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    I've been interested in rpg's ever since I saw the cover of "Different Worlds" issue #9 on a bookstore display stand (way back when....). I've played, and to a lesser extent GM'd, a number of rpgs, including D&D, GURPS Autoduel, Twilight 2000, Paranoia, etc. Took a break from gaming for over a decade and am now trying to make up for lost time, while introducing my kids to role-playing. I finally picked up Runequest, with the latest edition.
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    Currently playing 5e D&D and about to start GMing too. Also GMing the GURPS-based Dungeon Fantasy RPG and am trying to make time to get some Runequest in.
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    Cedar Falls, Iowa
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    I am a human (I think.....)

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  1. Just noticed this post. Tiger Lung is awesome. The stories in the book include a lot of Glorantha-like material, especially related to shamans and the spirit world: a spirit summoning gone wrong; venturing into an ice cave to deal with more spirits (and an undead relative); hyenas led by the above-pictured Telmori-esque, werehyena. If you can get your hands on a copy of this book, do it. It's a snapshot of a stone age Glorantha.
  2. The Glass Canon live play sure made it seem like something had been put together. The third episode (with all the combat) in particular: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9L7mjprAiU
  3. So, with the starter set nearing release, we might see an uptick in new players and GMs coming around the forums and/or poking around online for helpful resources. And it seems to me that we can play an important role in welcoming new RQers and easing their path to Glorantha so that some of them stick around for the long haul. With that in mind, does the collective hive mind of RQ veterans have suggestions for new GM's? Specifically I mean in regards to the following: a) places to set a campaign or short series of adventures (keeping in mind different playstyles and gaming preferences); b) Chaosium published adventures that are immediately suitable for new RQers or could be with a few GM adjustments; c) Jonstown content adventures that are immediately suitable for new RQers (or could be with a few GM adjustments); and d) general useful resources (online or published). Are there particular links or reviews that can accompany any of the above? What are the pros and cons of your suggestions, in a sentence or two? To give you all a better idea of what I mean, let me start: a) Adventuring Areas: - for a small starting place (with room for PCs to experience several types of adventures, including dungeon crawls, and easily travel to different parts of the world, when they want to): Renekot's Hope in The Pegasus Plateau & Other Stories. - Pro: easy to master home base with some interesting NPCs and room for multiple types of gaming, including heavy on the social interaction. Con: GM will have to flesh out adventuring areas, such as The Ruins or the Broo Catacombs, on their own. - for a large, open wilderness frontier zone: Balazar. - published material: Griffin Mountain (Classic RQ content; will need some basic conversion and updating). Online resource: Back to Balazar website - non-canonical, but well thought out updates to material, resources to aid playing in Balazar, etc. b) Official Adventure: - The Broken Tower - (quickstart rules) - Pros: Introduces players to a number of key concepts in RQG play (spirits, ransom, clan/tribal rivalries, fightin', and a chance to start their own cult). Cons: Has been critiqued as being a little railroady (easily adjusted.) Easy to find live play examples or reviews online, incl Jajagappa's: - Defending Apple Lane - (GM Screen Pack) - Pros: Fighting enemies that act tactically and rationally, but who are bad news; possibility of creating social connections in area; use of social rewards as well as treasure; connections with other published scenarios. Cons: Possible TPK, if PCs follow tusk riders to their hideout and try to take on Redeye w/o significant preparation. Again, easy to find reviews and play accounts online. C) Community Content/Jonstown Compendium Adventures - (I admit that I have only read through a couple of these.) - Stone and Bone - Fightin' in Prax, shamanism, Chaos. Pros: Action and social interaction. Easy to pair with other Praxian adventures (say on a trek to Pavis), including "The Pairing Stones," in Pegasus Plateau. D) Resource - - Treasures of Glorantha: V1 - Dragon Pass - Jonstown Compendium. Pros: Some cool items and good essay on treasure among the Orlanthi (including expected tithing and the importance of gift exchange with local elites.) Cons: Players from some other games may be underwhelmed and put off by the social side of treasure seeking (should the GM use it.) The point of this being, again, to recommend adventures and resources that new RQers can pick up and use with little modification and/or a lot of veteran guidance. Anything able to also introduce folks to more aspects of RQG and Glorantha without massive lore dumping is even better. Apologies for the long post and thanks to everyone who can contribute to the thread.
