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  1. Hey, this is our kind of place... as my friends like to say when we find some particularly seedy and deserted joint
  2. A source of amusement for regulars is the cast bronze statuette of a baboon looking over his shoulder. Regulars can get preferential service by activating the internal bell with a fairly obvious lever in its hindquarters, however they do not let out that this works only if you also press on the rear left foot at the same time, otherwise a measure of mustard is dispensed on the unsuspecting operator's finger.
  3. "Meet the Parents" I believe it's called. It's shoehorned into my printed-off PDF Complete Griselda between "The Love Business" and "Serious Money" so I am just going from the gloss I pencilled into the contents. Griselda's brother Ferdie, uncle Brand and cousin Belladonna appear in "All in the family", but I don't remember if it says where they are from other than Aunt Gunnevara stayed 'at home' and they have to cross 'the wilds' in Dark Season to get back when they skip town.
  4. Originally the family are from Pavis (which is how she actually is Wolfhead's distant cousin) but the ring run by her parents is based in Alone and that's where she ends up after going on the run from Argrath. Elsa is from Adari and takes Olaf there eventually
  5. Since the Red Emperor is kind of liable for the burning of two major elf forests it's possible that the Redwood Elves are reaching out to those they see as the local enemies of the empire and deliberately (if not avowedly) 'helping' them to rebuild their strength after Moonbroth. In which case they have no problem with the 'refugee' elves working for their escorts during their escape. They may also be taking the opportunity to scout the parts of the Wastes and Prax that were once forested to test whether the ecology is still as bad as it is made out to be. I'd still like to know why there are enough Elves around for the Bison clan(s) to be able to free some on a regular basis. Do the Lunars capture them in local skirmishes? or are they imported from elf friendly parts of Dara Happa?, Do the Lunars think that they can help grow the Grantlands? or manage the Zola Fel swamps (should be some Red Elves / goblins with something to say about that.) ( Finally succumbed to curiosity and the encouragement of the GM, and gave up my ambition of keeping my PC entirely uncontaminated from any of these musings )
  6. Some end-papers sliced from a book and marked for the Library of the Yellow Palace in Bikhy these include an old map of Vanch a list of flora and fauna (or possibly a troll recipe) and a fluid sigil with sensual overtones made with a single brush stroke. It could be something to do with the Conquering Daughter, or the Lady of the Wild...
  7. b¼$£¼þð dragonsnail's b¼$£¼þð eyeball...
  8. Ah yes,the Garhounds' private militia do get recruits funnelled theough Geo's. Difficult man, Gorovan, treats the place like his own hall, possibly because Brygga would give him what for if he held court with his free army at the Manor.
  9. P200 and P201 of Pavis GtA for both. "Geo's Own" is mentioned but sounds more of an adventurer and unemployed/superanuated mercenary confraternity than an actual Mercenary Company
  10. Coffee fountain! Café René on the Zola Fel...
  11. Well I'm not saying you can't get more than 4 people in the space (~ 14m by 8m), but it's going to feel cramped compared to the rest of Old town. Gimpys is 22m by 12 m on each floor and the top storey there has 8 'rooms' though the 3 partners and Kroger each have two rooms in their quarters so it could be 12 rooms if you needed to pack in more people. I'd forgotten that "To get to Geo's one must descend a flight of stairs, ... [and] a shrine to Geo's Bouncer, ...Beyond the shrine is the common room ... Above the common room are private rooms and dorimtory the basement below is stored casks of wine and beer." So despite being 1 story on the map (the bedrooms above ground) Geos has three times the floor area I'd estiimated (or twice if you ignore the storage sub-basement ). I also noticed that Brodurev runs a brewery of 8 to 10 Journeymen in a building that neighbours Geo's which "supplies much of the beer in old town". if it has 10 employees then it makes up about 4% of the population of Oldtown. They must drink a lot of beer if they need to bring in more.
