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  1. I created some magic item cards (crystals, weapons, etc.) for my game but I think I tried to get too fancy and quickly burned myself out. Players really liked them. I liked them because I had them place them on or above the character sheet where I could see them and more readily adapt the game to the PC's. In a melee combat situation you would see what your opponnet was using and adapt to the weapon or Rune (Magic Rune Symbol, Spell Title and Description so we were not always having to look up information).
  2. I agree. I ran a campaign about three years ago (24 sessions)and my players enjoyed it. Just enough information to set up my own universe with most of the game mechanics already there, devices and equipment to give me options and several races to give me ideas for existing races to flesh out the game. I found it easy to run and was able to concentrate on game play instead of worrying about the rules. Perhaps something along the lines of the Runequest Quickstart.
  3. Gamestorm this month in Portland, Oregon was cancelled.
  4. In White Dwarf Magazine, They had a Special Section Called "RuneRites". One issue had an article called "Lords of the Spirit World" by Dave Morris. (issue #27) Another a three part series about Demons and other Supernatural beings. Called "Dealing With Demons" (Issue #'s 44, 45, and 46) also by Dave Morris. I use these is a home brew world (Sandbox) that I have created. I also created what I term as Avatars, a type Demi-God that I did a write up on if you are interested. I have attached a PDF of Avatars. Avatars 2-26-2014.wps 4 (2).doc
  5. Other Suns (if you can find a copy) has 'H'Reli' a bipedal felinoid species and the 'Sanchenzii', vagually resembling Lions. Also 6 Charts describing various animals and how to figure out their stats. The authors name is Niall Shapero.
  6. Thank you for creating and supporting the The Games that I have to come love and play since 1982. May you continue to create and flourish in whatever after life awaits us all.
  7. Good point about the anti-gravity. Science in the 1920's in many ways contradicts much of what we know now. Even today we still have conflicting theories of Gravity. Dark Matter vs. MOND vs. (Tesla) Dynamic Theory of Gravity vs. Ether (Rene Descartes: The World and Other Writings). Of the 4 of them only Descartes theory was available prior to 1930.
  8. Being from an older generation, my reading habits were more concerned with writers like Edgar rice Burroughs, Otis Adelbert Kline, Lin Carter, H. Beam Piper, Gardner Fox, Ray Cummings, ETC. All of whom were contemporaries of each other ib the early 1900's. As such they tended to use a lot of the same ideas for alien and creatures similiar to what we have on earth. Insects were quite common, because they are the least understood of earth life. However there are two Alien species that I use for my Universe. A Race of Dinosaurs who matured and developed a civilization millions of years prior to our own rise. They went into space and due to wars with other aliens lost the location of Earth. They are a deadly enemy of humans and consider humans thieves. And Food. Going to the Ancient past for Aliens might be a good alternative. The other Alien Species came from a species I developed years ago from a play-by-mail game called 'Starmaster' By Schubel & Son. There was little booklet that gave you various stat lists. I called them Garravachi. Not Necessarily a good name, yet a good premise for creating aliens. Vaguely Feline, they had Poison fangs and a poison tail. And a individualistic social order whereby females not only birthed young, but supervised the young until adulthood in creating nessecities for their civilization. Including Spaceships, Warships, etc. The adult males competed with each other for female privileges and were considered soldiers/cannon fodder.
  9. Ethereal


    So, how did the original scenario end out?
  10. You might try here a compadre sight to this one: http://www.glorantha.com/docs/prosopaedia/
  11. Sorry no. Had seen the title, so looked it up. Did down load the Quick start rules. My interests in Genetics was sparked back in the 1980's when a group of Dutch Psychologists/Scientists did a study on a family in which anger was inherited. Over the intervening years I have continued to find more interesting information on thought patterns inherited on genes. I like to ask questions and think outside the box. 😀
  12. As aliens I can agree, yet with all the scientific work being done on genetics I could see animals (dogs, cats, monkeys, etc.) being raised to a companion, comparable species to humans. Possibly even androids, robots or synthetic bionoids could be considered as currently science can be thought as limitless. I mean they are talking (if not already have done) of growing synthetic meat for food.
