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First pass at a character sheet for the forthcoming RuneQuest in Glorantha.  Based on previous versions and interpretation of characters in the RQG Quickstart.

What's New in Version 0.76b


0.2b Updated to include better rune affiliations, cults, rune points, skills (including some corrections).  Tried to get as much practical information on the front page while keeping the same general layout as before.

0.3b Updated to include combat skills, addition of shield to combat silhouette, adjusted passions to allow better usage, and some minor rearrangement.  It should be pretty function at this point though you might need reading glasses.

0.70b This is probably about the best I can manage short of the final game.  Added all known skills in list, adjusted font sizes and styles for readability (if over 45 you may still need glasses), updated layout, many minor tweaks.  Two versions of this one with a splash of color and one solely in black and white.  Final version until the release of the full game barring any glaring errors.

0.75b One more with some minor fixes discovered while using during play.  Fixed track skill percent which was incorrect and too high.  Changed Point to HP on listed weapons to avoid confusion based on new players feedback.  Everything else is the same.

0.76b Fixed the glaring error of wrong hit location number for chest on the homunculus.

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Wow, this character sheet is excellent, it looks quite professional. I really like how it feels like an extension of the RQ3 character sheet (which has much more flavour than the RQ2 character sheet IMO). I will be using this sheet if the official RQG sheets don't feel familiar enough. Thanks for post, greatly appreciated!

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Thanks for the kind words.  I tried to get it in what I thought would be the most workable layout and the RQ3/BRP layout just works I think.  I did want to get a few nods in to other versions of RQ too which I think I did.

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It is great. The only quibble I have with it at present is that you have used the (and in my opinion the better) RQ3 concept of melee and missile hit location tables instead of the RQ2 style of just one table for all types of attacks.  The characters in the QS adventure follow the RQ2 approach.

However, I suspect I won't be the only person adding a house rule to use the RQ style dual hit location tables. 


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Thank you.  Yeah, I wasn't sure about leaving the dual hit locations on the sheet but then I thought I may as well leave them there as an option because even though the QS didn't have them I wasn't sure if maybe the full version might.

Also since I'm about to start a campaign, and as you say I'll be "adding a house rule to use the RQ style dual hit location tables", I personally kind of need them on there.  

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