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    born 1979, fan of fantasy stuff [mainly RPG and some novels], admiring Michael Moorcock, interested in music [mainly progrock through the ages], films [a little bit of a cineast] and all things of creativity.

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  1. Indeed; "Die Gute Nadel" is really nice and reminds me of old DSA (The Dark Eye) scenarios in a way. This is not a bad thing, though.
  2. I've bought both products yesterday.
  3. Any chance to make this PDF available in print? I've bought all M-Space material, even The Triton Incident and Circles of Steele in printed format and I want to have Oddities in print as well.
  4. The two books are a lovely addition to my M-SPACE collection. I notice the upgrading in artwork (now in full-colour). After the reading I can say that the M-SPACE COMPANION is quintessential for the M-SPACE line and adds very useful topics and themes. Some of them are in demand for a long time (not only for M-SPACE but for Mythras in general): robots, cybernetics, hacking. These gaps have been closed now. The "Origins" Lifepath character creation blends well with the overall M-SPACE character creation. Regarding the character creation for robots and cyborgs, it's nice to see the skill pyramid from the Mythras Companion fully incorporated. Author S. Crowder (Pentallion) brings some new elements and styles into M-SPACE (e.g. the "Q-Tech"). Great contribution to the M-SPACE line, and I hope for more material. Even though the scenario is a standalone, it could be used with the Weaver or the Elevation M-SPACE settings, I guess. With further modifications it could be used with Luther Arkwright or Worlds United. And then we have CIRCLES OF STEEL, and you can say, this module shows the signature of Alex Greene. As with Oddities for ODD SOOT (and his upcoming Mythras supplements), his style is quirky, creative and (here and there) inspired by Film Noir and cinema of the first half of the 20th century. In conclusion: Great books, highly recommended (for M-SPACE but also useful for Mythras and D100 Sci-fi in general).
  5. Awesome. I've bought both products as print versions.
  6. Nice, I am looking forward to this and the next adventure module Salz und Feuer.
  7. This was very entertaining with some funny scenes. Inwils and his group did a good job with their roleplay and the quirky PCs. Great GMing from your side. The session showcases how smooth Mythras is as an RPG and gives a nice insight into the Lyonesse setting. I am eagerly waiting for the next episode with part 2.
  8. Department M, Classic Fantasy Modules, Greymoor Setting Supplement, new Supplements for Mythic Britain, Unearthed Companion, a complete new Gateway Licence product (unknown).
  9. "We have a pipeline that's set for a couple of years. So it's more of the same." (Loz) My neighbors heard a loud "Yes!", followed by a manic laughter.
  10. Beware that in MYTHRAS the improvement of characteristics is a rare event and very costly in terms of XP. By default, you can increase your characteristics only temporarely (like in real world). But there is an alternative rule for permanent characteristic improvement. So for POW it's not 1XP=1 POW but +1 POW= 1+current POW-3. If you have POW 12 and you want to improve it to POW 13, you have to pay 10 XP. (1+12-3).
  11. The critique regarding "no starter scenario" is where I would disagree. Yes, it has no "starter scenario" in the book. But the LYONESSE RPG has a starter scenario out. It's called "Coddefut's Stipule". I don't like scenarios in setting/rule books, so my point is biased.
  12. Just a suggestion: For Mythras, the upcoming Lyonesse RPG will have a huge amount of Cantrips
  13. This list is incomplete. Mythras has: (Character) Traits, Gifts, Combat Style Traits, Combat Special Effects, Weapon Traits, Class Abilities/Class Talents (Classic Fantasy)
  14. It's not only "after the die result". Some SEs have a tactical component regarding specific combat situations: e.g. to withdraw, to regain Footing, altering Reach, dealing with Overcrowdings etc. The list ist not very long, because the SEs are separated by Weapon traits, Combat situations, Unarmed, Ranged either it is a Parry or an Attack. It's not that you have to choose a SE from the complete list. Furthermore, the SE are very straightforward, because your Weapon allows you always the same SEs, you are fighting with always the same combat tactics and since the list of useful SEs are limited and always the same for the decades of Mythra's gaming, after a couple of combats and using the same SEs over and over again, you know them. To be honest, in most of the cases only 1 or maybe 2 SEs are useful or can even get picked. It's always the case that 98% of the complete SE list cannot be picked, because the situations are specific and disallow nearly all SEs but 1 or 2. It's not about the 98% SEs you cannot pick but the 1 or maybe 2 you can pick. And what you are able to choose is straightforward and self-explaining out of the given combat situation. (see my examples above) The list of SEs are not constraining imagination because you can make maneuvers if you have the upper hand / the advantage / the momentum. What maneuver you want to make is mostly very clear. And then you pick the apropriate SE. The SEs don't limit your imagination or possibilities in terms of apropriate creativity. Many possibilities are prohibited, yes. But these are because of reasons which are quite logical: weapon, combat situation, is it a parry or attack?, etc. Yes, you have to invest time and effort into this SEs. You have to read 'em, you have to look up what apropriate tactics your combat style and weapons would be fun (or possible). I would rather read and think about the SEs of Mythras than investing time and create a new combat system or my own houserules.
  15. I've just corrected that my point is only regarding Mythras, not about "many systems". I don't know about them, to be honest.
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