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  1. Personally, I hope that Chaosium will not focus too much on BRP. Any BRP product being worked on would be a Glorantha product not being worked on. I very much hope that Chaosium stays with the USP "Glorantha" and does not drift too much into generic systems. That is of course only my personal, modest opinion as a Glorantha fan.
  2. It's a pattern. The HQG-scenario "Highwall Inn" is also a horror adventure.
  3. The Myyrrhn have a primitive Techlevel. But you could model them as barbarians. Always lower techlevel as the rest of the YK.
  4. In the old Stormbringer [1-4] there is a cool picture of a Myyrrhn settlement. That's the way I imagine this folk.
  5. All in all a nice little scenario with the usual qualitative artwork. Just an incidental note and no criticism: It would have been nice if the lunar-specific informations had been mentioned in more detail. A RQG beginner does not know what lunar branding marks for horses look like, what lunar empire clothing looks like and so on. The text describes it in a very abstract and summarizing way from the point of view of a Gloranthanian person who knows these things from everyday life. But for a RQG newbie this should be unknown, and I can already see the questions at the table when a player asks "And what do lunar branding marks for horses look like"? This omission is all the more remarkable in that the text is meticulous in emphasizing the description of the chariot in all possible different situations: at night, at close range, underwater...
  6. Nope, no interest at all. There is a MYTHRAS supplement for supers in the making [working title "Destined"]. That's all I need for a game with D100-supers.
  7. I've got the german translation RuneQuest 3 - Das Fantasy-Rollenspiel [I guess with all three books in one] and I'll take a look. Not really hex fields but Collegeblock with squares. Each square has an edge length of 25 kilometers.
  8. Yes, the terms are derived from old BRP/D100 and are used in RQ6/MYTHRAS as well. I forgot the nomadic culture, thanks Joerg for bringing them into discussion. So question is for primitive, barbarian and nomadic cultures. The setting is a fantasy setting without any relation to real earth cultures and times. But I want the numbers at least reasonable. For the actual question the setting itself isn't important. The cultures "Primitive", "Barbarian" and "Nomad" are quite clear for D100 gamers.
  9. Does anyone have useful data for the populations of primitive and barbaric peoples? I am particularly interested in the approximate numbers of members/individuals of tribes and clans. My setting has 25km "hex" fields, and I would be interested in how big such cultures, tribes and clans are. If possible I'm interested in numbers for small settlements and urban places, too. The terrain is coast, island, forest, steppe, hills and plains. And the climate is Mediterranean. Thank you very much for your hints and tips!
  10. The relevant quotes are: Regarding reprinting the Gloranthan Classics: Regarding reprinting the RuneQuest Classics
  11. This! And it is the 40th anniversary of Cults of Prax, so this year is a good opportunity to bring CoP in print for the RQC line
  12. In the setting ELEVATION for M-SPACE there are some rough assumptions for fuel and transport ranges. The starships in this setting are fueled by Nebulium. 1. The nebulium orbs losing 3 grams of material for every LY the wormhole stretches. [p 42] 2. The fuel is enough for a travel up to 800 light years before the nebulium needs refueled [p 16]; the more grittier version of the setting reduces this to 5 wormholes at maximum jump distance. 3. ELEVATION adds fuel values to the hyperspace stat of its starships: hyperspace 1 [fuel for 100 LY per jump], hyperspace 2 [fuel for 400 LY per jump] and hyperspace 3 [fuel for 800 LY per jump]
  13. Just my 2 Lunars as a bystander: I find it involuntarily funny that an intense debate about YGWV and Jeff's RQG-approach is starting, just in time with the coming soon Jonstown Compendium, where everyone is able to write her own Glorantha stuff. Either canonical or non-canonical. Seems like a storm in a teacup.
  14. I'm totally fine with the general terms. From a RPG-perspective this approach is the better one.
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