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  1. An interesting question that was prompted by a recent FB post — why, in its 40 year history, has Chaosium never published an epic modern day campaign? I mean, it’s on the record that the game’s author plays exclusively modern setting Cthulhu games, which makes it all the more noteworthy by its absence. My only explanation is that the ‘modern’ setting, by its very nature, becomes anachronistic, a 20’s game is preserved in amber. Maybe that’s something that Chaosium have always considered. Regardless, it is worthy to note.
  2. There’s still no Foundry VTT Runequest integration at the most basic level? This is a real shame, Foundry is leaps and bounds ahead of the other VTTs and has a very open attitude, with ever expanding community-driven content/ plug-ins that make the system eminently customisable, and the perfect bespoke fit for a particular group’s needs. You can make it as simple or as complex as your group wants. But there’s no basic RQ module‽ Shame Chaosium isn’t embracing this, especially given the situation at the moment and, one presumes, the company’s desire to get Glorantha and Runeques
  3. Has the geography of Pavis and the Rubble (i.e. the map..) changed much in Robin's forthcoming book(s)?
  4. I wasn’t interested in the game when it was announced. I have too many games. But then I see the cover art. You bastards.
  5. Hoping that this reprint doesn’t impact upon the likelihood of a proper colour version with art up to the wonderful standards of the other 7th edition supplements.
  6. Any sign of the Pavis and Rubble book?
  7. Any news, a year on, regarding the Cults or Campaign books?
  8. It's pretty repugnant and disingenuous what you've done there. He was saying that there are certain historical backgrounds where prejudice and limitations are fact and unavoidable. And he was using a categorically agreed historical circumstance to make the point. Of course you can work around them but you can't ignore them, not just in terms of being 'authentic' to history or 'breaking the setting' or other vague meta notions but to be respectful of what actually happened to and was endured by real people. You know full well the point he was making. To traduce that into a statement and ac
  9. Listening to the What Would The Smart Party Do? podcast interview with David Larkins, the line developer for Pendragon, it's quite clear that he prioritises inclusivity as a core tenet of his game design philosophy: https://www.whatwouldthesmartpartydo.com David mentions that, far from women being the minority, his Pendragon gaming group is actually solely female. He mentions that from the outset Pendragon was a hard sell for his group — they had to be dissuaded from the notion that it would be all about male knights rescuing damsels in distress.
  10. Some sort of news about the new edition would indeed be very welcome.
  11. Now, if only it was in an official published book.
  12. Maybe this thread can be used as an opportunity to brainstorm ideas and codify a semi-official, BRP Central Combat Maneuver BRP options system. Or some such. I think the RQII combat designers lurk around here. Maybe they can add some thoughts.
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