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  1. If a former human establishes a hero-cult under an elemental pantheon and defends a place in the god plane, do his bones transmute into metal?
  2. Admitting that you consider yourself an 'adventurer' may in some societies mark you as an undesirable. A subversive egoist who cannot be relied upon when his neighbours and family need him. Adventures happen to regular people as well as glory-hunters.
  3. I'm assuming that the Shaman that the assistant supports will somehow suck the assistant's spirit into the spirit world when the Shaman decides to it is time to teach the locations and practices of spirit travel, and that the assistant's body is guarded by spirits loyal to the shaman while the assistant is on the spirit plane.
  4. Byll

    Vishi Dunn

    COUSIN MONKEY, BABOON Passions: Love (Family) 60% - just sayin'
  5. Byll

    Vishi Dunn

    Vishi is 'intensely loyal to Argrath, almost a zealot.' (Loyalty to Argrath 80% - his highest passion). If he makes shaman he will probably spend a lot of time working at something Argrath assigns him to, (attached to a military unit, recruiting for Argrath in the spirit world, helping guard his boss from spirt world threats or working on 'special projects' )
  6. The gods don't have a choice whether to care or not. They are what they are, they do what they do. If you break the rules and learn sorcery, then you will be attacked by Spirits of Reprisal. Looking closely at the rules, it says that the SoR only go after 1) Initiates who leave the cult, and 2) Rune levels who break major cult rules. So technically an Initiate learning sorcery should be ok, in fact by this strict reading an Initiate can break any cult rule without risking the Spirits of Reprisal, but if you ever intend to achieve Rune level, don't even think about it. What about Initiates who have previous of breaking major cult rules and then become Rune Levels? Do they just get a 'Hard Stare' from one of the spirits of reprisal?
  7. Not only does my grandma wear boots so does me ma! Army boots?
  8. Are you trying to scare me?  No, I believe he is trying to either scare the Lunar of possibly your grandmother. While no civilised person would dream of wearing boots (boots!) to visit their grandmother, we are all us, and must remember that thieving Vanchites and two faced Carmanians are our brothers and sisters at the bosom of the Goddess.
  9. With the amount of captive taking in Praxian pre-history its not unlikely that a (diluted) blood descendant of each lost tribe exists somewhere. If Europeans have 3% Neanderthal 'heritage' there might be living praxians who could (if they had the power and knowledge) summon an ancestor in a lost tribe. I suppose a big obstacle is giving them a reason to want to do so (having been brought up all there lives in their existing tribe).
  10. You'd better check out those player character duck rules in the Beastiary...
  11. Which never really made much sense -- why would the Pure Horse People adopt a Lightbriger God? Looks like it's been retroactively changed into being a vendref cult. That the vendref are allowed to join a warrior cult (and supply the FHQ's personal bodyguard) shows how much has changed since the FHQ took control. I Think that the idea was that the Feathered Horse Queen's Stewards pick a small number of loyal Vendref and they are allowed to Worship Hiia and train as foot soldiers to provide the feathered Horse Queen's Guard, but the bulk of Vendref are not allowed to worship Hiia
  12. RQG P116 says The Vendref worship Ernalda and Barntar as well as Maran Gor... Issaries often called Kanestal the Counter... Lhankor Mhy.... Hiia Swordsman (a local sub-cult of Humakt) There's no mention of Orlanth. In Sartar Rising 3 (Gathering Thunder) the Vendref are said to have transferred from Orlanth to Barntar or Lodril depending on where in the Grazelands they live. The same sort of thing happens in the Lunar Provinces where Barntar gets the festivals, tithes and shrine in the village and Orlanth may sometimes be worshiped impromtu on a hilltop. Maybe some worshipping Erissa or Chalanna Arroy, and a few whichever version of Yelorna / Ourania the Grazelanders have
  13. I'm sure there's no validity to it, because as far as I know Kanestal has been written up long before Ekarna, but it's kind of funny how Kanestal sounds a bit like Ekarna's thrall. Not that Hyaloring Ekarna would keep slaves other than as trade commodities, but the Pure-horse people seem to have a dash more Wheel / Starlight-Ancestor to them.
  14. Cool Topknot, I always picture Pentans in Mongolian deels but perhaps that's just peace-time garb and you need more protection for actual battle.
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