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  1. THIS. Seriously just say no to sorcery, I've been running the game for over a year now and I still don't understand it. The rest of @Crel's response is a solid guide which I also cheerfully endorse. 👍
  2. The first step in casting spirit magic is a POWx5 roll. If this succeeds, then the magic points for the spell are expended, including any additional magic points committed to overcome resistance such as Countermagic. The POW vs POW resistance roll takes place after that.
  3. Good to know about the Swords of Ibiros, even if I'm not familiar with that part of the lore (or the Clanking City). So the Rapier found in Urvantan's Tower is probably one of those. I presume that whilst making them is generally forbidden, using one that you, ah, found tends to be rather less so. The Gustbran write up sounds fairly close to what I put together as a home brew, although does it include Enchant (Iron) at the Rune Master level?
  4. For various reasons we've adopted fairly strict interpretations of declarations of intent but have deferred death to the end of the next round to guarantee a chance at a reaction.
  5. With respect to Multimissile (p263) "The magical missile does the same damage as the original missile". Does this include the damage bonus for thrown weapons? As an additional question, with respect to Cult Lore (p178) Does a character automatically have a 5% base chance in every cult, or Does the statement “An adventurer must be at least an initiate of a cult to learn the secret lore of the cult” mean that cult lore starts at 0 until initiated? (Edited 5/8/2020 to add Cult Lore question and page ref for Multimissile)
  6. Waves at Dave Yes, I picked up Borderlands & Beyond which has the ritual in it and it seemed interesting. I could use it straight up in RQG (and may do) but my main reason for asking was if there was a way for a PC to replicate this: I don't know that part of the lore, alas. I have a new player who has opted to play a crafter, & for whom I've done a homebrew Cult of Gustbran with access to Enchantment Spells as an Initiate (which from what I've read elsewhere seems to be the special thing for Gustbran). So I was looking at that offhand reference to "Swords of Sharpness" in RQG and wondering what it referred to.
  7. Excellent, thanks for your response and I’ll check that out later.
  8. On p250 of the rule book there is the following: "Others, such as Swords of Sharpness, can be made by anyone who knows the procedure." Would I be correct in guessing that a Sword of Sharpness is a sword with a permanent Bladesharp enchantment, such as the iron rapier with a permanent Bladesharp-3 found in the Urvantan's Tower adventure? If so, are there rules for how this could be created in game? I'm guessing it requires a Matrix Creation, and possibly another Rune Spell (not yet published) along with further POW sacrifice to make it permanent? Are there any guidelines for this anywhere? Google is not being particularly helpful.
  9. I was hoping to wait as well but when a player asks to be a crafter and enchanter...
  10. I might check that and maybe award some retrospective compensation. Although this is seriously off the topic I wanted to discuss which is guidance generally for designing cults.
  11. I'm running two campaigns that each have a hunter. The Odaylan in one is doing OK (although he wants expandable armour for when he casts Bear's Skin), and the Vingan in the other seems to be thriving.
  12. Goes looking. Oh, there it is on p249! Thanks for that.
  13. Thanks I was guided to a significant extent by the Gustbran initiate seen in The Rattling Wind so there's specialist magic aplenty. Commentary elsewhere seemed to confirm that Gustbran is the exception to the rule of only Rune Masters getting access to enchantment spells. So we're currently expecting this PCs POW to yo-yo like nobodies business. 😁 "You want me to make you what?! OK, that'll be X lunar for the thing, and 1,500 lunar so I can spend three months at the temple getting my POW back." (I may allow the future owner of the item to be the one who sacrifices the POW, there may even be a rule for that somewhere already)
  14. I'm currently helping a player generate a Crafter (Redsmith) character for whom Gustbran would be the recommended god. Alas, Gustbran does not have a writeup in RQ:RPG. However this thread was immensely helpful, as was a snippet of lore on Well of Daliath: So, I've come up with a draft cult writeup but I was wondering if there are any general design principles that should be followed for this? I worked out that 15 of the 21 cults in RQ: RPG give 45% to 3 skills (usually +20/+15/+10) so I applied that here. Craft (Redsmith or Pottery), Evaluate, Bargain for the record based on that thread and the lore I found. I considered Mineral Lore, but left that as a Cult skill in the extended writeup. But what's the design rationale for the outliers? Ernalda's +65 at the high end vs Yinkin's +35 at the low end is quite a spread.
  15. My players enjoyed it as well. Especially the climactic battle at the end*. It was just really hard to run and I'm not sure I hit the right dramatic notes as GM. An update with Treya's story laid out in full really would help immensely. * I think I had 7 players for that session (FTF before COVID), and the battle started with the Ernaldan initiate stuck down the well trying to find the mirror whilst Varmargic and about twice their numbers in spirits & undead trolls charged towards them. Unfortunately for the spirits they elected to mass tackle the Assistant Shaman with the appallingly high Spirit Combat skill and he successfully (for values of success = 1 MP left at the end) took down all four.
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