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    Fan of RuneQuest/BRP since the 90s. Played legendary Stormbringer many years, returned to d100 with OpenQuest, high quality Mythras, digging the RQG quickstart and looking foward what Chaosium and TDM have to offer in the next years, overwhelmed with Glorantha, which was new to me since this year, but ...man! what a great, great setting!
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    unfortunately I don't have any group yet. but maybe in 2018?
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    my name is Stefan (born 1979), and I'm from berlin in germany. Fan of fantasy stuff (mainly RPG and some novels), admiring Michael Moorcock. Interested in music (mainly progrock through the ages), films ( a little bit of a cineast) and all things of creativity.

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  1. prinz.slasar

    Training time

    Yes, for sure, if we pointing at reality. I only mentioned, that GMs have nothing to fear about 75% skill values. It's not the range of a Hero tier. Two things are important to mention: first it's a fantasy world with its own natural laws. Second, RQG is a framework of rules to handle the narrative outcome at the table. But I comprehend your argument.
  2. prinz.slasar

    Training time

    Indeed, a skill rating of 75% means in RQG a score in the "Professional" range. Nothing special about it.
  3. prinz.slasar

    Attacking Small Creatures

    A lot of RPGs have the writing convention to write a penalty with a minus and a bonus with a plus. So it is easier to perceive while reading.
  4. prinz.slasar

    Training time

    I'm fine with the RQG Training Rules. They are simple and streamlined. What's the benefit of your house rule?
  5. prinz.slasar

    Group tasks

    Maybe there is a significant difference between RAW and RAI, but I interpret the phrase chronological backwards. You wrote: " Using A to augment B, using the (augmented) B to augment C, using the (doubly-augmented) C to augment D" Let's take ability D, which is a triple-augmented ability. According to the paragraph on page 144 this is not allowed, because an ability may be augmented only once.
  6. prinz.slasar

    Group tasks

    "Only one augment may be attempted per ability, and an ability can only be used once per session to augment a task being attempted." (RQG, p 144) "At the gamemaster’s discretion, an adventurer can use one ability to augment another adventurer’s ability, such as using one skill to bolster another, working cooperatively or in support of another." (RQG, p 145)
  7. prinz.slasar

    Group tasks

    I would say it depends. In the Adventure Book of RQG it's suggested that all adventurers roll for Listen or Scan. Not as opposed rolls but rather scene-defining to help or hinder the group. Regarding the question of Group tasks I would use the different mechanisms for different purposes. Is this scene from your narrative perspective important or just an obstacle? Then maybe let only roll one of them for one skill (plus augmentation). Or maybe all of them and decide the outcome of the scene according to the results. I would use opposed rolls as zoom-in rules mechanics, but only for 1on1-situations, i.e. the character is trying to sneak behind the guard. Even if there are a couple of guards I would only use ONE opposition. I understand the rules not as a tool for simulate scenes but rather as a toolset for modelling scenes rules-wise. Which application of the "Game System" is useful for certain situations to produce tension and complies the RQG credo of MGF. A resolution like "let's roll for all involved NPCs and PCs" and calculate the outcome like an accountant is not so good imho. Especially when a situation only serve as an obstacle or template for narration.
  8. prinz.slasar

    New to RuneQuest-Glorantha

    Sorry for this question, but: Is "Lore (local)" the same as "Homeland Lore (local)"? The term "Lore (local)" appears only in the Occupation chapter.
  9. prinz.slasar

    Skill Base Chances

    I've got some questions regarding the Skill Base Chances. According to the Character Sheet, the RQG Core Rules (1st print) and the updated RQG Core Rules (PDF), there are some issues with the actual Base chances. Furthermore, I need your advise concerning some skills with and without parantheses. So, let's start: Is it Evaluate (05) or Evaluate (10)? Is it Farm (05) or Farm (10)? Is it Drive Chariot (05) or Drive [vehicle type] (05)? The character sheet lists the skill without any specific vehicle. Is it Art (00) or Art [all] (00)? In RQG, the "Art"-Skill includes all arts. Same with Game: Is it Game (15) or Game [all] (15)? In RQG your character can handle all games with the same chance, no matter what game. The both aforementioned skills compel the question: Why are some skills differentiate and others are broad? Thank you, guys. [next up are the Weapon Skills]
  10. prinz.slasar

    The Interior Art Needs to Change

    OT: Somehow, this thread reminds me of that on the topic "Orlanth the Abuser". Interesting coincidence of a certain type of criticism of RQG/Glorantha.
  11. prinz.slasar

    Subsequent parries RQG

    This is even more important the more deadly the rule system is. If the survival of my character depends on the rules, the more important it is to me that the rules and rulings are consistent. I find it always very bad when a character dies in a session, and you learn later that a wrong rule interpretation/rule insight is the reason. If you play just for fun and the gaming group does not provide character death as a central option, lax handling of the rules' accuracy is acceptable.
  12. Hey folks, is there a listed collection of source material (bibliography) for the Gloranthian topics "Seas" and "Seafaring"? The sources could be canonical or non-canonical. Quite interesting for all GMs who like to plot some adventures regarding the Gloranthian seas. Thanks in advance!
  13. Hey folks, I recently finished RQG and wonder: What will be the objective for the upcoming adventures and campaigns? RQG mainly rely on RQ2, but many of the old-school RQ2-adventures are grounded in tropes of fights and dungeons (paired with a heavy gonzo-charm). With the emergence of Pendragon and later Heroquest, themes such as clans and community came to the fore. (See also KoDP) If you read through RQG from start to finish, the rules turn up as if they're focusing on the topics that Heroquest has established. So, what do you think, what will be the direction of the upcoming Scenario Packs?
  14. prinz.slasar

    1980s Kids Campaign (E.T. / Stranger Things)

    The premise is great but I don't get why you would use BRP. The tropes in E.T. are foremost psychological and grounded in reciprocity. As far as I adore BRP and d100 but in this case I would rather use a narrativismic game (e.g. Fate). Otherwise, I am very curious if this aspect in BRP can be appropriate displayed. Certainly with a heavy focus on passions?
  15. prinz.slasar

    RQG Release Party in Berlin!

    i'll be there. In case I purchased both items as PDF from Chaosium how do the Otherland Bookstore handle the discount? Do you guys need some purchase receipt from the PDF-buy? Thanks in advance.