an extra blank for "Miscellany" skills
  • Your total skill point adds are now summed up in the skills section. Maybe helpful for free-form character creation, or if you just want to see how your character stacks up.
  • Some cosmetic changes
  • I added some extra calculations to some fields and cleaned up the display of some fields
  • As always, if you find an error in a calculation be sure to message me and I'll check it out. I tested this pretty extensively, but you never know.
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10 hours ago, Nick J. said:

Flattery will get you everywhere.

Just remember the flattery in today’s game 🙂

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A very nice character sheet indeed! There's just a minor flaw - the Major Wound Level calculation seems to be off. It's always one point to high.

It would also be nice if the base chance of the weapons wasn't added to the "Skill Points added" total, so you could see on first sight how many points were added.

Otherwise really nice work!

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8 hours ago, Seldak said:

A very nice character sheet indeed! There's just a minor flaw - the Major Wound Level calculation seems to be off. It's always one point to high.

It would also be nice if the base chance of the weapons wasn't added to the "Skill Points added" total, so you could see on first sight how many points were added.

Otherwise really nice work!

Thanks for the feedback. Trust me I went back and forth on the MW calculation, but ultimately I deferred to the description on page 57: "A major wound or injury is one that costs
the Adventurer more than half of total Hit Points."
In any event the PDF is unlocked and the Javascript calculations can be adjusted to taste (I used Foxit Phantom to create the sheet, but you can edit it with PDF-XChange editor or any other PDF editor that allows you to tinker with forms).


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You are absolutely right. I was merely looking at the two-page summary of character creation and didn't realise that the rulebook contradicts itself.

I agree with your adjudication. I would have made the same choice.

So again, thanks for your work!

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