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    born 1979, fan of fantasy stuff [mainly RPG and some novels], admiring Michael Moorcock, interested in music [mainly progrock through the ages], films [a little bit of a cineast] and all things of creativity.

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  1. THE TRITON INCIDENT has a Service Robot statted out. In the upcoming M-SPACE COMPANION you'll find exhaustive rules for Robots and how to build them with a toolbox.
  2. I'm not Rod, but he states 18 days ago on the TDM forum: "If all goes to plan, I will be turning it toward the end of the summer, maybe sooner. Of course, then there is still editing, layout, and so on. But... progress."
  3. As you've mentioned MYTHRAS: MYTHRAS Core has no levels for spells, but you've cited the relation between magic skill and Intensity. If you look in the individual spells for MYTHRAS you'll find out that many of them have power levels in relation to the Intensity score. This is something like a spell-level in D100-form. CLASSIC FANTASY, which is MYTHRAS-D&D, takes this concept a lot further and integrates spell power level simply while using the key concept from above.
  4. In case of MYTHRAS and the Gateway License, substantial altering the MYTHRAS rules isn't allowed. You cannot simply strip out fundamental elements of the rules engine and keep calling it MYTHRAS. In the License document this is discussed under contractual clause 5 and gets a longer treatment in the FAQ section. It seems it would be better to leave MYTHRAS and its special Gateway License here completely out of focus, to avoid misunderstandings.
  5. For anyone interested and to avoid misunderstandings, the Mythras Gateway License is this
  6. Puncturing ignores Armour Points equal to 1/2 of maximum Weapon Damage, but only against rigid armour. Flanged ignores Armour Points equal to 1/2 of maximum Weapon Damage, but only in case of the Combat special effects Stun Location and Sunder. So in short, it's easier to stun a body location or destroying the opponent's armour with a weapon with the Flanged trait.
  7. I guess the thing you are looking for is not in the MYTHRAS Core Rulebook. In the supplement MYTHIC CONSTANTINOPLE are additional, new Weapon traits named Flanged and Puncturing. These traits and rules are made for your suggestions that pointy and crushy things are better against armour. In short and to simplify here, both weapon traits enable the weapon to ignore some armour points. Flanged is for blunt weapons and Puncturing is for pointed ones.
  8. There is no MYTHRAS setting in existence which is really similar to the Expanse. Of all MYTHRAS-settings out there WU would be the most similar. LUTHER ARKWRIGHT comes close. [As an aside, in WU are suggestions and options to play WU gritty and hard] Since you have The Expanse as a setting already, this not much of a problem, though. For Hard-sci-fi & gritty realism the scenario A GIFT FROM SHAMASH could be interesting. yep, 3 days ago one of the co-authors wrote on TDM forum: "there will be detailed rules on Robotics, Cybernetics, Hacking as well as a new character generation system and technology so advanced it feels like magic."
  9. From Loz ; 02/04/20 on TDM forum "[Redacted] Mr Greene is working on [Redacted] and while can't say too much about what [Redacted] is about right now, I'm sure if you read between the lines, it can be worked out. All I can say is that I love Alex's ideas and proposals, and have assigned him the codename 'G' (for Greene)."
  10. I've looked up the Expanse setting and WORLDS UNITED seems similar setting-wise. But WU is mainly a setting and the rules are mostly ported from AFTER THE VAMPIRE WARS which were partially ported from LUTHER ARKWRIGHT. Ruleswise, all books - WU, AtVW, LA and the books for M-SPACE - have useful crunch content for your setting. You have to do some research to scan them for useful content. I assume that you don't need any setting material because you'll use the setting as it is. It would be better , especially if you find MYTHRAS CORE too crunchy, to stay with MYTHRAS IMPERATIVE and use M-SPACE as the rules core. If you own most of the books [for MYTHRAS and the M-SPACE line] it's easy to build your rules from M-SPACE up and use crunchy bits from here and there to melting them together to your own The Expanse- campaign setting. The upcoming M-SPACE COMPANION will have rules for Hacking, btw.
  11. You missed ODD SOOT and ODDITIES [only PDF] for Odd Soot. If you have it all, then you have: M-SPACE: Traveller-like Sci-Fi toolbox REFLUX: Star Wars/Space Opera-like setting with a big adventure scenario ELEVATION + THE TRITON INCIDENT: First Contact/Star Trek-like setting and 3+1 adventures for a mini campaign ODD SOOT: Mystery/Horror Scifi in 1920s space-faring setting with introductionary scenario and ODDITIES: new character options for Odd Soot characters. All books bring new things into M-SPACE, e.g. rules for Cybernetics in ELEVATION. Next up is the M-SPACE COMPANION. Also: A GIFT FROM SHAMASH is a MYTHRAS IMPERATIVE/M-SPACE scenario for the genre Hard Sci-Fi + Space Marines
  12. If TDM has to make the decision between many MYTHRAS books but keeping Taptalk OR switch to a better but more expensive platform and therefore has less capacities for MYTHRAS ... then it's better to maintain Taptalk.
  13. Instead of running MYTHRAS for a group of players, you can do something different: Do it all by yourself, creating 1-3 characters [or use pregens, there are many of them out there, for free] and play some adventures [from your own stock or one of the free stuff] and do some experiments with the combat rules. Che Webster did this with CLASSIC FANTASY and documented on his blog the discovery of the MYTHRAS/CLASSIC FANTASY ruleset in solo play. This is more than just a dry reading of rules [the MYTHRAS rules are written very technical, which is a sign for a good rulebook] but a lot more easier to learn than in serious table top gaming situation with other players. Another option, maybe obvious: start as a player in a MYTHRAS group [online/offline] and learn in-game as a player how it all works.
  14. Just as an aside: Another option would be to start with MYTHRAS IMPERATIVE instead of MYTHRAS CORE or with M-SPACE and its Simplified Combat [General Hit Points, Major Wound Levels, no Hit Locations]. M-SPACE uses Mythras Imperative as well.The Simplified Combat rules in M-SPACE have the Special Effects only as options not by default. The rules for Wealth and Status are in MYTHIC ROME
  15. You can use the Progressive Folk Magic, a house rule for MYTHRAS. It's Folk Magic with scaling.
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