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  1. Byll

    Byll's bilge

    Some graffiti and some 3D renders inspired by Glorantha
  2. Maybe Heler is just Lorion with blue lipstick too?
  3. Byll

    Nature of Metals

    Thunderdolt? lightning? Easy come, easy go...
  4. Byll

    Nature of Metals

    There's no mention of zinc in Glorantha as far as I know, I was just speculating that Dwarf brass might not just be a variation of 'air god' bronze. The air gods threw some pretty big wrenches in the world machine, and the dwarves may be looking for an upgrade to replace the faulty components. They are known to produce Iron which no one else understands, maybe they have other secrets.
  5. Byll

    Nature of Metals

    We're I to be a Mostali, I might well consider that the bronze derived form various storm gods was a substandard material for world machine maintenance and instead synthesise a less unpredictable analogue for it where no other alternative was acceptable. I doubt they approve of all that chthonic tin either. I like zinc.
  6. Amour units that force a retreat on the unit that they attack get an additional move and attack in the armour exploitation phase - wait, that's a different game... Sorry, carry on.
  7. Actually stretching back a bit there's this - if you're OK with pre-gens and the space(s) are still free, it,s still marked wanting player(s)
  8. Out of three on-line play by board-post games I've been in, one came from private messaging someone on these forums, and the other two came from out of character discussions in the first one. I just had a look on RoleplayOnLine and there are no Runquest games seeking players (any flavour of RQ). That surprised me somewhat.
  9. In which case they don't belong in the same group as those 'proper' form runes; they are not the same form of form
  10. It's a bit weird. Why is it OK to be a plant form with the man form or a beast form with the man form but not a man form with the spirit form? 'All forms are formal but some forms are more formal than others.'
  11. I was thinking of the cradle from Westworld
  12. I left for a week's holiday a few hours ago, but when I get home I'll check that out. It's not a big deal for me, the character text is a good enough guide. My Mac's OS is pretty old, fingers crossed.
  13. I use Safari on a Mac, and I'm no longer seeing any images (portraits, anonymous-pentacle or runes) on the main page, the character portraits and runes still appear on the character's own page
  14. Hi, thanks again for your perseverance with the tools. As you may have seen I'm tinkering with Dwarfdom. I'm not sure if this is the best balance but I'm working on it. The Mostal cult gives no spells or skills (I may soon move some (currently) homeland skills to cult skills) but I was hoping to use it (the Mostal cult page) to allow 'heresy' selections in Passions e.g. devotion Openhandism 60 or devotion Individualism 60 or the vanilla devotion world machine +10. There were 6 passion slots in the cult screen and I used 5 but only 3 came through after saving the cult, and there is no space to add more in modify cult. Also, new skills don't seem appear in the Personal Skill bonuses section so it's not possible to boost e.g Earthsense scan there by 25% or 10% I've realised, too. that in creating templatesI really need to write down my spell, skill and passion names to avoid failing to match up and having two skills e.g Elder race lore (Dwarf) and Elder race lore (Mostali) where only one was intended. I'll try to sort these out.
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