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  1. I swear that I was about to say it myself to dodge that answer 😅. Let me modify the question, I suppose that I wasn´t too clear. What was the design purpose to let the PCs achieve certain power levels (and the gameplay it involves) a lot easier than before? Thanks!
  2. What was the design purpose for newly created characters being so capable (I was really tempted to say powerful) compared with RQ3? I didn’t play RQ2, but I presume that RQG new characters are more capable than RQ2 new characters too.
  3. Thanks a lot. I think I know what’s happening.
  4. Ok, one question. The pdf costs 18’99 $, but later is added 1’66 $ as taxes? I don’t remember paying taxes for pdfs before. Is there something new? Will that 1’66 $ be included in the coupon for the printed version? I will buy the pdf one way or the other, but I like to know what’s happening in this kind of situations. Thanks a lot.
  5. Remember, time before Time is non-linear. Are you all sure we are not heroquesting? The reward seems appropriate to me ...
  6. Rojo

    RQG in German

    And I understood you.
  7. Rojo

    RQG in German

    Probably, but at least I don’t botch the read other language skill check every time I try it 🙄
  8. Rojo

    RQG in German

    Any update about the spanish license? I have no problem buying english material, but I have a pair of friends that are not Lhankor Mhy initiates.
  9. I was said by Dustin that the problem to buy those hardback books in Europe is that the books are only available from the U.S. warehouse, so the option to add to the cart is unavailable to us. It’s a pity.
  10. Heroquesting could be a solution too, but in my mind gaining a shapeshifting power should be an epic heroquest. Sartar convincing the Telmori to be part of the realm by proving them that he was one of them? A wild idea, but a fun one perhaps.
  11. From the superb Six Seasons in Sartar (a mini campaign from Andrew Logan Montgomery): http://andrewloganmontgomery.blogspot.com/2019/02/six-seasons-in-sartar-5-starbrow.html
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