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    Mostly RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha as GM, with some D&D on the side.
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  1. Congrats on the lucky rolls. 🙂 It’s a matter of taste. I’ve adopted an array approach - 18-16-16-14-14-12-12 - that my players can distribute as they see fit. It’s possibly at the high power end of the spectrum but it’s consistent across all characters and I do find that it makes it easier for me to balance encounters* if I have that consistency in capability. * Perverse Roll20 dice that make fights way more exciting than they’re supposed to be notwithstanding…
  2. I like this idea better than my own thought.
  3. I would probably pro-rata it. Allow the augment, and divide the final result by the adventurer’s POW. So on POW10 and a normal success on the augment, 1-3 - lose 1 POW, 4-6 - lose 2 POW, etc. Rune Lords continue to roll 1D10 but lose what they roll - that’s the price of guaranteed success. Rune Priests work like Initiates, but use RP + POW as the divisor & spend from RP first.
  4. By my reading of the adventure, completing the Atonement spell releases half of the Troll Spirits, and makes it possible for the other half to be released. That possibility comes down to Atonement by Vamargic. Which, for dramatic purposes means defeating him (if possible). I would rule that defeating Vamargic before the Atonement has no real effect - he would simply reform and continue to haunt the ruins. But afterwards? Assuming he can be defeated, that will also release the various spirits he has bound.
  5. In a sense I’m not the target group you’re looking for because I mostly came from Pendragon, so the Passions were part of what drew me to RuneQuest. Arthurian mythology is still my mythos in many ways, but when I reached the point of not being able to tolerate the baked in gender roles of the setting anymore … RQ:RiG was right there with so much of the game that I loved without that baggage.
  6. Great video & review, thanks for sharing. I’ve shared it to the discord servers for both of my regular games.
  7. I’m a little more nuanced on that. If the product is just a book, sure, PDF first and print when available is logical. Especially if it allows a final round of typo corrections before final print. But if the product is primarily physical in terms of having large maps, handouts, etc, etc, then I’m OK with waiting to get the product in the manner that it’s intended to be used. (Yes, yes, even if I can’t play FTF because COVID, the physical products are still better for my OWN reference purposes in these cases).
  8. I’d probably object to that too but I haven’t really seen it happening in my games. Now, “oh shit my best weapon broke what the hell else do I have? The dagger I’ve never used before. Better than nothing I guess.”? That I’ve seen and I certainly didn’t object to that experience check. 🙂
  9. I don’t have a problem with characters getting checks, and I’ll hand them out as bonuses whenever players “bring the fun”.
  10. Is there a whisper option for the main sheet? I have a couple of NPCs that are complex enough that I use the main sheet for them so that I can more easily find a relevant skill.
  11. Oh by the way @dvdmacateer? I ran a session with the updated character sheet on Thursday night and all of my players in that game wanted to pass on their thanks for the work you've done on the character sheet.
  12. Brute force it. Standard text drop down containing every rune all the time, button matches the rune selected in the drop down, it’s up to the players to pick the right rune when they set up the spell. You can’t be expected to automate everything.
  13. So I'm guessing you select the rune in the text drop-down, then the Rune changes to match the selection, and clicking on the Rune rolls the Rune? That’s really elegant. Anyone who wants to complain about the text drop down can go build their own sheet IMO.
  14. Not that I’m admitting to have done this to my players, of course not, perish the thought, but should a spirit have telekinesis capable of throwing things for say 1d3 damage per 3 points of SIZ thrown & there’s nothing else handy in the room, the spirit can always throw one adventurer at another adventurer….
  15. Looks at the JC MotM series.. I might allow that to temporarily suppress the effects of a Madness Spirit.
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