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    Been playing various RPGs since 1981: D&D, Call of Cthulhu, Dark Ages: Vampire, and a whole host of others.
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    Hybrid D&D 5th Ed./Pathfinder game my friend is running. I'm looking to start a Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition game soon, with myself as Keeper.
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    Alhambra, California
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    I'm middle-aged, happily married, and work with rare books and manuscripts at a research institution in the Los Angeles area.
  1. Kevin

    Price of a valuable tome

    Henry Huntington purchased a copy of the Gutenberg bible on vellum (of which only a dozen or so copies exist) in 1911 for the then record price of $50,000. At that same auction, a copy of Caxton's edition of Mallory's Morte d' Arthur sold for $42,800. But those were purchases by wealthy collectors intent on building world-class collections. From my limited knowledge of such sales, rare book and manuscript prices could vary wildly based on many factors: provenance, relative scarcity of copies, condition, binding, whether sold by lot or en bloc, etc. Sometimes a real bargain could be found for only a few hundred dollars (if you were a shrewd and knowledgeable collector/buyer), but more often than not prices would be in the thousands. I don't think $3,500 for a copy of the Pnakotic Manuscripts is at all unreasonable.
  2. Kevin

    Is the HPLS membership worth it?

    I've been an HPLHS member for a few years (and upgraded from an annual to a lifetime membership a year or two after joining up). I've not once regretted the cost either to join or upgrade. I initially did so to show my support for Sean and Andrew and all the work they do to produce and distribute their myriad props, radio dramas, t-shirts, books, and other Lovecraftian goodies (many of which I've purchased over the years). Since the opening of HPLHS HQ in Glendale, California, last year, I've had the great pleasure of visiting on numerous occasions (I live only a half hour away) and, having gotten to know the guys a little, am even more proud to be a member. Not only do they work really hard to produce quality merchandise for Lovecraft fans worldwide, they're just all-around nice people who really enjoy what they do.
  3. Kevin

    HPLHS Gamer Prop Set for Masks

    It is most definitely for the new version of Masks. I picked up my set from the H. P. Lovecraft Historical Society's HQ on Tuesday, and it is pretty amazing. All the props and maps from Chaosium's new edition of Masks and then some, all produced as period-authentic and period-accurate as possible. Highly recommended if you plan to run Masks 5th Edition or even if you just enjoy really well-made props for Call of Cthulhu.