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  1. Short answer: Yes, but Pegasus Plateau first. Longer Answer: Both are good, but Pegasus Plateau contains more adventures and on balance contains adventures that I found more rewarding to run as a GM (noting that Crimson Petals in particular requires a huge amount of prepwork by the GM... I wrote up an A3 table summarising which NPCs knew what to help me navigate through it). The Smoking Ruin suffers from missing a key piece of exposition in the eponymous scenario that the GM has to reconstruct by reading between the lines, and the multi year scenario Grove of Green Rock can be accide
  2. The rules aren’t exactly clear on whether DEX applies to the 2nd spell on top of the +5 or not, or whether DEX SR0 gets treated as 1 if it does.
  3. Yes, I think there’s a number of misunderstandings here, specifically that unless the GM explicitly rules otherwise actions are sequential not parallel. e.g I have allowed players to pull weapons while moving. There’s also the flat 5SR requirement for the 2nd spirit magic in a round. But in this example: SR1 = Cast Multimissile-1 SR2 = Shoot SR7 = Reload SR12 = Cast second Multimissile-1 (a second spirit magic in the same turn always costs +5 SRs to mentally refocus, and Multimissile-2 would blow the round limit by adding an extra SR). The second round would lo
  4. I was simplifying. The options are spelled out in full on RQG p195 and essentially boil down to: Spend a full round on pure defence, after which you're considered disengaged and can move away at the end of the round or on SR6 if you're mounted and your opponent isn't. Can't be done at all if you're on foot & the opponent you're trying to disengage from is mounted. Succeed in a Knockback attack, and move away after they're knocked back or down. Good luck. Just move away anyway. This triggers the attack of opportunity which can't be parried or dodged. How good is your ar
  5. You’re welcome again. I definitely wouldn’t allow those preparations to take place in parallel. I allow people to draw/change weapons whilst moving because those are both physical task that can be trained/drilled for reasonably well. Combining spiritually focusing your mind on a subsequent spell with pulling a weapon? That starts reminding me of the “you have to make an INT roll to do physical things and spirit combat in the same round” so I either wouldn’t allow it, or I'd impose an INT roll of no higher than INTx3 or both actions fail. EDIT: On second read I think you’re conflatin
  6. You’re welcome! From a mathematical perspective I wouldn’t have much of a problem with it either. From a myth perspective it creates the possibility of arrows going off before Rune Spells and that doesn’t feel right to me. But, yes, I think the clarification could do with some explanation as to why DEX SR0 is effectively SR1 in missile combat but actually SR0 in melee combat. RQG RAW P194, second column: “Any subsequent spells require 5 strike ranks to prepare, even if the same spell is being used.” I also apply DEX on top, but on reading it again maybe I shouldn’t. I'll have t
  7. Thank you all for your suggestions. What I'm currently considering is the following: Yinkin: STR = x2/3, round down to reflect the shift from 3D6 to 2D6 CON = +2, to reflect the shift from 3D6 to 2D6+6 SIZ = x1/4, round down to reflect the shift from 2D6+6 to 1D6 DEX = x2 to reflect the shift from 3D6 to 3D6+12 INT, POW, CHA remain unchanged. (Which is a little sucktastic for the Yinkin initiate/priest given what a Shadowcat's POW looks like but these three define the inner person and can't be changed) Odayla: Here it depends on which type of bear yo
  8. I think this requires a DEX SR0 to achieve, if then*. If already loaded, the sequence is DEX (or 1 if 0)+5+DEX (or 1 if 0)+5+DEX (or 1 if 0). So bold below is when the shots take place DEX SR=0 ==> 1+5+0+5+0 = 11. 3 shots, weapon unloaded. Next round: 5+0+5+0=10. 2 shots, weapon unloaded. Rinse, Repeat, can move 2 each round, or cast Spirit Magic up to 3MP* DEX SR=1 ==>1+5+1+5=12. 2 shots, weapon loaded. Rinse repeat. But moving or casting costs a shot. DEX SR=2 ==> 2+5+2=9. 2 shots, weapon unloaded. Next round: 5+2+5=12. 1 shot, weapon loaded. Some flexi
  9. Welcome and yes SRs do take some getting used to. I have some relatively new players in my Roll20 game & this is how I recently explained it in our discord: In melee there are three components: How fast you are (DEX) How much reach you have (SIZ) How long your weapon is. In general you can only attack once in melee. Partial exceptions apply for two weapon use (if you're crazy enough to go there), and skills over 100% where you can elect to split your skill if your melee SR is <= 6. Or three ways if you somehow get to 150% and a MSR of <= 4. In missile
  10. Another useful option, and rationale, for me to consider as I have both a Yinkin in one game and an Odaylan in another to deal with.
  11. Where does the Wildday restriction for Odaylans come from? I don’t recall seeing that in the rules?
  12. None of the runespells lend themselves to stats in the case of Yinkin. The three spells are Catseye, Claws, and Identify Scent. I applaud that 7 year old, and feel that they have a bright future ahead of them! 🤣😂🤣😂
  13. The +6/+3/-6/-3 is an interesting suggestion. Although it would still mean a SIZ10 Shadowcat which is enormous. Thanks. Warning about small characters duly noted. Although none of my Orlanthi have Flight (yet) Then again several have Hippogriffs... 🤣 Also an interesting suggestion, and one I’ll look at. Thanks. Ahh...no... I don’t think I'll double the SIZ though. Shudders at the thought of a Shadowcat with a 2D6 damage bonus and the ability to learn from experience... I am following the same process as Odayla, and also Telmori, of requiring stacking of a set of
  14. I am for story reasons giving a Yinkin initiate PC Transform Self based on the Telmori spell in the Bestiary. But there's no real guidance there as to what the physical/mental characteristics look like post the transformation. Should I just keep the mental characteristics (INT/POW/CHA) and roll up a set of physical characteristics for a "normal" shadowcat? Or would some/all physical characteristics carry across unchanged as well? (The latter could be hilarious for SIZ as it makes for a big Shadowcat). What do people think the MGF ruling should be?
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