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  1. I've been doing my bit for Mostal with this prototype Gloranthan Lego orrery. I'm short of turntables so currently it is just Yelm, Lightfore and the Blue Planet on the sunpath, but the little grey pointer rotates ones in 28 days for the Red Planet, and the moon on the top turns every seven days. I aim to put the Pale Planet (wagon/mule) on eventually but the white planets 62 days will be very difficult to gear.
  2. Byll

    Vishi Dunn

    I'm now very confused by this spell. if as p366 says 'a normal corporeal being may not initiate spirit combat' how can last part of the distraction spell 'if used against a corporeal enemy the effect is identical' only apply to an enemy for spirit combat purposes? If the caster is corporeal, and the (corporeal) target of distraction can switch spirit combat targets, you then have two corporeal entities in spirit combat which I don't think is supposed to be possible. A shaman has to discorporate before they can initiate spirit combat with a corporeal entity. Can you only cast this on a corporeal entity if you are discorporate?
  3. Byll

    Gloranthan Slang.

    My Grazelander uses "I'll be a stander's cow man!" as an expression of incomprehension and disbelief.
  4. Byll

    Gloranthan Slang.

    "Trust a ram before a snake, and a snake before a bat, and a bat before a [epithet] Solar pantheon insult where you insert the profession / nationality / familial-relationship characterising the person that you are angry with.
  5. Byll

    Vishi Dunn

    My STR 7 CON 6 POW 20 Assistant shaman has just been knocked cold by a single dagger blow to the head (serves him right for casting distraction on the dagger weirder to get him off someone else) I'll post some updates here on how long he survives. So far, the idea is to befuddle opposing muscle from the back and let the warriors deal with the real combat. It's not going to be easy to keep anti-combat discipline judging by two encounters I've had so far. Maybe I need to learn Vigour or at least buy some head-armour. Even combatting disease spirits could be deadly.
  6. Byll

    Gloranthan Slang.

    "He'd quack a fowl joke at Duck Point" - Someone with little sense of occasion or scant respect for hospitality.
  7. Byll

    Swords of Central Genertela

    It's all in the neck action.
  8. Byll

    Honour passion

    There may be a certain element of know-it-when-I-see-it from one person to another, there is a nice line it one of the Aubrey-Maturin books where one chides his friend along the lines of "I shall not pretend to instruct you on what is honourable...". He is effectively saying that in his opinion the other is contemplating dishonouring himself, without formally accusing him of being without honour, which would likely require a duel between the two. In strongly stratified or caste societies one class might have quite different notions of honour from another. On the whole though most people agree with the rest of their society about what honourable behaviour demands of any one person, and there are severe social consequences (ransom, marriage, advancement in cult) for those who have flouted the norms.
  9. Byll

    Illuminate Me

    Where did Sheng find his armies? Up his sleevies (Leatherworking)
  10. Byll

    Do any of the 'Planets' have Rings?

    Shargash or Lightfore/Kargzant might be good candidates for rings because they have both collided with another heavenly body. Since you can't see rings with the naked eye I guess this is more of a spirit world or hero-quest sort of consideration
  11. Byll

    A little about Kralorea and China

    Is that why Merchant Bankers are the least popular variety of bankers?
  12. Byll

    Do Ostrich riders still exist officially?

    Where does RQG stand in the great and contentious boomerang - blowpipe controversy? Or has the blowpipe always been a boomerang really, just one that some people believe fires a dart around corners?
  13. He learns the gods' ways And moons Godlearnerism Shine on Glorantha
  14. Byll

    Prax Ostrich Combat Jockets = Terrible IRL

    This is new to me, I always thought that the third member of the two legged alliance was shrouded in mystery. Functionally it would make a lot of sense for the Morocanth who are weak in scout/cavalry/skirmishers to have a working arrangement the egg-layers who are weak in numbers/mass but quick. The only snag is the light and dark rune attachments of the Ostrich and Morocanth. The morocanth are really smart. So smart that they convince other tribes that they're only a bit smarter than them, rather than a massive humongously scary amount smarter than them (they're smarter than Waha after all). The morocanth and their awakened herd man agents secretly run everything* in the wastes. *in the Orlanthi sense of 'everything'. (This is a personal interpretation - the Enduring Morocanth Conspiracy commits nothing to knots)
  15. Byll

    Spirit rune

    Didn't I read here somewhere that all Praxian Nomads were going to have the spirit rune?