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  1. (Trying to reply to this while cooking tea. One or both of these processes is bound to go badly wrong.) Way back when, in Greg's campaign, Charlie played Alexander Yellowbelly - the duck who found Temertain. (Which turned out well.) Alexander was also a duck noble, but overcame the frankly unacceptable prejudices people have over ducks and their conveyances by forming the Two-Horse Show: a group of altimetrically challenged entertainers who lived and worked aboard a platform secured above two warhorses. (Incidentally, Charlie originally referred to this as the 'One-Horse Troop'. So I can only assume that, by 1626 S.T., they've supersized and become the Three-Horse Revue, sure to take Dragon Pass and/or Pavis by storm.) As to other modes of travel, I have come across weird ducks who like a slightly less sedate form. Chariots, as mentioned, are another option, of course! I particularly like the idea if waterborne chariots. Unfortunately, this was from during my period of wondering if ducks have boobs—"Back off, man: I'm a scientist."—but hopefully the idea of a spirit-drawn chariot holds. Speaking of snails, I do somewhere have a sketch of my proposed Road to Duck Point adventure-pack cover. But like most things I do, I suspect it'll never be finished. It's basically a pastiche of this (with the ducks riding a dragonsnail). Ducks riding ostriches is an interesting idea! Which doesn't stop ostrich-riders riding ducks, of course (or using them as training mounts)...
  2. Thank you - and please do! Here's a slightly more recent version, if it helps. (Awkwardly scanned/comped, but...)
  3. I'm afraid I haven't yet, sorry! 2020 was a bit... 2020. Actually, I've been completely useless also, but I'll hide behind other excuses. (My comment about being glum about messing something up and procrastinating on the work necessary to fix it was pretty on the nose.) I'll try and finally finish my current project and then get back to it. Sadly I can't really say when; it'll likely appear randomly at some point, unbidden. 🙂
  4. No, but they did have their CHA boosted to 3D6 in the RuneQuest Glorantha Bestiary to 'remove' this conundrum. (It was always 2D6, including in the RuneQuest Glorantha Bestiary Preview – before the consequences were noted.)
  5. Better than one that didn't? (The idea of the smallest, basest creatures helping fight a great ill is a fairly common one in stories, and their agency is usually more a function of instinct and perceived morality than their capacity as rational actors.)
  6. Not that I can recall, no? I'm afraid I'm not quite sure what you mean by this, Scott? (Though that might be the lurgy.)
  7. Just a reminder that the mythology of ducks has always been intentionally ambiguous. This will have consequences when trying to discuss this. People can obviously favour whichever stories they wish, but there is a difference between doing that and presenting that as a single, objective Truth to all. It's worth rereading the passage in Borderlands, subsequently reprinted with minor alterations in River of Cradles: Compare that with the original description from the first editions of RuneQuest and reprinted (with minor alteration) in the third edition: The current description in the RuneQuest Glorantha Bestiary combines these, taking the above two elements and adding material from Elder Secrets of Glorantha (1988; Elder Races Book 2, pp. 81–82) for good measure: --------------- So, if people like the 'Borderlands paradigm' with regard to the Yelmic apostasy and curse, that's cool. But it's not the only story – and the consequences of other stories can be rather different. (Incidentally, the same ambiguity is also the case with keets, though their flightlessness monomyth in popular telling is probably even stronger.)
  8. Thank you, everyone! It's very much appreciated! It looks like cane canaille is the favourite in terms of alliteration* – thank you, @Manimati and everyone! The more rakish element is definitely something I can work with; in fact, I suspect it might work a little better for what I had planned. (And I do like the can-can line, Gianni!) * And I'm nothing if not someone who likes to abandon deeper meaning and resonance in favour of petty stylistic elements...
  9. Thank you! I appreciate the help, but I'd also be grateful if anyone could comment on the provided suggestions and their applicability.
  10. Wotcher! It is vitally (vitally) important that I find an appropriate expression in French. My French is OK on a grammatical level, but I have little to no idiomatic knowledge, so would really appreciate a little help. I'd like to find an equivalent expression to femme fatale for ducks. (I told you this was important!) It has to be alliterative, and will preferably have a broader or more abstract quality (as opposed to being strictly literal). It doesn't have to be a direct mimicry of 'fatale', but it should have an element of sultry exoticism and/or danger, and allude to all the brilliantly dodgy film-noir tropes. ("Oh, maybe just warble. You do know how to warble, don't you...?") My favourite attempt so far has been cane capiteuse, in the sense of heady or intoxicating. Would that work in the sense I mean? Other options include cane captivante (which I'm not as fond of) and cane cramoisie. The latter's potentially interesting, both being an abstract parallel to the 'scarlet woman' trope and in having a reference to Moony deviance (with all that entails). I'll likely also have a masculine variant of this (canard capiteux, canard cramoisi, etc.) aswell. Or does anyone have any better suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  11. And some people say ducks don't like necromancy... A peculiar little supplement for a peculiar little people, coming in a month or so! (When I finish a couple more pieces of art at my usual glacial pace.) It will focus on the DUCKS, the DUCKS AND and the MORE DUCKS counters of Dragon Pass (Chaosium, 1980). Included will be: the wyters and guardian spirits of the three duck counters, and their history, lore and mysteries detailed stats and descriptions of the duck warriors, their arms and armament, and insights into the secrets of duck warfare new Rune spells, spirit cults and magic items expanded character-creation options, including additional Family History tables and all-new occupations and skills
  12. This is very cool! I'm currently working on something that includes some updated Family History tables for ducks. I only mention this so Harald doesn't think I've stolen all his stuff! I mean, I will happily steal his stuff, but not as despicably as it might appear! I really like the human tables, too.
  13. She's tried to reinvent herself as a serious artist, but sadly no-one forgets her earlier Betty Ballista years...
  14. Funnily enough... Something I started, but abandoned years ago (probably because I couldn't seem to get the legs right). Incidentally, speaking of what duck cities look like, I'm currently doing a watercolour pencil map of Duck Point. This is an image from a while back. (It's more advanced than shown here, though I have ballsed some bits up and need to do some serious Photoshop surgery, which I seem to be trying to put off.) This gives a fairly good idea of what I'm going for, though.
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