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  1. dragoner

    Greg Stafford Condolence Thread

    My condolences to his friends and family; RIP Greg, you were one of the greats.
  2. dragoner

    What Would Sci-Fi Look Like in the 1920s?

    Looks fun, can't wait to see it. Per the title, I thought automatically of Zamyatin's "We": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/We_%28novel%29 written in 1921. The question of what aliens look like is interesting, my views tend more to the engineering aspect of body mechanics, I have talked to biologists here also. I look forward to future installments.
  3. dragoner

    The big list of D100 settings

    I appreciate your list and have found it informative, and have found out things about games I have heard of, as well as finding out about games I knew nothing about. I wouldn't throw out the idea of compatibility, maybe breakout games into a sub-list that have more conversion needed to work, vs those that are more similar.
  4. dragoner

    M-Space: Every World in One System

    On the kickstarter, he wrote this: CREATIVE COMMONS Symbiosis is about encouraging creativity. The Creative Commons licensing* will allow people to take this world, where I have done the artistic and conceptual heavy lifting, and use it however they'd like. It's about taking this book, being inspired, and HAVING FUN. Play tabletop RPGs? Use your RPG engine of choice (like Fate Core) to make a Symbiosis RPG. Are you a 3D modeler? Use the designs. Make comics? Write? Cosplay? This is your toolkit. Take what I'm making, build on it, play with it, impress us all with what you can do. There's so much talent out there, and I cannot wait to see this world through your eyes. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nice that he specifically calls out tabletop role-playing games as being ok.
  5. dragoner

    M-Space: Every World in One System

    I love that artwork, something supremely strange for characters to stumble upon. Simultaneous terror, curiosity, and want; sound like the nutrient rich soil from which adventures grow. I think that Mu Arae is a good place for an artificial wormhole that leads to the Construct at the Center of the Galaxy, it's 1.74 billion years older than the Sun, and ~20lys beyond the Human settlement sphere. Explorers would have to brave Prox Raiders, and Machine People to get there where a probe waits by the wormhole, and has sent back messages and pictures of what lies beyond, drawing adventurers like a moth to the flame.
  6. dragoner

    M-Space Sorcery

    While having never heard of Lawhead's Empyrion, no idea is original, for sure. My setting is a mix of solarpunk hard sf & low fantasy, magic could be considered supernatural, because what is the limit on a ~million year old AI? Obviously I will use stuff from Orion's Arm, I already do in other games.
  7. dragoner

    M-Space Sorcery

    Pursuant to another conversation on G+, I want to try to port Sorcery from Mythras to M-Space à la B5: "I am thinking of taking Sorcery from Mythras and adding it to my M-Space setting, from just one world, and having it be similar to the Technomages from Babylon 5." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Technomage There will be some differences setting wise, one is that it comes from a godlike alien AI, who is/was representationally the ancient Goddess Tanit or "Mother Tannou" ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tanit ) nobody knows for sure; which also makes me think that I can add Theism. People of this world (Tanith) will also have Folk Magic due to background programs the AI is running, no point in kidnapping people just to have them starve at their destination; however, for the most part she is uncommunicative or deus absconditus. "... it was the voice of Tanit the invisible, behind her trailing veils, whispering of the love that is more horrible than hate." -GK Chesterton Thoughts?
  8. dragoner

    Traveller Utilities by Peter

    https://peterssoftwareprojects.com/2018/07/26/traveller-utilities/ Even though this is for Traveller, it has a RuneQuest conversion, which makes it useable for M-Space (and other BRP games); it is good for making a quick NPC or two.
  9. dragoner

    The big list of D100 settings

    Should M-Space read in the parenthesis (FrostByte, Mythras Imperative)? Maybe I don't understand how that is working, however.
  10. dragoner

    What price for Dune?

    Depends on how fast, slow enough, and it could get through the shield.
  11. dragoner

    How to Run Suppressing Fire

    I would use opposed rolls from page 34: use player's combat percentile, and have the opponents roll against it or be suppressed, lose action points. Expend ammo also, has to be a semi- or automatic weapon.
  12. dragoner

    If not Stormbringer, what then?

    If Robin D Laws isn't doing anything more with the Gaean Reach by Jack Vance, that would be an interesting sci-fi IP to make BRP. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaean_Reach
  13. dragoner

    TDM finally has a Twitter Account...

    Great, followed and tweeted to your profile.
  14. dragoner

    M-Space Character Sheet (.txt based)

    I just finished Scalzi's The Collapsing Empire, so I will go see if the library has the "The Writer's Journey", thanks for the suggestion. Hollywood is good at making visuals, it's what they do. I don't have any real complaints about Star Wars, Rogue One was really good so that The Last Jedi seemed rather flat and predictable, which is what it was going to be anyways. The whole toxic rage in fandom makes me recoil.
  15. dragoner

    M-Space Character Sheet (.txt based)

    There are some good CL Moore characters, I will try to do more, many I have done are just archetypes of sci-fi. As far as I know, Northwest Smith is the first instance of the loveable rogue smuggler with a spaceship, so I can't think of any other main influence. know Lucas cited Joseph Campbell's "The Hero With A Thousand Faces" as an influence, and Star Wars is very "monomythic": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hero's_journey He had Leigh Brackett as one of the writers for Empire Strikes Back, and she was a contemporary of Moore, and called "The Queen of Space Opera". Lucas is the one who came up with "midichlorians" so it seems he was trying to scale back on the mysticism some. Then again, the Star Wars universe is all over the place with different ideas from a vast array of writers, so much so that sometimes it's a minefield talking about it places; I love the aesthetic of a dirty, care worn universe that it has.