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    I've been interested in rpg's ever since I saw the cover of "Different Worlds" issue #9 on a bookstore display stand (way back when....). I've played, and to a lesser extent GM'd, a number of rpgs, including D&D, GURPS Autoduel, Twilight 2000, Paranoia, etc. Took a break from gaming for over a decade and am now trying to make up for lost time, while introducing my kids to role-playing. I finally picked up Runequest, with the latest edition.
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    Currently playing 5e D&D and about to start GMing too. Also GMing the GURPS-based Dungeon Fantasy RPG and am trying to make time to get some Runequest in.
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    I am a human (I think.....)

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  1. I don't know if I would ever allow a dragonewt adventurer, but this makes a lot of sense and could be really fun to play - esp. if it occasionally meant getting the other PCs into trouble! Imagine the dragonewt PC seeking out progressively more dangerous encounters, without regard for the rest of the party; meanwhile the other PCs, because of their attachment/engagement with/to their comrade, do their damnedest to help it out, even in the face of overwhelming odds. The "seek danger to disengage from overattachment to bodily existence" idea definitely makes sense for explaining the random drago
  2. Can you provide basic info for anyone who'd like to have a Wolf Pirate/Ygg islander character (e.g. cultural skills, rune affinities, starting passions, etc.?) Would a Wolf Pirate PC have a starting passion of loyalty to their ship? (or is that info being held on to for a future publication?)
  3. Thanks for the input, everyone! Things have been clarified, while retaining a good deal of dragonewt mystery. So, another question! Who's more alien in their mentality and culture: dragonewts or mostali? And if you had a player who wanted a character who was one or the other, which would you allow and why? Which race do you think would be easier to play? Which would be more interesting?
  4. So, it is written that Dragonewts begin to reengage with humans in 1625 after the Dragonrise (I'm probably not remembering the wording right in the Glorantha Sourcebook, but that's the gist.) If Dragonewts were not interested in getting involved in human affairs before that point, then why did Dragonewts hire themselves out as mercenaries to the Lunars? What would they gain from fighting in other people's wars? Seems inconsistent, at least on the surface. Secondly, the RQG GM Pack says something about Dragonewts occasionally going on human hunts. Does anyone have any information about that? Ho
  5. "The Smoking Ruin" adventure, in (drumroll please!) The Smoking Ruin, might be a good one for your group, if they're ok with a few sessions that are heavy on NPC interaction. I think it really showcases a lot of Gloranthan themes and shows how a Runequest adventure can be similar, but very different from your standard D&D romp. And I love the "Wild Temple" location that's outlined in TSR. Since your players are experienced with Call of Cthulhu, "The Crimson Petals" in Pegasus Plateau could be a good intro to Runequest and Glorantha (at least Sartarite Dragon Pass), since there's a lot of r
  6. Thank you for putting this together!
  7. Would you be alright with the use of your drawings for in-home, player handout/player aid materials (i.e. non-published) or is it absolutely, strictly Jonstown Compendium titles? Not trying to push boundaries; I'm honestly wondering since I'm putting together an intro to Glorantha and Dragon Pass document for some players who have no prior exposure to the setting.
  8. I've wrote up an NPC, for an upcoming adventure, who's a Chalana Arroy follower. Her schtick will be to use her staff to defend any on her side that fall or are seriously wounded - parrying and maybe disarming with gusto. But once the fight's done, she'll insist on healing the wounded Lunars too. One thing I'd tell players regarding this is that anyone a CA follower deems worthy of protection is also worthy of ransoming. Plus, in some situations it might be easier to engage in diplomacy with an antagonist, if the PCs didn't just murder their way through the antagonist's henchmen, clan members,
  9. This honestly tripped me up a little. So thanks to you and Stephen L for pointing it back out to me. When I read about reattempting ability rolls, I took that to mean only characteristic checks. Still, I'd argue that the -25% to a second roll only makes second attempts a reasonable option for characters that already have decent to high levels of skill in the first place. My main concern is for starting and low-power characters who might sometimes flounder when they need to use a basic skill they don't have much ability in.
  10. Hello all. One of the mechanics I like best from 7thed Call of Cthulhu is the concept of the "pushed roll" for skills. Basically, if a player fails a non-combat skill roll, they can appeal for a second roll after explaining what their character does to accomplish the failed task a different way. The drawbacks being that it takes extra time for a task to be accomplished and that, most importantly, a second failure brings serious consequences of some variety. Since beginning characters start off with fairly low values in many potentially useful skills, wouldn't this be a good mechanic to port ov
  11. You could easily play it that way. Makes mechanical sense and seems appropriately Gloranthan. I'm not sure I'd make that the case in 100% of situations. Maybe those with Death Rune of 80% or higher are either opposed to having their own kids or simply indifferent. I can't see anyone with a high Death Rune being excited about having their own kids (and maybe moving towards wanting kids would act to weaken that character's affinity to Death.) An add-on question, if ya don't mind: is fertility impaired by a strong association with the Death Rune, even if characters did want to procreate?
  12. Thanks for the advice, Nick. I love the idea of discorporate recon! Added fun for a shaman PC, but also a nice way to reinforce to all the players how RQG/Glorantha is really different than most other fantasy games and settings.
  13. By any chance is an English-translation of the Les Enfants de la Flamme supplement/adventure going to be published at some point? For anyone who doesn't know, this is part of the French edition RQG crowdfunding drive (https://www.gameontabletop.com/cf186/runequest.html). It's set in the Dundealos area (including Swenston) and focuses on that tribe. I think we had a very brief intro to some of this material in Jeff's White Bull campaign (can't remember which episode off the top of my head, but one of the more recent ones.)
  14. Many thanks for providing this!
  15. I like this idea. I can imagine that an Odayla-oriented shaman be kind of like Creb in Clan of the Cave Bear, except more of a loner. Playing a Yinkin-oriented shaman could be a thoroughly good time.
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