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    Mostly a CRPG player, but I enjoy reading setting materials and do PBPs. Primarily interested in Glorantha and Mage: the Awakening as far as settings go.
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    HeroQuest Glorantha
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    Raised in SW Virginia, currently in central North Carolina.
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    Transwoman. 18. Anarcha-Marxist. Like cultural anthropology.

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  1. You have quite the eye for costume design! Would you take commissions to depict some unfeathered folks?
  2. okay that's reassuring. i was worried it was being used as a dramatic device. not that it's off limits, but it's something writers should be VERY careful about.
  3. uhhhhhhh could I get a little more context for the rape scene, because that may influence my purchasing decision.
  4. I've recently become fascinated with Jakaleel, Yarnafal Tarnils, and Framanthe.
  5. I remember reading a post in the Google+ board probably a week and a half a go that said The Coming Storm would be available in PDF fairly soon; any word on this?
  6. I'm sure you all know that any notion of a unified 'Celtic' people is explicitly a construction of 19th century nationalism.
  7. I suppose I should have said they're the only culture that, where they're focused on (Dragon Pass,) it's not popular and is even disdained. This, one, doesn't make sense to me, and two, frames the Lunar v. Orlanthi question in a frankly boring way.
  8. After doing some thinking, I'm wondering how everyone feels about making slavery a larger part of Orlanthi society? They're basically the only non-nomadic culture that doesn't practice it, and too often it frames the Lunar v. Orlanthi question as one of Slavery v. Freedom, when it could be (and is, sometimes,) a much more nuanced thing.
  9. Got some cool ideas/discoveries you want to communicate? Opinions not expansive enough to have their own thread? Campaign/character/encounter hooks, but don't have them fully fleshed out? Post them here. I think there is a cult that started in Dorastar with Ralzakark's broo, which claims to be devoted to a cowed Storm Bull, illuminated and friendly to the Lunar Way. It is primarily a missionary rather than martial cult, and is gaining popularity in Fronela. Some Orlanthi clans get all their magic from their ancestors. When the Heortling mission came to them, they rebuffed them, saying that the gods were no help to them in the Darkness, and that they would not submit to them. These clans are few in number, as the Heortlings did not take kindly to being rejected. Some Malkioni hold that the gods are sentient, and that they are a result of the Invisible God completely purging all contradictions from within themselves. These contradictions manifested as sentient beings, and plague the world to this day. They and all other internal contradictions must be beat into the underworld, if there is ever to be peace.
  10. Erp is actually replacing Heorlson as my character in the campaign. I really like Tathorine. Always interested in seeing how Westerners respond to those types of divine manifestations.
  11. Thank you! Very interesting. Another thing on material culture: how common is armor? It seems just about every Orlanthi the Guide and other recent material depicts is wearing some kind of armor, but then most depicted are rulers or warriors. How common is armor? Would your average carl have any kind of armor, or would they rely only on their shields and spears for protection? Would they own a sword, typically? I'm a weirdo who plays almost exclusively outcasts and the lower classes, so this stuff is important to me :p.
  12. I suppose what I am really looking for is a less extreme form of the contradictions and opinions surrounding Arkat/Nysalor/Gbaji. For instance, look here, here, and here. Granted, this page is 19 years old, and contradicts itself in regards to Arkat, but it shows a few differences in not only naming conventions for various deities among Ralian Orlanthi, but also variants on their myths. According to this, Vinga in Ralian mythology disguised herself as a man, fought, earned a place among the Battle Brothers, and then revealed herself as a woman. This is different than the other two myths about Vinga I have heard. Additionally, in their mythology, Ernalda is the second wife of Orlanth, and Ralia the first, and rather than marrying her out of love, he married her to be able to rule the land (much in the way Irish chieftan/kings used to do.) One of the pages also mentions that Ralian Orlanthi bury their dead in the ground below cairns, rather than burning them, perhaps indicating that they are Earth peoples before they are Storm peoples. Likely that they had never heard of Orlanth until the Heortling missionaries came, and that they have retained much of their own culture from prior to the Heortling's arrival.
