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  1. Thanks a lot for the responses (especially to Jeff, that´s a really clear canon response). I picked a bunch of really good ideas from all of you.
  2. If you are playing in Sartar, and after the Dragonrise, of course you should mention to your player. It´s the biggest history changer after the conquest of the Kingdom (not mentioning the huge amount of people who saw the Dragon in the sky, IIRC).
  3. In the beginning, I visualized Vingans as men inside women jackets, but after I tried to learn more about them (damn my players) my vision is changing. At the moment, and knowing that Vingan is a gender, I´m having a few problems: - I´m supposing that a Vingan can marry both men (Nandan or not) and women (Vingan too?) alike. Not having found anything canon about that (in my limited knowledge of the setting), I´m not totally sure. - What kind of Ortlanthi marriage would they use? I don´t see Vingans subordinating themselves to men, for example. Any canon response about that? - Are Vingans able to get pregnant? I´m inclined to think that they can, as they aren´t men but a different gender. Dedicating themselves to childcare is a different matter (that´s women or Nandan stuff). - My final question: any idea if Vinga would be included in the new Gods of Glorantha, or Vingans in general in another book? It would be really useful to have a better (and canon) idea about them. Thanks a lot. My players and me are new to the "true Glorantha", and we have a lot of questions (and I have two Vingans to be players).
  4. They don’t have ATM, but they could (not entirely decided yet) when they initiate into adulthood. It’s not that all of you are wrong (you aren’t), only that the 75% limit suit me more.
  5. YGMV. My players have started as non adults, so I will establish a 75% maximum (quite generous, keeping in mind that I will use old material) when they initiate in adulthood. I will let them to distribute the excess as they like too.
  6. Wasn’t her jealous of her sister? Being mother doesn’t seem so strange to me then.
  7. Only for those purchased from Chaosium.
  8. Mmmm, quite good too. I think I should ask more often here. Thanks a lot.
  9. Yeah, I thought so when I read it, and it´s not the only great idea there.
  10. Thanks a lot for the advices and the good ideas. Totally non official, but quite good, I think: https://andrewloganmontgomery.blogspot.com/2019/03/the-riddle-ernaldan-initiation-for.html
  11. Hi all. I have a player who is thinking about playing a female warrior, and he likes Babeester Gor cult. My players will start as no adults, so I have the dilemma of which coming of age initiation prepare for that character: the Orlanthi one (because the character is a warrior, so her role in the clan is more like a male) or the Ernaldan one (because she pretends to care about the women in the clan, even when she won´t adopt the usual female role in the clan). At first, my idea is to go with the Orlanthi path (Vinga cult probably) and when the wish for revenge appears (and it will, I have in mind something quite similiar to the great Six Seasons in Sartar), offer her the possibility to join Babeester Gor cult. Is that possible or should she need to proceed from an Ernaldan cult? Even if it´s possible, would she have a problem being a Vingan and Babeester Gori initiate at the same time? Thanks a lot.
  12. Two voices. You want a healthy and successful rpg game? Create high quality adventures.
  13. Or at night, sleep is overrated 🤪
  14. I bought both dice packs (supposedly the correct ones, I hope) about December 7th, and still waiting for them to arrive. I wrote them at their internet site this wednesday, but no response at the moment.
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