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    I live in the Midwest, just south of Chicago now, I used to live in the SF Bay Area, Oakland to be exact.
  1. M-Space Character Sheet (.txt based)

    Southwest Jones.pdf
  2. M-Space Character Sheet (.txt based)

    The ability to lie convincingly, not a bad skill to have, I think his electronics skill might be high by 10%, not that it's a big deal. Next up, I think I might go for making a mercenary.
  3. M-Space Character Sheet (.txt based)

    Number three, not the larch, this is much more PC than NPC territory, I could see playing him as a character. Jozef Adisa.pdf
  4. M-Space Character Sheet (.txt based)

    Which is a good reason for her being where she is. I made her to stand in the background, so as to not steal any limelight from the players. The GM for the CoC game I am a player in, she explicitly said that we could re-roll any characteristic below 8, I think that is a reasonable idea, and if I were to use Rica as a PC, I'd say to do that. Part of what I am doing here, other than generating NPC's, is to evaluate how the numbers work on paper, as on the next NPC, I put the best stat roll in char. I will generate 10, then go from there; clarence's pre-gens are very nice for explaining the system's chargen as well. http://www.frostbytebooks.com/#downloads
  5. M-Space Character Sheet (.txt based)

    I made another character/NPC, she is for my mix of sci-fi and fantasy "Steampunk Byzanium" setting using M-Space and Mythic Constantinople: Aleera.pdf
  6. Advice For Ranged Combat In Mythras

    Maybe not immediately useful, except I think that adding a Grenadier to combat styles would be good. Now, with a old M203, a grenadier can put a grenade through a bunker aperture or in a foxhole (or even through open tank hatches!) and around 100-150m; the XM might be better represented for ease of use? Maybe range, or a trait. Drones, I could almost imagine a Neuromancer style deck with a Heads Up Display in a helmet to operate them; autonomous, maybe another trait. Flying drones have around 10% of the endurance of a ground crawler, due to the flying quality taking up so much of it's battery. If drones are there, you could have a net gun fired by a grenadier, such as an optional grenade. EMP grenades like a miniature of Boeing's CHAMP could take out flying drones especially, and even gyro-aimed shotguns or lasers could too take out drones.
  7. Advice For Ranged Combat In Mythras

    Most RPG's are small scale, small arms; military wise, players have little chance against any modern weaponry anyways, not to mention any sort of tactical situation. I don't see those drones changing anything, not anything more than the will and a pistol, for example, you would have to hold your head very still to get hit by a single drone. Sending out a swarm of thousands would be effective, that is the same type of difference between a pistol and a machine gun, and that is back to a military infrastructure that RPG's don't represent well anyway. Then there has always been a RoE, counter-measure for measure, and the modern battlefield is dominated by asymmetric warfare where there has been more than adequate low tech solutions for high technology. As far as the basic physics of warfare, chemistry has provided the most casualty causing agent in high explosives, and this is as true today as it was 150 years ago.
  8. Advice For Ranged Combat In Mythras

    It's less of a threat that creating a lethal virus, and there are countermeasures such as EMP. I'm all for limiting weapons expenditures as they are a waste, in a world where poverty is still a major issue. It's our failure to grow socially which is most lethal, as people continue to hang on to obsolete belief systems, that is the bigger threat. Without that, then all technology is beneficial, defensive weapons are fine.
  9. New Releases for Christmas 2017

    It's doable, MC lays a solid foundation for understanding Constantinople in general. The 4th Crusade is really what destroys Byzantium, more so than the Turkish conquest, it paves the way for the Turkish conquest. One good thing about representing that period is that it wasn't a time of rapid change.
  10. New Releases for Christmas 2017

    Harris is the master of those big sweeping space landscapes. The Mythic Constantinople book is really great in that it has random generation for city nodes, which is perfect for what I want to do, and great for any sci-fi, as well as for being Constantinople circa 1450. A very nice "exotic" feel too.
  11. New Releases for Christmas 2017

    Yes, I would think so, very easily. Reading Mythic Constantinople for the first time, what pops into my head automatically is the old Thieves' World boxed set that I loved back in the day. For my campaign setting, it will also work for a "Steampunk Byzantium" I have going on one planet. Something with a feeling like this John Harris painting:
  12. New Releases for Christmas 2017

    I bought the three Mythic Constantinople pdf's, cheers!
  13. Advice For Ranged Combat In Mythras

    Have the enemies use tactics such as trying to flank the players, grenades are another good idea, though that might get a bit deadly to the players if used against them.
  14. Catch the train while you can...

    I caught the train as a player in someone's campaign, this looks exciting.