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  1. Random tables hold less appeal for me. CoC has always taken a deliberate approach to the creation of its horrific creatures rather than an aleatory one (and Silent Legions and Nyarlathotep’s Printing Press already have that gaming style covered). I’d prefer more general advice and notes, with more lore à la Malleus Monstrorum, and especially reskinning/variant suggestions for the old standby creatures, such as ghouls and Deep Ones.
  2. If Mongoose isn't willing to speak up at present, it sounds like they do not want to be a part of any public debate about Legend's OGL status. Incidentally, I note that although Mongoose continues to sell Legend and its supplements, they don't seem to have published anything in the line since 2015 (a French translation of Arms of Legend). Moreover, I recall buying a discount copy of their RQ-based Sláine RPG in late 2016 before it went out of print—which would have been some time before Mongoose removed the original RQ SRD download from their site (a zip of Word docs, not to be confused with the more extensive OGL PDFs). My guess is that some time after Stafford and the new management came on board at Chaosium, they approached Mongoose about Legend and came to some sort of compromise without going to court. While I have a copy of Legend and the RQII SRD, I'm beginning to think they're strictly collectors items.
  3. @Jeff can answer questions only about Chaosium's intellectual property, and even then, there's going to be legalese involved. Opining about whether or not Mongoose's Legend is acceptably OGL could risk legal exposure to Chaosium if any of this—Lhankor Mhy forbid—winds up in court. Only Mongoose can publicly state that Legend is an original work and not derived from their RQII SRD (to which Chaosium then may, or may not, object).
  4. Deepest condolences to Stafford's family, his friends, and Chaosium. This news is still sinking in with me, which is a sign of the breadth of his accomplishments and his interests and the reach of his influence and his inspiration. I vividly remember when I first picked up Cults of Terror at how Stafford's Glorantha was working on a completely different plane than other fantasy RPGs at the time. With all due respect to Gygax* and Arneson, their RPG settings were a great goulash of Appendix N sources, but Stafford's original world felt like he was exploring an authentic but unknown mythology, one that merited serious consideration (inasmuch as one should take a game seriously). Add to that imagination, his talent for game design—Pendragon's adaptation of Arthurian cycle is the best of any literary topic out there —and his dedication to publishing made him an indispensable figure. Without his work, my interest in the hobby would have been stuck in the early stages and eventually dwindled away. Stafford's still accumulating interest on the debt I owe him. * As WoC's Mike Mearls puts it, "Gygax may have created the modern RPG, but Stafford defined it."
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