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    Game designer, former Chaosium employee, King of Dragon Pass Q/A & additional design, lead designer of 4th Edition D&D, co-designer of 13th Age and 13th Age Glorantha
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  1. Hello all! I posted the two-hour freeform demo we ran at GenCon in the BRP Downloads section. It's called 13G_2HourDemo_NextValleyOver It's got a bit of GM advice and set up, a bunch of monster groups with a smidgen of advice on when you might want to choose that group, and six third level pregen characters. It's designed to feed off the player character's uniques and stories. The session I ran at GenCon, with a wolf who had been bitten by a Telmori and turned into a human, and a trickster who researched the demons' plans by cutting off strips and cooking them on the still-burning steads . . . well, that's a session I'm not gonna forget.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is the freeform two-hour 13th Age Glorantha demo we ran at GenCon 2018. It's designed to keep the game fresh for GMs by making every session different, using the player characters' stories and uniques to shape the action instead of having a set adventure. Six third level pre-gen characters included. Works for longer sessions also.
  3. Hello! I just wanted to mention that I just put six third level human PCs into a Word file in the downloads folder here on BRP, called 13G_3rdLevelPregens_2018_BB These are characters we'll be using in the Next Valley over 13G demos at GenCon. Talents and powers and human cultural traits and feats and spells selected, and the attack math is worked out for people. One Unique Things and backgrounds and personal runes are waiting for players to choose. And given the conversation above in this thread, I should mention a paragraph I added to the GenCon demo material, something to make it easier for new players. We know that coming up with a One Unique Thing for a Gloranthan character is harder for people who don’t know the world. Feel free to encourage people to come up with one Very Interesting Thing for purposes of this demo, it can be a lot easier than being truly Unique and it will serve the same purpose, making the game more interesting and giving the player and GM hooks for the story.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    These are the six third level PCs we'll be using in the GenCon demos. Talents and powers and spells are chosen, but not the One Unique Thing, backgrounds, or personal runes.
  5. Craig, that troll necromancer/warrior is fun! Jajagappa & Richie, I've got a set of five 3rd level human characters I'll post here later this week. They need some updating and correction to be fully useful. These five are .... Humakti, Orlanthi warrior, rebel, storm voice, trickster.
  6. KelMcKay, technically that was too late, but using the Mastery rune by mistake irritated us enough that we backed up and fixed it, so thank you!
  7. Hah! You must be right. But let's look at the positive: the troll wind lord playing the wind instrument gets to use their tusks for thunks of percussion! I love this art from Caleb Cleveland, and I think you just made me like it more.
  8. GeneM, I just wanted to mention that we don't expect four combats per session. We define an adventuring day as four normal combats, but that's about resource usage, not a calendar day or any set number of sessions. See page 64 of 13G for clarification of the word daily . . . . Like you (I think!), I normally have one or two battles per session, the rest is roleplaying.
  9. I took care of the Tribal Edit corrections and sent them over to Chris Huth yesterday. We’re grateful to all of you who took the time to read and comment. For the fun of it, here are some comments and responses to a few of your posts, in the order they came in. davecake: aaaarg on the misspelling of Karrg! I went through and found a bunch more examples of that mistake, and got them all. // YOUR god’s name is the name I always get wrong, I always want to throw extra h’s into Lhankor Mhy, but the previous round of tribal edits on chapter 3 helped correct those errors. GianniVacca: I’m so glad you noticed the screw-up with the KS backers whose names feature diacritical marks. I think we got them right now. CJ: We’re going with one p for worshipers. One of the few cases in which Glorantha takes a cue from Chicago. (Chicago Manual of Style!) BeronTheGrey: The shield chewer power is not a bonus power, you have to choose it normally. I think we made that more clear. // Thanks for all the things you spotted, some of which were difficult to see. // Just fyi, summon sawtooth python does have an entry for the champion feat, it’s over by the 5th level version of the spell where it becomes relevant. That’s probably text design that is better for playing than for reading. Ebanith: The ‘community spirit’ we were referring to in that miss effect for the serviceable axe attack is actually the type of community spirit you have all demonstrated by helping us with the corrections! In other words, a bond of togetherness that helps the carls work together, not an actual ‘living’ spirit. I understand why it was confusing, because we don’t normally put that type of flavor text into the effect lines of attacks. So I cut the note to avoid confusion. Thanks, again, everyone. Chris is handling the text revisions in layout, we’ll have the revised copy out soon, though a couple of us are traveling to the GAMA convention this weekend so we may be slowed down a notch.
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