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    Fan of RuneQuest/BRP since the 90s. Played legendary Stormbringer many years, returned to d100 with OpenQuest, high quality Mythras, digging the RQG quickstart and looking foward what Chaosium and TDM have to offer in the next years, overwhelmed with Glorantha, which was new to me since this year, but ...man! what a great, great setting!
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    unfortunately I don't have any group yet. but maybe in 2018?
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    my name is Stefan (born 1979), and I'm from berlin in germany. Fan of fantasy stuff (mainly RPG and some novels), admiring Michael Moorcock. Interested in music (mainly progrock through the ages), films ( a little bit of a cineast) and all things of creativity.

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  1. This is a wonderful topic with awesome tips for RQG GMs! Highly appreciated.
  2. What do I most want for RQG? - a "Sartar Book", in which all informations of Sartarite culture, customs, laws, habits, society etc., are collected, updated to 1625 and RQG and official. As a GM who wants to play a campaign in the Colymar/Sartar lands it's a bit tough to portrait the unique Sartar setting at the table and to avoid the "barbaric culture cliché". But to do it I have to know how they function. The RQG Core Rules are a good teaser and the Adventure Book goes into more detail, but can't answer every question which will arise from the playoutcome. So we as Glorantha newbies have to do research: many books, many opinions, we read in the HeroWars material, in the KingdomOfHeroes/SartarCompanion, even in King of Sartar and so on. But the informations are scattered, contradicting, suspected of being outdated/non-canonical. So we ask the wise Tribe (aka Forum or Social Media) and asking questions about law&order, funerals etc. Even more information, and because the answers are so great, we have to dive deep in the forum and collect pieces of information from the many threads and topics to make a picture of Sartarite Culture. So why not collect all written material from the now canonical books and texts (I guess S:KoH + Sartar Companion) minus informations, which are already in the RQG books. Even the artwork in these books is IMHO good and has flavour. I prefer the simple, straightforward approach of RQG, therefore I'll happy with only a summarized description of culture and customs. In sum: If Sartar is the default campaign setting for RQG I need a condense, summarized description of Sartarite culture with its uniqueness and wonders. As an aid to portrait them at the table to my players. The informations are buried and scattered, it's time to bring them together for RQG and its GMs.
  3. Something I would like to have for RQG are rules for Rabble and Extras, but I wonder if they appropiate to the RQG mindset. One unique feature of RQG are the "Consequences of Violence" (RQG p. 7), and the Bestiary comes up with the premise: "In RUNEQUEST, few creatures are mere cannon fodder— mobs of weaker monsters that can be cut down safely in large numbers. Instead, every creature is an individual" (RQG:Bestiary p.4). So, it seems that rules for Rabble/Extras contradict the guiding principles of RQG. What's your opinion (besides MGF) concerning this topic? I'm keen interested to read some arguments based on the RQG mindset.
  4. Besides Constitution Checks (p 141) or the rules for exposure, heat and thirst? (p 161)? Nope, no fatigue rules.
  5. RQG p 418 Power Gain Roll through Spirit Combat
  6. The Ernaldori Clan Wyter is fully described in the Core Rules p 287
  7. Yes, Augmentation questions again, I know. Sorry for that, but I have a couple of final questions regarding augmentation. The rest of the Augmentation rules are pretty clear. 1. Experience checks for augmenting skills: So is it right, that with the GM Screen Pack its official that a successfully augmenting skill gets an experience check? This detail is omitted in the Core Rules. 2. "The adventurer can choose to cancel the effects of inspiration at any time, if desired, but must wait until the next day to attempt it again." (RQG p 229) Does this mean, the character can choose to cancel the successful inspiration or ALL effects of inspiration? So, the rules assume there is a semantic difference between the terms "Inspiration" (effects of crits, specials and success) and "Turmoil"/"Despair" (effects of failures and fumbles)? 3. English isn't my native language, so maybe something has been overlooked. Are the paragraphs for failed Runes and Passion inspirations the same in meaning with different words? Or do both have two different results? My first thinking was, with a failed Rune Inspiration the character gets -20% for all specific Rune rolls until they can meditate on that specific Rune. And with the failed Passion use, the character gets -10% for all rolls for the duration of the whole scene/combat whatever. This is why I thought that the difference in the subtrahends (-20% / -10%) is valid. Thanks in advance.
  8. Nice, to see RQG-Glorantha grows step by step.
  9. Today my parcel is delivered to a neighbour. Thanks, man for this tracking link.
  10. What does " Your delivery has been cancelled, please contact for further details " mean?
  11. I own the WDS translations and the complete, translated Mythras/RQ6-oeuvre. Let's see how good the german RQG is but I think I'll stick with the original.
  12. Prices for slaves are given in a bunch of RPGs. RQG ist no exception.
  13. How do you handle special cases in fights human vs. animal/monster? For example: The animal is missing its attack and the fighter rolls for parry with his broadsword. He reaches a special parry versus the animal, but there aren't any weapon HP's to nibble off, 'cause the animal/monster only attacks with its teeth or claws. Do you have any house rules/special treatments for these kind of fights? Can't find any hints in the Core Rules or the Bestiary. Yes, I could look in MYTHRAS (with its chapter about fight-situations versus animals and such), but RQG has its own, different combat rules , so I find MYTHRAS ruleswise not very useful .
  14. I'm a bit surprised that in a world like Glorantha there is no clear definition of "living entity". Or in RQ, at least. Important to know which entities are subject of this spell. A gaming group of newbies shouldn't know gloranthanian metaphysics to make a quick decision at the table.
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