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  1. I produced this a while ago when someone was looking for friezes for a Yelmalio temple on Facebook
  2. I can't imagine the Char'un without Ma Tamara the moon mare. Though likely she is out of canon by now. She seems like their Twinstars revelation, allowing them to integrate with the Lunar Empire.
  3. Is there any chance that draft copies of Gods and Goddesses of Glorantha might make to Dragonmeet in November?
  4. This is a really interesting viewpoint on Northern Pelanda. I've been meaning for some time to do something based around the unusual local rules-of-engagement in Human-Tararg waves of afforestation and deforestation where there seem to be well defined refuge areas in which 'defeated' enemies are allowed to congregate under relatively benign oversight of the victors. Much to chew over. The Pyramid of Derdromus at Karresh and it's underworld connection is probably relevant to your 'Greater Spol' cultural area.
  5. There is an 'approved' font for the runes available at https://www.glorantha.com/docs/glorantha-core-rune-font/ It's going to be updated to include some sorcery practice runes but that hasn't happened yet. There is discussion at
  6. Byll

    Severe severing

    The boards have been down all day in my part of the forest. As Jajagappa said, there's no applicable cannon, but if a Salmon can get Sea Eagle's attention it's very likely to be carried up to the sky world. The trick would be to get free at the right time to land near the top of the Skyfall, (and avoid getting eaten). Ideally you'd leave something better than lunch, to avoid earning Sea Eagle's displeasure.
  7. It took me a while to spot the fingers holding Aroka's head, so I began wondering if the fourth arm was a chaotic feature.
  8. Byll

    Severe severing

    Maybe you could persuade Sea Eagle to carry you up. It might take a bit of trickstering to get out of your end of the bargain...
  9. Byll


    Alternatively the opposite "we can't be bothered to insult you properly" approach can work. e.g. call someone a stack packer or stork porker instead of a stick picker and and just shrug whatever if they get uptight about it.
  10. I thought Valare ultimately discovered the exact opposite : "Conclusion Entekos is Innocence, but she is not our Red Goddess" P57 The Entekosiad
  11. Byll

    Nature of Metals

    @Kloster will you do the fandango?
  12. Byll

    Byll's bilge

    Some graffiti and some 3D renders inspired by Glorantha
  13. Maybe some of them regard him as a friend
  14. Maybe Heler is just Lorion with blue lipstick too?
  15. Byll

    Nature of Metals

    Thunderdolt? lightning? Easy come, easy go...
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