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  1. OK, thanks. Is there some way to get the necessary guidance though? Or do we just have to wait for Gods and Goddesses of Glorantha?
  2. In general no. There is a limit on bound spirits of CHA/3 - see RQG p250
  3. Miskander has telekinesis. I used that to pick up an adventurer and throw that adventurer at another adventurer. 1D3 / 3 points of SIZ of the unlucky adventurer +D2 damage bonus. Spirit Combat then happened in parallel. EDIT: I used other adventurers because, as described, there wasn't anything else in the room for Miskander to throw...
  4. Fair point. In that case the alternative is to list the relevant cults in the description of each spell. Although, there's an existing table in the GMs reference which currently runs to 2 pages in two columns with subcolumns for Name/Runes/Cost. So... going to single width with a Cults column added would probably run to 6 pages. Yes, that's probably quite large, but I think I'd still find it useful.
  5. Gamesmaster Adventures. The bookthat outlines the Colymar, and provides three full adventures - Defending Apple Lane, Cattle Raid, and The Dragon of Thunder Hills (which is where Orgorvale Summer appears, albeit with very little in the way of writeup).
  6. I've run this twice and had both an independent cult and an Orlanthi subcult created. Alas, I'm perhaps not very good at following up on stuff and haven't really gone back to it much in either campaign. That said, the players in the campaign where she was created as an independent cult did install the shaman from the Quickstart campaign there as her effective priest. I ended up running the Quickstart adventure later, enough so that it was the PCs own cattle that was being stolen, and they quite liked the shaman NPC. So they decided that giving him a nice safe cave well away from the troub
  7. I think my post on a similar subject may have gotten deleted from the corrections thread (although I've no message to say so), but I think the RBoM would greatly benefit from a table with the following columns: Spell name, Runes, Cults that teach the spell. It isn't always clear from the descriptions. e.g. if a spell has the Harmony rune I don't think it's right to assume that all 5 of the cults in the RQG rulebook with the Harmony rune get it.
  8. Some interesting thoughts there, and things I'll have to think about should I be running the battle again under similar circumstances.
  9. So, here's a copy/paste of the Battle write-ups from Roll20: After some planning and consultations with the Colymar commanders, not to mention with their faithful steeds, Terris, Minan, and Vinmelynn took to the air above the battle as scouts and skirmishers, and did so with some success although drawing plenty of arrow fire from the ground in return for their annoying habit of dropping caltrops. Meanwhile Starantha hoisted her battle axe and large shield to take command of the Apple Lane militia in Terris' stead, and has been performing remarkably well in that role. Evidently Stara
  10. OK, I have now run this for my group with the Hippogriffs and it went OK...ish. Background: Warnings: spoilers ahead & I was using the sequence of events from this post: I was informed by this discussion, and thank you again to those who participated in it: General Mechanics: Comments on the various suggestions, or additional suggestions, are welcome. I kinda-sorta adapted the Pendragon battle system which, as I think I've noted previously, I've never been entirely comfortable with. I basically used Battle rolls as transitive augments. By which I mean the
  11. Thanks all, it seems that a +/- 2 is reasonable, unless I decide to go with magic armour automatically resizing itself as part of the enchantment.
  12. Sure, but I'm looking for some logical limits on how that can be done, especially without breaking an enchantment. An enchanted cuirass is fairly rigidly sized after all, to what extent does make sense for someone with a different SIZ to the original owner to be able to wear it effectively, even with an armourer adjusting it?
  13. One thing that's come up a couple of times in my games is the PCs finding armor not in their SIZ. Thus far I've arbitrarily set a limit of +/2 SIZ for something to be wearable, possibly requiring a Craft roll to make the adjustments. Has this been an issue for anyone else, and what would you suggest?
  14. Not as far as I know. The character sheet is fairly good but hasn’t been updated in a while (and has some issues). Roll20 works reasonably well with that sheet, but GM prep time will tend to be high & the lack of scales on many maps doesn’t help.
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