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  1. Does anyone have any guidance on whether the Three Winds Festival is, or should be, an annual event? If so, roughly how many hippogriffs would be expected to be of a bondable age each year? Was the re-establishing of the event in The Pegasus Plateau a special case when it had so many young hippogriffs available?
  2. I think this is a good suggestion, and one I'll look at very carefully. Thanks!
  3. Humour aside, this is why BRP is one of the very few forum sites I still visit regularly. The community here is great, and I definitely want to support that.
  4. COOL! Thanks for that. I must admit though that I have been known to, particularly on social media, have had a lot of fun using things like [REDACTED] or [SPOILER DELETED]. Bugs Bunny Voice: Aint I a stinker?
  5. Did… did you just invent the Gloranthan version of the Fate/Grand Order gacha?
  6. Ahhhh, Glorantha. Where the answer to the question of “Does X or Y apply?” is usually, and validly, “Yes”. 🙂 EDIT: Bonus points apply if X and Y are contradictory. Double bonus points apply if X and Y are contradictory and the God Talkers weren’t involved.
  7. Let me see now… I think I started both the Canberra and Perth games in 2019 with both shifting to Roll20 early in 2020. Mostly weekly in both cases but relatively short sessions 3-4 hours tops. So an adventure, or even a long fight, can run to several sessions. I'm seriously considering biasing towards smaller numbers of deadlier opponents in future - the comedy troupe, er, massed trollkin can present a credible threat but need a lot of time to run, especially in cramped caves. Such as in the aftermath to Remembering Caroman if the party don’t take the initial hints regarding [SPOILER DEL
  8. OK, lets work through it. I don't remember all the awards but: Defending Apple Lane: 1d3% Cattle Raid: 2d3% Dragon of Thunder Hills: usually around 3D6% Smoking Ruin is a flat +12% Urvantan's Tower is 1D6% Pegasus Plateau 1D6% Grey Crane: 3+1D4+1D3% Rattling Wind: Up to 1D4+1D2+1 Crimson Petals: 1D3 JC: The Throat of Winter: 1D3+1D6+1d10 (once they permanently [SPOILER DELETED]) Plus some other JC adventures I don't have handy. There's close to 60% average just in those published adventures, plus close to 20% in some cases out of
  9. It’s already happened in one of my games…
  10. Only just saw this thread but thank you so much for this!
  11. Useful! Thanks! I'll pass it on to my players.
  12. I don’t think I'd seen the Battle skill thread before, thanks for that.
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