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  1. And we have the right to call things out and ignore. Always amuses me to imagine a particular scene in the classic Twelve Angry Men being rewritten to accommodate the sit down and talk it over brigade; clearly it should have been: 'now hold on a minute everyone, let's hear him out'...
  2. ‘would also feature a boxed Starter set’ or ‘will feature!?
  3. When I saw his pro-Trump likes appearing in Twitter, that was the point when I unfollowed and unsubscribed to the YouTube channel. The only surprising thing about the latest furore was that it didn’t come sooner.
  4. Damn the expansion of my favourite games company. Too many new games being made and not enough hands 😉 Thanks for the info Mike. Looking forward to it when it's ready.
  5. Do we have any signs of 7th Edition Dreamlands on the horizon? I'm wondering whether to just go with previous editions if the wait is going to be substantial.
  6. Are there plans to support Dark Ages with further supplements; I hesitate to ask, a campaign?
  7. Anyone found or created a table of potential random chase hazards? I know that they are meant to be improvised and location specific but a car chase or a foot-chase through a town/city will have similar hazards. A couple of random tables would really help when ideas are stale.
  8. Pnick


    Another issue — that maybe is resolved in the rules somewhere — what happens with a thrown explosive if it misses? It still explodes, and where it lands will determine who is caught in the radius of the blast. A lot of these issues have reared their head now that VTTs are a lot more the de facto mode of play. When you are using a map, with clear yard measurements between all the actors involved, you look for more specific answers to issues that would have previously been 'theatre of the mind-ed' away. Also, the tactical element is fun.
  9. Pnick


    Well this thread has taken a turn. Relative parental laxity nostalgia.
  10. Pnick


    A question and some house rules that I found on Reddit relating to explosives. The question: why, when all other explosives aside from those that are thrown are covered by Demolitions, is a blasting cap the purview of Electrical Engineering? Actually, looking again, the rules seem to be inconsistent: in the explosives stats chart on page 254 of the Investigator Handbook the blasting cap is the only explosive governed by Electrical Engineering. However, on page 105: 'Electrical Repair may also be used in conjunction with modern explosives, such as blasting caps, C-4 plastic explosives, and mines.' So how does it work, can Electrical Engineering be swapped with Demolitions, like for like? In that case, Demolitions becomes a redundant skill. Here's the house rules regarding handling explosives copied from elsewhere; comments welcome: Using the Demolition skill: Failed - the investigator can't set it up right. Pushed failed - it goes off instantly in their face. Pushed success - as a regular success. Success normal and hard - goes off at the set time. Success extreme - goes off at the set time and does max damage. Success critical - goes off at the set time and something else that is wanted also happens. Damage wise - Dynamite/hand grenades are 4d10 damage at 3 yds/2d10 at 6 yds/1d10 at 9yds. Range is using the Throw skill with a max range of STR score in feet.
  11. Hopefully Dreamlands is round the corner. ALL Call Of Cthulhu settings are incomplete without it. I also hope that, whilst a modern dark vision of the Dreamlands is obviously paramount, the more pure fantasy element is still balanced alongside it. Always felt that there was a Lewis Carroll / L.Frank Baum kind of whimsy also locked up in the Dreamlands. Don't forget, many dreamers go there to escape and aren't simply trapped there. I know that that maybe doesn't sit as well with an idea of all-encompassing horror that seems prevalent amongst current interpretations of the Dreamlands, but I hope that that sense of wonder and delight, and not simply dread, is preserved. So, yep, can't wait for the Dreamlands book. I know some lovely art was shared here some time ago, so hopefully it's at the top of the Cthulhu pile.
  12. Pnick


    Thanks. Is there a universal rule for decreasing levels of damage the further out of the direct blast radius? The only rule I can find is for the hand grenade and dynamite sticks — 'Each delivers 4D10 damage to those within 3 yards, 2D10 to those within 6 yards and 1D10 to those within 9 yards' — but surely there must be similar rules for C-4, mines, mortars, grenade launchers, field guns et al?
  13. Just double-checking — grenades, explosives and artillery cause impaling damage, right?
  14. Wish that a pdf came along with the HPLHS prop set, so that there were digital versions that could be used in VTTs. That’s how most of us are gaming at the moment. I’d purchase a box in a instant if there were.
  15. Posted elsewhere: 'What is it with the new RQG and the obsession with female breasts. I thought the hobby had grown up. Funny to see that it actually has in contemporary D&D, but in the game that is hailed as more sophisticated every other picture of the female form is now topless.'
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