  4. This is some good advice. Doing any of this could also give players a more visceral and dynamic sense of what combat can be like. I'd also add grappling or throws. Another idea might be to adopt the two-weapon fighting rules to incorporate a kick (to knock an opponent off balance or away) followed by a weapon strike (or running away). The risk to the last being that your kick might get parried with a sword!
  5. A fair number of newcomers might actually be more comfortable with making characters who are unattached to a particular community. But that would (I agree) kinda undermine a big part of what makes RQG special. One possible compromise would be to offer an abbreviated character creation system that was just for Sartar as a downloadable file. Have it include a very abbreviated history (how did you survive the Great Winter, etc.) and maybe a table of minor events that a PC dealt with as a kid. But that a) might still be too long, and b) cut too much into what the regular rulebook does.
  6. Whoops! I think I had two thoughts in my head and combined them when I wrote that. So ... garbled. That's my excuse and I'm standing by it! If only things could just be shipped via moonboat, it'd all make sense.....
  7. Someone should note this in the corrections thread. RQG lances are - I'm pretty sure - modeled on the xyston or kontos. Essentially they're longish long spears or shortish pikes, whichever formulation you prefer. As a weapon being used aside from a charge, they're supposed to be treated as a long spear wielded one handed (see RQG rules, pg 219). I'd allow that for dismounted combat too, but would allow them to be used two-handed ('cuz that seems kinda real.) Anyhow, I hope their difficulties didn't dissuade some people from giving the game a chance.
  8. Fair point. But I'm pretty sure the container ship that we were told was carrying the shipment for the U.S. arrived, docked, and is back across the Pacific at this point. Hell, it might be back off the coast of California by now. I checked the ship tracker (that was linked to in another thread) every couple of days and that sure seems to be what happened. I'm making the assumption that the shipment was unloaded, since there was at least one day where the ship was docked, and then sent on their merry way to Minnesota. Not long after (maybe a week or two?), Gen Con convened.
  9. So, the RQ Starter Set shipments have arrived in Australia and the U.S. (obviously). If they're in the U.S., I'm going to assume that they also arrived at the Canadian warehouse. They're probably at the warehouse in Europe too (making a big assumption here), if only taking shipping times into account. My suspicion is that the main hold-up is Britain, which has been experiencing a lot of problems getting imports processed and then shipped throughout the country. Despite the spoiled 8 year old in my head stomping his feet and yelling "but I want it now!", I think waiting for the simultaneous release from all warehouses is a good idea.
  10. Big question: have you noticed any changes to the rules? Do they just incorporate the material from the Rune Fixes/errata? Clarifications of rules that folks found confusing before? Anything that looks to be new?
  11. "It's probably going to be a couple more weeks before it releases worldwide." 😭 It's for the best. I just need to remind myself that every morning - otherwise there'll be a daily anguished gnashing of teeth, weeping, and rending of garments.
  12. We're just far enough apart that doing any sort of regular training isn't going to work (though I did practice a few times with my buddy when we lived in the same town.) At the risk of sounding trite, Wulfraed, I'm sorry to hear about your health issues. I sincerely hope the chemo works in the end and that it's not too hard on ya in the meantime. I'm a devout atheist, but times like this make me wish we really did have access to a Chalana Arroy-type force.
  13. I have a friend who teaches Wing Chun kung fu and who knows staff work. I'll ask him what he thinks. My only martial arts training has been kendo. Been jonesing to learn some longsword and/or sword and buckler! Not enough time though and no one near me with whom I could practice.
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