  13. Another: Erp Okay, so his name is Erp and basically his deal is that he was born under Orlanth's Ring and was strong in all of Orlanth's Runes; Air, Movement, and Mastery. He was in raids by the age of 12 and was clan Chief by the age of 20. Problem is no one ever taught him how to lead. He was a disaster; he was so bad that they outlawed him. He technically had all the makings of the perfect Orlanthi, but didn't have the will or good judgement to actual be one. In anger and vengeance, he began banding together other outlaws and made a new clan. He attacked his old tula in hopes of ransoming the new chief for admission of these outlaws back into the clan. It was a disaster, they barely made off with the chief and most of his band of outlaws died. No one even considered their demands, and the clan ring just chose a new chief. In desperation, Erp sacrificed the captured chief to Orlanth. Orlanth gave him a great power: the Storm Form. Orlanth said to Erp that this would either be his greatest blessing or his greatest curse, depending on how he used it. He could enter this form when emulating Orlanth to a sucessfull degree, and would become terrible and be granted great strength. Erp again rallied the outlaws, and got very good at waiting for travelers and at fighting them and at stealing from them. Then, due to his recklessness and pride, he camped on the tula of his old clan one night, thinking himself so like Orlanth that he would catch any danger on the wind and crush any attackers with the Storm Form. This happened, but only after all his fellows had been slaughtered; they had gotten drunk and passed out. Erp flew into the Storm Form and lightning crackled from him and his hair spiked up and he turned blue and his breath was like a hurricane. He killed the members of his old clan, and burned much of their tula, but was left with nothing. He rode the wind all the way to the far away land of the Solanthi, and they saw him and his terrible form, and agreed to give him a boat and a crew so that he could become a pirate, one to rival Harrak. He was sucessful and one day so gleaming with pride and strength that he was again like Orlanth Adventurous. His proud laughter made the boat rock to and fro, and his crew fell off the ship and were killed by Wolf Pirates, and the ship flew all the way to the Zola Fel Valley and crashed next to the city of Pavis. Now he has given up and gets drunk and steals from people on his own. He is very pathetic, and no one looks to him for anything.
  14. Thank you for the compliments! I like your character too; reminds of Fargo (the movie) in the way that it seems everything that can go wrong will go wrong. Only Heorlson is part of any upcoming campaign, the other two I've just made for fun. The campaign hasn't started yet, but it's taking place in Pavis.
  15. Another: Broochild Broochild is the result of a willing copulation between a goat Broo and a weird Chalana Arroy priestess from Boldhome. When they were born, many insisted on killing them, but their mother intervened, and said that she would take Broochild to the Broo of Dorastar, and so she did. She never returned, and the people assumed Broochild killed her. From that point on they spoke of the terrible Broo hiding in the skin of an Orlanthi, and one day, 12 years after Broochild's birth, a Humakti swore a geas that they would travel to Dorastar and kill this loathsome beast. That Humakti was Jaldi, not yet the Outcast. They did indeed find Broochild, but could not bring themselves to slay them, for she could not slay a child, even a Chaotic one. Instead, knowing she would be disgraced, she became Broochild's charge, and offered to take them to the Lunar Heartlands. Broochild accepted. Broochild is bald, has two horns curling backwards on their head, the eyes of a goat, and a tail in the shape of a dead snake. Their hands and feet are clawed, and their teeth sharp. Broochild is weird; they worship Nysalor, the dead Bright God. They are usually a normal child, but occasionally do strange things, like invoke "the right to use evil" when they do something wrong, or whisper secrets into Jaldi's ear which she does not care to hear. Broochild has the blessing of Ralzakark. Broochild's journey will take them all across Glorantha, and they will scare people wherever they go.
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