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  1. dragoner

    M-Space Character Sheet (.txt based)

    I just finished Scalzi's The Collapsing Empire, so I will go see if the library has the "The Writer's Journey", thanks for the suggestion. Hollywood is good at making visuals, it's what they do. I don't have any real complaints about Star Wars, Rogue One was really good so that The Last Jedi seemed rather flat and predictable, which is what it was going to be anyways. The whole toxic rage in fandom makes me recoil.
  2. dragoner

    M-Space Character Sheet (.txt based)

    There are some good CL Moore characters, I will try to do more, many I have done are just archetypes of sci-fi. As far as I know, Northwest Smith is the first instance of the loveable rogue smuggler with a spaceship, so I can't think of any other main influence. know Lucas cited Joseph Campbell's "The Hero With A Thousand Faces" as an influence, and Star Wars is very "monomythic": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hero's_journey He had Leigh Brackett as one of the writers for Empire Strikes Back, and she was a contemporary of Moore, and called "The Queen of Space Opera". Lucas is the one who came up with "midichlorians" so it seems he was trying to scale back on the mysticism some. Then again, the Star Wars universe is all over the place with different ideas from a vast array of writers, so much so that sometimes it's a minefield talking about it places; I love the aesthetic of a dirty, care worn universe that it has.
  3. dragoner

    M-Space Character Sheet (.txt based)

    Ok, I will make more characters, they are fun to make too. Northwest Smith is the inspiration for Han Solo, other than being 30's pulp, I like the stories. CL Moore is very good, her story "Shambleau" is the source of an earlier avatar I had, her stories run the gamut from pulpy 30's style space opera, to thoughtful stories such being about love and addiction the way Shambleau is. Needless to say I like her, though much of her work are masterpieces of early science fiction.
  4. dragoner

    Basic Role playing G+ Community - Seems to have vanished

    I see the Chaosium and TDM ones, no BRP.
  5. dragoner

    M-Space Character Sheet (.txt based)

    I guess nobody caught or found funny my play on Northwest Smith. Should I make more of these?
  6. dragoner

    M-Space: Every World in One System

    When I think of the construct as art, it is like one of these kinetic sculptures by Anthony Howe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGy2RCAs9oY
  7. dragoner

    M-Space: Every World in One System

    Maps, deck plans, are good, that is where the players connect with the game most. The "Million Planet System" sounds good as a setting, more than being realistic, I also like the idea of the system being created by aliens as artwork, in the way we hang something from the ceiling, they hang it in the center of the galaxy. I have also found that alien ruins are a sure draw to player's attention, include that, then some nemesis like space pirates. So say an exploration ship from Earth gets drawn the 28,000 light years into the construct, then explore, travel, to try find it's way back. The exploration ship could be an old ex-military ship staffed by a group of universities as a massive research project; that's probably some of my conceit living in a university town, I can see the people working and doing it, even industry-commercial teams contributing. Then 90% of the detail should be player oriented, circles within circles, teams formed to explore worlds, and to follow clues to find their way home.
  8. dragoner

    M-Space: Every World in One System

    It is funny you mention Ringworld because the blog does too: "Imagine that each pair of neighboring planets along a given ring was connected. It would almost make a Ringworld ..." I'm not sure if I ever considered anything "too big" for rpg's, for the unknown just write 'here there be dragons' on the map; lack of detail can kill something though, I agree.
  9. dragoner

    M-Space: Every World in One System

    Steven Sanders; that is awesome, thanks.
  10. dragoner

    M-Space: Every World in One System

    I wish I knew who did it, it looks like Moebius or possibly Enki Bilal, but I am not sure. The deck plan is by Gavin Dady.
  11. dragoner

    M-Space: Every World in One System

    I love the crazy mechanics of these systems, it's something I would not have thought of myself, or if I did, I would be to hypercritical of my ability to know the formulas and plug the numbers correctly, it is really great that an astrophysicist went out of their way to do it. On the gripping hand, it is an rpg and it's important to think of adventure material, one day the characters could be on Thennla, coming from Alpha on their trade ship, or going to Cthulhu City. A trade ship: The Heist gone wrong: just letting my imagination roam ...
  12. dragoner

    M-Space: Every World in One System

    Stable orbits often have unstable equilibrium; my physics knowledge is good, astrophysics, not so much. The blog does go into the models with some rigor, so I am inclined to accept the data with cursory examination. The n-body problem, states that the chaos of systems means that long term stability is unknowable to us now; I can see what they are doing is plugging numbers into equations, and building upon that. I do think that a million planet system would be susceptible to some sort of cascade failure. Maintenance of the system would be cheaper energy and effort-wise than creating it, so that it seems reasonable to do. In particular due to tide locking from both the super-massive black hole and other planets in the ring. That is why I think that a few to tens of thousands of planets is easier to model, the million planet model is cool to think about anyways though. ISTR the Earth is mid-range of rocky planets, and maybe even towards the smaller end of mean size. I feel that Mars' small size can have other detrimental effects, one being that for us, we would be at some disadvantage needing as much gravity as we do. This does feel like a question of aesthetics, however, and if I was creating the system, I would try to have as much variation as possible. Depends on how they were created, naturally created? Probably not, the orbits would have to be farther apart, they could be stable if engineered it looks like.
  13. dragoner

    M-Space: Every World in One System

    If like Jupiter's moons now, yes, they would be tide locked and ionizing radiation will have stripped the atmosphere away, at least the O-N components. If it is engineered, terraformed, it might be able to last for a very long time (say millions of years), spinning the planet to give it a molten metal core, and a magnetosphere, would protect against radiation, and the core could still remain in motion for a long time, even after the surface tide locked. Tanith Lee's Day by Night is set on a tide locked planet. That would sort of be a nice setting, a tide locked planet where an ancient species rose and senesced, the twilight zone still habitable, with ruins in the frozen dark side, and in the hot desert of perpetual daylight. edit: The small bonus of our short lifespan is that while something might be unstable in the long run (entropy gets everything eventually), for us it can last forever.
  14. dragoner

    M-Space: Every World in One System

    The blogger is an astrophysicist, it's an interesting blog just for the mechanics of planet and solar system building. The comments section can be fairly interesting as well, where people are talking the delta v for transfer orbits, and things like that. I look at a lot of this as civil engineering problems, each age has raised the scale of projects in an order of magnitude, so that some highly evolved species could plausibly be able to do engineering on a galactic scale. Interceding in the formation of planets, sure, one could think of planets at the Lagrange points, and the blog goes into a lot of that subject with the ultimate engineered solar system - https://planetplanet.net/2014/05/23/building-the-ultimate-solar-system-part-5-putting-the-pieces-together/ I like the graphic here: That is pretty cool. I am also thinking of how cool it would be to be adventurers, explorers, looking at every world, and being able to use just about every or any published world. Come in with a scout ship and shuttle combo, or come through a gate. A ship like this: Except call it the "Monomyth" and each shuttle it carries is the name of a hero.
  15. dragoner

    Darklight Corp (M-Space Circle)

    Another solution is to use naming conventions from other cultures, such as using adjectives such as "Victorious", that is one thing I loved about Liu's Three-Body Problem series, is the perspective from another culture, and how he thought ships would be named.