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    Waiting for the new RuneQuest edition.
  1. Rojo

    What's next for Request?

    Two voices. You want a healthy and successful rpg game? Create high quality adventures.
  2. Rojo

    Gods and Goddesses of Glorantha

    REALLY helpful.
  3. Rojo

    Prince of Sartar on eBay

    Or at night, sleep is overrated 🤪
  4. Rojo

    RuneQuest Dice from Q-Workshop

    I bought both dice packs (supposedly the correct ones, I hope) about December 7th, and still waiting for them to arrive. I wrote them at their internet site this wednesday, but no response at the moment.
  5. Rojo

    New to RuneQuest-Glorantha

    The Red Cow books, from HeroQuest, are really good too. Think about them as a campaign (a really good one) were you need to cook your own stats for NPC characters.
  6. Rojo

    Spell Manifestations

    Another possibility would be to connect those showy effect with the level of spirit magic. Low level spells could be almost undetectable (1-2 levels?), and higher ones could be quite spectacular. I think I’m liking this idea.
  7. Rojo

    Runequest at Gencon

    Which is a great decision. Everybody knows why Pathfinder ate D&D.
  8. Rojo

    Runequest at Gencon

    Any juicy information about the new Runequest?