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    Fan of RuneQuest/BRP since the 90s. Played legendary Stormbringer many years, returned to d100 with OpenQuest, high quality Mythras, digging the RQG quickstart and looking foward what Chaosium and TDM have to offer in the next years. Also huge fan of Glorantha.
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    my name is Stefan (born 1979), and I'm from berlin in germany. Fan of fantasy stuff (mainly RPG and some novels), admiring Michael Moorcock. Interested in music (mainly progrock through the ages), films ( a little bit of a cineast) and all things of creativity.

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  1. The example is wrong in terms of RAW. You could save it if you're going with RAI and say: Vasana is casting a boosted Demoralize-spell for 2+1=3 MP. In that case the example would be correct.
  2. Not correct. The first MP costs no SR*. Correct is: Demoralize on SR 2, prepares sling [+ 5 SR = SR 7], and fires on SR 8 Correct Not correct. The first MP costs no SR*. Demoralize on SR 2, prepares Demoralize again [+5 SR = SR 7], cast it again on SR 9. In general, all your examples presuppose that Hend is non-engaged in melee and is able to do MULTIPLE ACTIVITIES OUTSIDE OF MELEE. [RQG p 195] And: There isn't an extended combat example available. ----------------- * "To determine the strike rank for spirit magic and sorcery spells, add the strike rank modifier for the magic points used in the spell to the adventurer’s DEX strike rank modifier. Remember that the first magic point used in the spell has no strike rank modifier." [RQG, p 194, 2nd Print]
  3. prinz.slasar

    Mythras Bundle!

    MYTHRAS is the best D100 rules set for historical campaigns. Highly recommended!
  4. The following D100 books are in print and easy to get: The Bestiary for RuneQuest:Roleplaying in Glorantha has informations for Centaurs [and Baboons, Driders aka Scorpion Men etc.]. Mythras Core Rules has Centaurs and some other quadrupeds, too. The MYTHRAS supplement Worlds United has land octopi (Marsians) as player characters. Classic Fantasy for MYTHRAS has many D&Dish monsters translated to D100. Monster Island for MYTHRAS has many unique creatures (sword&sorcery genre). Many non-bipedal creatures. Magic World has a big bestiary chapter. There are some creatures that could be interesting for you, for example the Chonchons (bodyless heads with big ears). I would also recommended the supplements for M-SPACE. They are for MYTHRAS and full of material for sc-ifi campaigns and aliens. The MYTHRAS supplement Odd Soot gives you five crazy alien races in the vein you are searching for. All these supplements are pretty new with lots of creatures you could use for your game.
  5. Your query is a bit vague, so I'll try to give a helpful response: For your nonhumanoid PCs just take a D100-bestiary or any D100-resource with your required creatures. Because D100 isn't about balancing you don't have to worry regarding possible issues. A centaur is almost always better than a land octopus as PC - at least on land. Just use the creature stats for the PC and let the nonhuman character improve like the other characters. Regarding the multiverse: Hm, there are some specific multiverse supplements like the LUTHER ARKWRIGHT Supplement and its campaignbook PARALLEL LINES. It's for the MYTHRAS ruleset but easy to adapt. An older supplement is the campaign ROGUE MISTRESS for STORMBRINGER. If I understand you correctly, I guess, you don't need specific multiverse supplements. Let your imagination run wild and mix all the stuff from all the books on your shelf. All you have to decide is the way how all these dimensions are interconnected and in which way characters are able to travel between them.
  6. Because this is the BRP subforum I guess your question is BRP-related. The term Turn is defined on p 179 in the BGB. A turn is 25 combat rounds long aka 5 minutes. In general a turn is a measure of time for single tasks like lockpicking and so on.
  7. The most important question is: do you play with hit locations only or with hit locations+general hitpoints or with major wounds only?
  8. The only "problem" in the current rule system is the fact that it doesn't cover the West of Glorantha. To say RQG has a problem is not really fair, because RQG Core to date is for Dragon Pass characters. Your question will be answered in the supplement for western Glorantha.
  9. Nope, you don't imagined it [see below]. 1.) Learning the skill Read/Write is simple and straightforward in RQG: RQG classifies skills in common, professional and rare [RQG p 417] . Read/Write is a professional skill. "Professional skills, such as Craft, Orate, Read/Write, Sing, Speak, and most weapon skills, command greater prestige than common skills. As a result, their teachers can demand a greater price." [p 417] Read/Write isn't classified as a RARE SKILL [see p 417] 2. ) "Temples provide training in cult skills to members at a special price." [p 417] Read/Write is a Lhankor Mhy Cult skill [p 298]. But you don't have to be a member of the Lhankor Mhy cult to learn reading. The benefit of being a cultist is only the lowering of training costs not the access to training [because this skill isn't RARE].
  10. The XP in MYTHRAS have a bunch of effects and aren't only for improvement rolls. Therefore they can't be just replaced by tick marks. It's very easy to integrate tick marks in MYTHRAS, though. Just let your players mark their used skills with ticks. The XP-subsystem of MYTHRAS is more flexible as the ol' tick boxes and delegate decisions to common sense.
  11. The reason is the Charisma Roll.
  12. Modern D100-games like MYTHRAS abandoned the concept of CHA as APP and uncoupled charisma and beauty. This approach is more realistic, because there are so many people who are not very attractive but highly charismatic. And we all know very attractive people which are bland and dull (or just extremely shy).
  13. Nope, they are busy with the interesting stuff (scenarios, Glorantha books, GM's book). Regarding "Design inside" take a look at the DESIGNER NOTES. At one point they wrote about combat.
  14. One perspective from a gloranthaphile newbie (compared to you grognards): I was impressed with the Dragon Pass and Prax stuff and dived into the Guide To Glorantha to learn more about the setting. I was very disappointed with the depiction of Kralorela, because it seems like fantasy china/fantasy japan, which is something that doesn't impress me much. I had played in mythic asian settings in the past. Glorantha is very refreshing and unique when it comes to Dragon Pass, Prax, the oceans, the elder races, the lunar empire etc., but Kralorela leaves me cold. At least its description in the Guide.
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