  13. About a year ago I finished a Future World Campaign for my players. I like future world because the rules are simple and I don't have to use the rules a lot. I have always been the type to learn better through trial and error of playing. Even after having run RQ II for 7 years and played RQ II since 1982-3, there are a few rules I don't know or remember. My players seem to enjoy the game though. For beginning G.M.s I highly reccomend Future World. Using the small book of BRP and Future World. I was able with fair ease to set up scenario with visual aids like Ryan Wolf's 0-hr miniatures and deck-plans and Matt Francella's Battle-mats. Even to having a space battle with miniatures. I dropped the gate scenario and developed my own universe, taking inspiration from Niall Shapiro's "Other Suns", David Brin's Uplift series and someone who wrote about a last man and woman on earth with animals raised to human conciousness. Don't remember the Author, but remember some of the story. 'So I developed a background for it. Getting ready to run a new adventure in the same universe. As someone else said I have high hopes that Chaosium returns Worlds of Wonder/Future World to their line-up. A lot can be done with it. Author's name: A. E. Van Vogt, Title : The battle of Forever. Have read it twice over the years, Think I will 'read it again.
  14. I was introduced to AD&D, Runequest 2, and Traveller around the same time in 1982 while stationed in Korea. I had played Boothill while in Germany and became interested in Role-playing, but most of my generation was not interested in Cowboy's. The few who played Traveller, quickly turned it into a Monopoly type game. Who could make the most money. Game only lasted a month or so. AD&D attracted a group of 4-5 players. They eventually moved to another room to play and retained the same amount of players. Their game ran the longest. Runequest was the largest group and eventually attracted 17 players, all at the same time. While most of us were there for only a year, it was every Saturday and some Sunday's. The problem with the Runequest game was only one G.M. So G.M. burnout was what finally stopped the game. So I have a very personal view of AD&D and Runequest based on that experience. I played all 3 games. And play AD&D and RQ2 in the current group I play with. I run Runequest 2 and play AD&D. Advantages/Disadvantages to AD&D = Quick Combat, restrictive in PC choices, magic, races, class, and abilities. Hack and slash in most cases. (Depends on the G.M. and his abilities/experience to run the game.) Faster pace. Have to give more thought about magic spells/time looking up for use. (I have a habit of not paying attention to higher level spells until PC is a higher level.) Experience math. Gradient level Magic. Advantages/Disadvantages to Runequest = Maybe slower combat (hit locations, RQ2 Bog down in higher percentile combat.) Combat skills and abilities are based on percentile, easier to understand and see how works. Grittier combat. Lower PC's easier to kill. Only 2 levels of magic, with lower level (Battle magic) available to all. Most if not all intelligent races available as PC. Most abilities available to most PC's. There is a lot more that I could analyze in the differences, but I play both and enjoy both. I think the biggest advantage is how well the D.M. learns and runs the game. Both Runequest and D&D started with basics. D&D, a three book boxed game, with ideas about how to run the game, etc. Runequest, a single book, with a different world, new concepts of magic and combat, both magic and physical. Small easy to learn games, with simple laid out mechanics. When I introduce a new group to Runequest I usually start out with Judges Guild “Duck Tower” and/or “Duck Pond”. Both are primarily hack and slash while the Players learn the game mechanics. Then on to Apple lane (Small town adventure to learn adventure continuity, Snake Pipe Hollow [I like Campaigns]), City of Lei Tabor (Applying Skills) and Broken Tree Inn (Oh goody, massed combat). Then into Glorantha proper and the campaigns. Finally into a sandbox world I have been working on and other adventures. (The long dry spell of Runequest forced me to become more creative in attracting and retaining more players. I still like working on it.) For new G.M.s, I recommend starting out with the basics of each system. In RQ start out with the small book of BRP. Add Future World, Magic World or Super World from the Worlds of Wonder Boxed Set or Specific sections from the Big Gold Book of BRP. About a year ago I ran a Future World Campaign for 26 Sundays. My players enjoyed it and have asked when I will run it again. But having learned the mechanics and style I have the option of increasing the complexity with either Ringworld, Other Suns, River of Heaven or Mythras Space. A gradual learning curve for me and a gradual learning curve for my players. I am hoping that Chaosium will come out with another Worlds of Wonder or similar book or set.
  15. Most of the players I have played with have compared Lunar society with Greek culture and Orlanthi/Sartar with Celtic. You might type Greek/Greece cosutmes and Celtic costumes in a search engine and see what comes up. At Deviant art https://www.deviantart.com/newest/?q=glorantha&offset=0 Type in Glorantha in the search and it will give you examples of what people view as societies in Glorantha. Although most of those remind me more of Babylonian/Hittite societies. Could also type in Hoplite or Celt, etc. Also since you are inquiring for you kids costumes please check out before what you want them to see on Deviant Art. Some of them have mature content.
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