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  1. Byll

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    Great work and a great environment for contribution
  2. King of Sartar has his father Phoronestes birth at 1491, and under his son's entry says that Phargentes died at the age of 65 in 1579. The final paragraph on Phargentes says he died of old age, peacefully and with blessings passed on to his son and kin. I guess I was just seeing red moons under the bedrooms.
  3. Byll

    Boldhome map from endpaper of the hardback

    The Rough Guide said: "Troll Corner As far from humans as possible, tucked into a place no one else wants where the trolls of Boldhome congregate. They are officially allowed to be there, but naturally distrust it. Their area looks more like a squatter camp than a place where intelligent beings live. It is guarded, patrolled and booby trapped by the residents for their own safety."
  4. They'd regard themselves as a race, though perhaps not particularly elderly one. Random Boons (1) on RQGp.40 includesCentaur Dark-troll, dragnet,dwarf, duck,elf, fox-woman, Telmori-werewolf and wind-child as types of elder-race lore. On another tack does 1579 Phargentes' death look more suspicious than the official over-exursion in the contest with Verala Tor story (in the context of all the regional assassinations and 'assisted apotheoses' going on around that time?)
  5. You could have 1565 an 18 roll for Helped Kostajor Wolf Champion when he rescued Prince Jarosar - Gain Elder race lore (Telmori +15) (likewise you could have the same for his rescuing Terasin from Grizzly Peak in 1582)
  6. David Dunham has a page dated 2001 listing 40 clans which I think includes all those mentioned above (including the Four Gifts)
  7. I remembered wrongly RQG p.25 (and p.114) says "The tribe is divided into a dozen clans;" I'm very happy to use Hero Wars information however decannonised it may officially be so that's 5 out of the 12 clans. I even have a copy of Gathering Thunder if I'd known to look in it... I would have guessed the nature of Pure Horse clans is to move about within the whole Grazelands as they wish/can assert themselves, rather than to agree long-term allocation of pasture to individual clans. {...but, the Four Gifts Write up mentions that they (at least) are associated with a winter pasture in one specific valley}
  8. Apart from the Four Gifts clan mentioned in the RGQ book P116 do we know the names of the Grazelanader clans? I thought I'd read yesterday that there are 6 clans but now I can't find that info in the Guide or in the QRG book
  9. Byll

    A sample Elmali stead in Sartar

    This Emali clan description tugs a lot of memories of growing up Catholic in southern England in the last century. Despite influencing your world-view, and revealing that at other times and in other places it is a huge deal for your personal integrity, (fortunately) in your daily life everybody knows (a bit) and nobody (much) cares.
  10. Byll

    Elmal Yelmalio thing

    Elmy, schmely... pass the beer nuts
  11. Byll

    How to translate God Learner?

    I would say a God Learner is both someone learning about specific gods and about godhood in general, in a way gods themselves would not comprehend. Also they are someone with a great deal of personal ambition, probably aiming to become a god in the same way EWF leaders aim to become a dragon or Sedenya aims to become an element. If I had to invent a Godlearnerism for God Learner it would be something like Emergent Demiurge.
  12. Byll

    New pavis big rubble books

    Let's hope baboon Goldang gets in there...
  13. Byll

    Blood Sex and Rock'n Roll

    Whilst playing Six Ages, it occurred to me that if I'd had a huge temple to Nyala instead of a measly shrine, it might have come with a very handy 'bomb shelter' below the sub basement which would have been be of more than liturgical utility in certain exigences. An Earth temple would make a natural rally point after disasters, and depending on how migratory a clan is, probably a fall-back position in adversity.
  14. Byll

    Odayla in the Underworld

    Bears give birth during hibernation. It's a sign that they are alive. The King can be one of the Odaylan's cubs. The other cub will be someone surprising and inconvenient. The Odalyan comes back as a woman.
  15. Why does Lankhor Mhy not just give the women devotees a spell that grows breads for the day/week/season etc? Is that too ikkily material for a God of intellect? But if that were the case surely he wouldn't care that they didn't have them, they'd just need to behave as if they had them (e.g. not wear elaborate necklaces or perhaps even low necklines to avoid entanglement or discomfort due to the discorporate beard)