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    I've been interested in rpg's ever since I saw the cover of "Different Worlds" issue #9 on a bookstore display stand (way back when....). I've played, and to a lesser extent GM'd, a number of rpgs, including D&D, GURPS Autoduel, Twilight 2000, Paranoia, etc. Took a break from gaming for over a decade and am now trying to make up for lost time, while introducing my kids to role-playing. I finally picked up Runequest, with the latest edition.
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    Currently playing 5e D&D and about to start GMing too. Also GMing the GURPS-based Dungeon Fantasy RPG and am trying to make time to get some Runequest in.
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    Cedar Falls, Iowa
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    I am a human (I think.....)

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  1. That's a 70's album cover, if I ever saw one. Or maybe something for the side of a van? 😃
  2. Can anyone imagine Heortlings doing this? In any of the three ages or the Godtime? Maybe as part of a heroquest reenacting Orlanth's killing of Yelm (if you could tie it to opposing overweening authority and somehow ignore the resulting Darkness side of the myth)? I can imagine king or chief sacrifice being involved in a Gloranthan myth about a leader sacrificing themselves in order to save their people from some horrible fate (starvation or a chaos incursion) or perhaps an aged leader who volunteers to be sacrificed so that their spirit becomes the community wyter. Interesting possibilities.
  3. Are there any examples of folks sacrificing their king/queen or chieftain (when times are rough or as an emergency appeal to the gods' aid) in Gloranthan canon? If not, which cultures seem most likely to do/have done something like that? I'm thinking here of the example of iron age Ireland (like the bog bodies of Old Croghan Man and Clonycavan Man) and the plot point in Mary Renault's The King Must Die.
  4. This looks great! I am ridiculously excited about this and am planning to buy several copies (for distributing to friends who prove themselves worthy). So, since no one else has asked yet: 1) Where's it gettin' printed? 2) And, if everything went completely smoothly with the printing, assembling, and the shipping of crates to key distribution centers, how long might one predict the rest of the process to take? We still a couple of months out from being able to give Chaosium our money? My clacks and lunars are getting restless......
  5. Just thought of this this morning: the young adult/juvenile fiction series "Gods and Warriors" by Michelle Paver. They take place in the eastern Mediterranean during a Bronze Age where people have access to magic and critter companions. A young person in my house liked them and even said that aspects of the story were like Glorantha. And I just noticed my local library also carries a book called Dragonfly Song, by Wendy Orr, that's about ancient Crete and bull leaping.
  6. Whoops! My bad. Must have gotten the page count switched up with the number of pre-gens! Thanks for not tearing me a new one.
  7. Question that just occurred to me this morning: would the 14 page guide to Glorantha that's being included in the Starter Set make a good Chaosium offering for the next Free RPG Day, here in the U.S.? Might be a great way to get a few more people interested in the setting and its related products.
  8. This conversation brings a question to mind: what is the role of Fate, as a concept, in Gloranthan societies? Do Orlanthi and/or Praxians have a sense of wyrd?
  9. The Chronicles of Prydain are awesome. The Black Cauldron is such a cool artifact (both in the story and in actual myth.) The story of its destruction befits a Humakti hero.
  10. I almost forgot! Princess Mononoke has a number of aspects that feel very Gloranthan to me. Deer-riding warriors! Demonic/Chaos-taint! Massive godbeasts (e.g., the boar in the beginning)! But especially the depiction of the spirits in the ancient forest. It's strongly influenced how I imagine the spirit world.
  11. I'm loving a lot of the suggestions here. I'd like to second the Epic of Gilgamesh. Portions of The Aeneid, especially Aeneas' trip to the underworld, definitely work as a Glorantha-esque hero's tale. I'd also like to pitch Kubo and the Two Strings as worthy for consideration. Elements of it really seem to illustrate the heroquest idea to me. (It's an awesome flick that my boys loved.)
  12. This looks pretty interesting! Thanks for notifying us.
  13. With opposed rolls, when both parties succeed at something where only one can be the winner, the easiest thing may be to declare that the one with the widest margin of success (between dice roll and target number)has come out on top. That's how GURPS does it. Simple. RAW's position that equal levels of success (i.e., regular vs. special vs. critical) leave a contest unresolved and/or tied, are still fine (to my mind) if that would lead to some fun drama (Argrath and Harrek both scramble for a sword on the floor, but they each roll a special success; they both end up with their hands on the hil
  14. I could totally see Durulz using standard light chariots (or maybe something smaller in size) pulled by ponies or smaller horses (e.g., the size of icelandic horses). The question that comes to my mind is how often and for what purposes would a people who are culturally oriented towards rivers and marshes use chariots? They'd probably be of little use in actual Durulz warfare/military tactics. But, I can totally see important Ducks using chariots as a way to signal status and to project a certain image when dealing with human communities. They'd be even more of a relative extravagance than the
  15. Hell yeah! It's too bad that it wasn't out in time for this last X-mas or for New Gamemaster Month, but I'm sure Rick, Jeff, et al feel the same way. I'm actually starting to look forward to the rest of 2021.
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