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    I've been interested in rpg's ever since I saw the cover of "Different Worlds" issue #9 on a bookstore display stand (way back when....). I've played, and to a lesser extent GM'd, a number of rpgs, including D&D, GURPS Autoduel, Twilight 2000, Paranoia, etc. Took a break from gaming for over a decade and am now trying to make up for lost time, while introducing my kids to role-playing. I finally picked up Runequest, with the latest edition.
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    Currently playing 5e D&D and about to start GMing too. Also GMing the GURPS-based Dungeon Fantasy RPG and am trying to make time to get some Runequest in.
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  1. Thanks for the input everyone! I think the player in question mainly liked the idea of someone who defends or avenges women, but primarily through magic instead of bright, sharp bronze. I will remind her about the potential to use herbs/concoctions for effect. I haven't read the Miller book and haven't read the Odyssey in awhile (The Iliad is a little more present in my mind at the moment.) Thanks again, all.
  2. Hey all. I have a prospective player who - influenced by Madeline Miller's Circe - wants to make a character like the titular sorceress. My initial idea is to encourage her to make an assistant priestess of Ernalda, who's also a lay worshipper of Babeester Gor (to cover the defense of women vs nasty men/revenge on nasty men angle). How to model the whole permanently turning men into pigs (or any other animals, for that matter) side of things though? I don't see any spells in the main rules that would cover this. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  3. I'm impressed that it went as well as it did with so little lead-up (from what I've heard.) Wish I could have made it! As for John's SSG, I was under the impression that it was just a really basic and quick intro to Glorantha and RQG - which I'd love to see (my own intro document is ... um.... not very brief. Ugh.) Didn't realize it was it's own game.
  4. Not canonical, but what about.... the Manhandlers.
  5. On page 222 of the core RQG rules there's a textbox on "Dragon Pass Chariots." That says the common Orlanthi chariot has move 11 and 16 hit points. I'm assuming that they act like a shield's hp, when calculating how much the chariot's body protects its occupants relevant hit locations. And, of course, chariots can be armored to some degree; e.g., the chariot in The Rattling Wind scenario has bronze plating on it for an armor rating of 5. Hope that helps! (if only to give you general ballpark stats to work from.)
  6. Totally understood, Rick. Not trying to be a pain in the ass (honestly.) It is exciting to know that there are a bunch of products in the official pipeline; it also has the nice corollary that RQG must be doing well product-wise or else so much new material wouldn't be in production. I have seen some of the GoG art previews and maps that Jeff has shared, I'm just pretty dang eager to get a taste of some of the other stuff. I will indeed happily cop to being "super duper keen" 😁!
  7. I've been partial to imagining Sartarites/Heortlings as being like a mix of the Samnites, Etruscans, and Italo-Celts (in terms of material culture and lifeways) As for everyone else.... Grazelanders are Scythians; Esrolians are Minoan/Mycenaeans; Lunars contain Babylonians, Assyrians, and Seleucid Hellenes living in perfect harmony; and Praxians are ... well .... a fun mix of all sorts of nomadic horse-riders (though there's definitely some elements of southern Plains Indian culture and some Pueblo elements, e.g., the Hopi/Tewa-like hairstyle of bison tribe women.)
  8. Did anyone catch how far along (roughly) various RQ projects are in the pipeline? Any art previews available for us to salivate over?
  9. I've been loving all the art associated with RQG, since its release. This has instantly become one of my top three favorites. To my mind, this is the kind of image you can show people that catches their attention, fires their imagination, and inspires them to play the game.
  10. I've been thinking about picking this up myself, but am still in the "hold on to your money" mindset. What are the key selling points to this supplement, in everyone's opinion?
  11. Roughly how quickly would the slave farms have been attacked - after the Dragonrise, that is? Are we talking days? A couple of weeks? And were these slave farms set up like latifundia? Or were they simply smallish farms with a few slaves? Did Lunar officers or other officials receive other forms of land and holdings in Sartar, as reward for their service?
  12. I'm definitely looking forward to this. I was hoping that it'd be out before Christmas, so I could buy a couple of sets for friends. Maybe it'll come out in time for New Gamemaster Month? That would seem like a good idea from a marketing standpoint.
  13. Thanks for this reply, Lordabdul. I'm a fellow GURPS enthusiast, which I suspect trips me up with the RQG rules from time to time. RQG is so much better (in my opinion) than bog standard D&D, allowing much grittier and more meaningful combats. But honestly, I do think the GURPS combat system handles some things better (and is maybe a bit more intuitive in some ways). I really like your idea of incorporating the step and action concept and I'm going to definitely adopt the retreat one movement point for a +20% to defense rolls. It just feels right (and, like you noted, can create some drama
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