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  1. If that’s all Kuschile does then I have to say I also see little value in adding it as a house rule.
  2. See also p217 which states: So, yes, mounted archery is harder than foot archery in that you have both the cap of the Ride skill, and the x50% penalties for someone moving at a different angle or speed and the x50% penalty for evading targets (noting that these two stack). Plus any hilarity that may apply for shooting at protected targets or into melee. :)
  3. Which is OK as a house rule, but it does mean that you really can't get advice on Sanctify from other players since it's a major deviation from RAW.
  4. Actually RAW has additional penalties for targets in relative motion. I don’t have the rules handy but it gets worse based on relative angles/speed.
  5. I have to admit I don’t know anything about this Kuschile business. It really was intended to just be a joke about characters working within their pitiful Ride (Hippogriff) skills by picking up other weapons that they were equally pitiful with on and off the Hippogriffs. I wasn’t introducing new skills or rules, pure RAW, just a joke about working within RAW.
  6. Fairly well. I need at least 4 hours instead of 3, which probably means splitting it into multiple sessions (SwanCon is a general lit/media/gaming con so pinning down people for 4 hour blocks isn’t really feasible). I probably need to have a discord channel as back up to Roll20 for voip. Most scenes ran fairly well, although I think the grotto scene needs a bit of work on my part, and we didn’t get through that scene fully in the three hour block. I may need to rename the brothers so that their names aren’t so easily confused over VOIP.
  7. Thank you to all who played last night. Your feedback was appreciated, including the need for this to be at least a four hour session.
  8. OK, I have four confirmed and one possible. If he shows up, we're full. If not, watch this space and I'll post an open link for the last slot just before the game starts.
  9. Also... the current game blurb: Have you ever wanted to strike a blow for Durulz freedom? To stand up for the oppressed ducks against the evil Humans? Then Yozarian! Wants! You! Yozarian’s Bandit Ducks is a one-shot RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha adventure for 5 players that will be run remotely at SwanCon by John Samuel(1) via Roll20. To join the brave(2) Yozarian you’ll need a Roll20.net account that you can access at the Con. You can create a Roll20 account for free. John will provide the characters, guidance with the rules, and help bring the fun. The game may be streamed at the
  10. Good afternoon all (It is currently 2PM where I'm at), I have about 4 possible takers (who I've already issued invites to) and I'll issue an open invite in a couple of hours. Those who have already contacted me will get preference for characters. The game will be 100% on Roll20, since that's the current plan for SwanCon.
  11. The latter - new to that particular PC. The point is that, as you also say, a skill that starts at base isn't likely to be affected by the cap & both skills will grow at more or less the same rate through experience. Agreed that there's no separate Lance on X skills, nor would I want to introduce such - that way lies madness. In the case of one of the PCs, their base Ride skill is higher than their base Lance skill would be, which is the suggestion that triggered the joke, as it's a weapon that the character in question has no prior experience or training with.
  12. When I said a new weapon I meant an entirely new weapon. As in a former heavy infantry type adopting a lance (with no prior training) for use astride the hippogriff. Sure, any existing skills get capped... but a brand new weapon that was never used before? That’s likely to be at the same level as the ride skill anyway. 🙂
  13. Cool, I have a couple of possible takers (I'm also posting this on Discord) for Saturday 03 April 6PM Melbourne/Sydney/Canberra time. If that suits, and another couple of people confirm, I'll message you with the Roll20 invite.
  14. Right, so several of my players (in both games) have acquired hippogriffs courtesy of The Pegasus Plateau. I am, of necessity, pointing out that weapon skills are capped at their generally pitifully low* Ride (Hippogriff) skills. So for an archer with a Composite Bow skill of 90+ this is... painful. But if you think of it as an opportunity to learn a new weapon... then it's not so bad. It's not like your base skill with the new weapon is likely to be much different to your ride skill. Think of the opportunities for additional experience checks! * I generally used either
  15. Blows a raspberry in Bill's general direction to suitably applaud that pun. I think that the scenario is, on paper at least, hilarious and I'm looking forward to running it a couple of times.
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