  12. The existing Guilds are pretty wide-ranging. Cloth and leather workers would cover about half the guilds in medieval London... I was going to put Glaziers in Kilnworkers with Brickmakers Potters and Tilers. I wonder if they fit in Sundown after all? That was where I first thought of, but they may be a bit too hot for Yelmalio. It may be that the extra elders are just retired elders from the main eight guilds and this is all pie in the sky. 01 Redsmiths Kalf Haldelson S-97 Armorers, Metal smiths, Tinkers Weaponsmiths 02 Cloth & Leather Brygga Scissortongue P-29(Mayor) Carpetmakers, Cobblers, Corswainers, Furruiers, Outfitters, Tailors, Fullers, Launderers, Sailmakers, Tanners Waevers. 03 Jewelers Koli the Portly P-02 Goldsmiths, Engravers, Jewellers, Locksmiths, 04 Merchants Valerina the Peddler P-14 Merchant-ventureers, Grocers 05 Minstrels Hallarax the Singer R-133 Instrument makers, Musicians, Skalds, Singers 06 Rivermans Hallarax the Singer for Scharman Ingilli R-106 Fishermen, Fishmongers, Waterboatmen 07 Stonemasons Ginkizzie M-11 Architects, Artificers, Masons 08 Weaponmasters Derenx the Handsome D-33 Swordmasters, plus? 09 Adventurers Krogar Wolfhelm O-40 Adventurers, Cartographers, 10 Apocatheries D Alchemists, Apocatheries, Herbalists 11 Bakers Nan O-7 Bakers, Pasterychefs, 12 Basketmakers F Wickerworkers, strawplatters, basketmakers 13 Boatwrights R Boarwrights, Marine chandlers 14 Brewers O Lilina O-29 Brewers, Distillers, 15 Butchers R-116 Butchers, Slaughtermen 16 Candlemakers and lampmakers S Candelmakers, lampmakers, 17 Cheesemakers, salters and smokers F Dairyfarmers, Cheesemakers, fish smokers, meat smokers, Spicers 18 Innkeepers Orkan the Black P-11 Inkeepers, Stablekeepers 19 Kilnworkers S Brick makers, Glassblowers, Potters Tilers 20 Moniers Keral Patroma P-13 Bankers, Pawnbrokers 21 Painters and stainers D Artists, Dyers, Painters, Signpainters, Stainers 22 Ropers F Netmakers, Ropemakers, 23 Scribes Valstatch Guilder P-22 Archivists, Antiquaries, Illuminators, Scribes 24 Wheelwrights and Cartwritghts Thrandren Clubfoot P-4 Cartwrights, Harnessmakers, Wheelwrights 25 Woodworkers F Bowyers, Cabinetmakers, Carpenters, Coopers, Fletchers, I didn't include millers mainly because I wasn't sure if grain is ground by water wind or horse power, and whether it's done in Pavis county on in town, but maybe there is a need for some sort of arable food producer's guild. On a different tack, how do households work in Inns? I'd assume that the live-in family / staff are one household and all the guests together are just one extra household. My quick back-of-an-envelope reckoning of building floorspace in Oldtown ('cause it's the smallest) was 1150m2 which gives about 35m2 per person for 85 households of 4, a typical modern per capita floor space for the UK (half that of the US Canada and Australia, twice that of HongKong) If the people were spread evenly though the floor space (not that they would be, but just supposing) O-16 would get just 2 people and O-19 (Moonlighters) would get 23 Geo's appears to be really small and just have room for 4 people I may have got something wrong with that one...
  13. Looking at the Pavis GtA household census, there are 25 Guild Elders in town. The write up for the 8 guilds mentioned only ever lists one individual as the elder of the guild. Does that mean there are another 17 guilds? If so what might they be? and who would be their elders? 01 Redsmiths Kalf Haldelson S-97 02 Cloth & Leather Brygga Scissortongue P-29(Mayor) 03 Jewelers Koli the Portly P-02 04 Merchants Valerina the Peddler P-14 05 Minstrels Hallarax the Singer R-133 06 Rivermans Hallarax the Singer for Scharman Ingilli R-106 07 Stonemasons Ginkizzie M-11 08 Weaponmasters Derenx the Handsome D-33 plus? 09 Adventurers Krogar Wolfhelm O-40 10 Apocathories D 11 Bakers Nan O-7 12 Basketmakers F 13 Boatwrights R 14 Brewers O Lilina O-29 Brodurev O-18 15 Butchers R-116 16 Candlemakers and lampmakers S 17 Cheesemakers, salters and smokers F 18 Innkeepers Orkan the Black P-11 19 Kilnworkers S 20 Moniers Keral Patroma P-13 21 Painters and stainers D 22 Ropers F 23 Scribes Valstatch Guilder P-22 24 Wheelwrights and Cartwritghts Thrandren Clubfoot P-4 25 Woodworkers F
  14. They're a rum lot at the National Trust; for example - Stonehenge: daylight saving time
  15. The Seven Mothers Temple in New Pavis has its long side facing temple court. Instead of a classical temple with its main axis down the long dimension, an 'open' colonnade at the front and a sacred enclosure at the back I am going with a single row of columns on the long side and a central entrance with two (or more- I haven't done an interior) enclosed cells, leading off it. Maybe this is more suitable to the multiple sub-cults of Seven Mothers rather than a temple to (an aspect of) the goddess. The main driver in this case might have been suitably prestigious land available to the Lunar Authorities for development.