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  1. Byll

    Dara Happan Hospitality

    On the relative level maybe we could fall back on the Sire - Sir - Sirrah form or talking up across or down to someone. I'm not sure that this is historically attested but if it's good enough for Mr Shakespeare... It might be entertaining to qualify the level of superiority or inferiority, but as you point out there would probably be intermediaries to avoid the embarrassment of direct communication from noble to servant other than within the household perhaps It would be nice also to have a prefix for the six classes. I frequently get these muddled up but as I currently remember them, they are Nobles, Witnesses, Citizens, Overseers, Half Citizens, and Slaves? My preference would be to keep them as short as possible, perhaps: Lord, Judge, Don, Chief, Hand, Swab I recall seeing officers mentioned somewhere, but I can't remember if they are a sort of witness or witnesses are a sort of noble. Fortunate Succession (16 Vuranostum) mentions four classes "Noble, Citizen, half-citizen and newcomer", later (26 Khordavu) talks of "Social Order : The Emperor, and the overlords, Assistants and Witnesses, !0 Sons and Servants including Foreman and Soldiers", and again (35 Erzanestu) it mentions 'toga men' or senators from the provincial cities being placed (alongside?) the patrician nobles who keep ceremonial priestly duties. Entekosiad (Coming of Lendarsh - Hurfor) has a footnote saying 'fifths' are servants or Dara Happan 'Half Persons' wihile 'sixths' are slaves
  2. Byll

    is Odayla a Hykim-Mikyh cult?

    As I recall the culmination of the hunt was that one killed the other and wore his skin as a compliment, and no on can tell which is the hunter's real skin and which is the quarry's. The young Orlanth knocked around in a lot of remote places and had dealings with Tara Lady of the Wild too. In my opinion, an Odaylan is unlike a Rathori or Foundchild hunter mainly in that he is more integrated into a developed Theyalan society I don't think we know much about Ertelenari the bear goddess of the Solar pantheon. She is a finger goddess alongside Vergenari the sow goddess, Busenari the cow goddess, Memenari the mother goddess, so in some sense she is a provider and maybe has a role as hunter.
  3. Byll

    Gloranthan Slang.

    On that note I've always liked "Thou art the offspring of an impotent mole and a dissolute bat!" which Patrick O'Brian puts in the mouth of one West African merchant disputing the observatory powers of another in 'The Commodore'.
  4. Byll

    I'm (still) confused about Spirit Travel

    Sounds a bit like the map of 'shortcuts' through the never never that Harry Dresden inherits in the Dresden Files books. Just because they overcome some obstacles e.g. Immense distance doesn't mean that 'shortcuts' won't introduce others, e.g. Time dilation, fluid other world battle lines, toll-keepers who hold grudges or insist on increasingly difficult favours, malevolent hunting entities noticing trails being frequented more often, 'environmental' hazards that change over time.
  5. Byll

    Gloranthan Slang.

    'Tree plugger' for green elves and their associates?
  6. Byll

    Gloranthan Slang.

    Horse-load (disrepectful term for a Grazelander among Heortlings, implying they are indolent or obese)
  7. Byll

    Gloranthan Slang.

    "You look like a man who's sat on a troll's stool" will start a fight most places in Pavis
  8. Byll

    Swords of Central Genertela

    Better known as a Sagitechnical?
  9. Byll

    What Cults do we want to see the most?

    Elmal Uleria Polestar Tolat Rathor Monster man Natha Tara Lokarnos Anilla
  10. Byll

    Horses, birds, and cattle

    Penglas? (blue heads rather than white? Or maybe the bodies would be blue and the heads stay white)
  11. Byll

    Horses, birds, and cattle

    So are the Ostrich Riders any less hippophobic than the other Praxian tribes? Mother Ostrich is still a bird even if she was adopted by Eiritha. She might also sympathise with Gamari's loss of the power of flight.
  12. Also in the Heroquest Voices, A Personal View Of Grazer Life, The Endless Pastures Of The Sun, David Dunham mentions: " We belong to the Hoof Dancer Clan..." "If you ever need to seek their aid go first to your mother's Sun Ring clan and avoid the greedy Sky Bows."
  13. Byll

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    Great work and a great environment for contribution
  14. King of Sartar has his father Phoronestes birth at 1491, and under his son's entry says that Phargentes died at the age of 65 in 1579. The final paragraph on Phargentes says he died of old age, peacefully and with blessings passed on to his son and kin. I guess I was just seeing red moons under the bedrooms.
  15. Byll

    Boldhome map from endpaper of the hardback

    The Rough Guide said: "Troll Corner As far from humans as possible, tucked into a place no one else wants where the trolls of Boldhome congregate. They are officially allowed to be there, but naturally distrust it. Their area looks more like a squatter camp than a place where intelligent beings live. It is guarded, patrolled and booby trapped by the residents for their own safety."