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  1. Three suggestions: 1. Drop the concentration requirement for the spell 2. Modify the rule for concentration [p 166] E.g. the Death Knight is able to fight on while his undead minions are active, but to give them a new order he must put more effort in the spell, spend an action point etc. 3. Look at CLASSIC FANTASY and its arcane spell which raise the dead. This spell hasn't the concentration requirement.You could use this spell instead of the sorcery spell from the CRB.
  2. Regarding the statement that Glorantha is a highly described setting with a huge catalogue of material: I'm following the Glorantha discussions on the social networks quite a while and my conclusion is: If someone is asking about details about a specific place in Glorantha [mostly small ones] the answers are either "there is no description. YGMV" or the answers are coming up with always the same 2-10 sources. And these sources are mostly from RQG/HQG. So it's interesting that on the one hand the opinion is "Glorantha is overwhelming in its source material" but on the other hand you often didn't get any in-depth descriptions for specific places in Glorantha or the tribe will direct you to a quite small catalogue of books and supplements. Jason Durall pointed it out in a way, which I think is the truth: Glorantha as a world is HUGE and there are infinite things to write about it in the future. But the published informations are not that extensive. This difference seems small but its the whole thing to answer the above mentioned contradiction, imho.
  3. The earth itself. Many RPGs have our own planet as setting. The earth is the most detailed campaign world ever.
  4. Yes, I find the whole YGMV overdone and it is mentioned too often. So it becomes a bit of irritating to read it over and over again in all different contextes. For me as a Glorantha fan and with an RPG background of nearly three decades, this phrase doesn't provide anything new or helpful. I guess, this is a RQ/Glorantha thing from the past or in other words: a grognard wording, which hasn't aged well. It has similarities with the recurring duck jokes on Facebook. You read it, roll your eyes and go to the next paragraph. People use it inflationary and way too often. So it lost its bite.
  5. I guess, Jeffrywith1e is referring to the new announcement: "Chaosium Inc. and author Ben Aaronovitch are pleased to announce that Chaosium has acquired the rights to produce the Rivers of London Roleplaying Game, based on Aaronovitch’s best-selling urban fantasy fiction chronicling the world of the Folly. The game will use elements of the company’s Basic Roleplaying system, as well as original, customized rules to reflect the series’ inventive take on the fantastic—from Newtonian magic to the strange powers wielded by the rivers and other supernatural beings that inhabit the popular novels and comics. "
  6. Who is the writer of TALES OF THE SUN COUNTY MILITIA? Is Web of Intrigue some 3PP?
  7. If you read the RQG Core rules, you will find many crossreferences to the Bestiary and the Adventure Book - even to supplements which aren't out yet: e.g. Game Master's Book/Guide. So right from reading the Core Rules it's obvious that there's more thant the Core. And on the last pages and the back cover there are the other books named ["Want more Runequest and Glorantha? We have more!"] --> Guide To Glorantha, The Glorantha Sourcebook, the Bestiary and the GM's Pack. Beside its flaws, the Quickstart has all needed informations for rules, pregens and critters to play the scenario without any other material. RQG is like DnD in this particular manner: the Core Rules are threesome: Core Rules, Bestiary and GM's Pack. [Core, Monster Manual, DM's Guide]. That's an open secret since the first day of RQG.
  8. I have all Frostbyte publications as printed works. And I can only say: Awesome! M-SPACE is a substantial, great addition to the MYTHRAS rules universe. ODD SOOT is simply a masterpiece, and ELEVATION is probably the most entertaining MYTHRAS supplement written. Even the small introductory scenario TRITON INCIDENT is recommendable: an oneshot like a sci-fi action thriller. REFLUX is great, too. If you don't have the Frostbyte books yet, you've really missed something.
  9. Courtesy is a central skill in some campaign worlds. In the MYTHRAS campaign-setting I am currently working on, there is a culture where the skill is essential for all courtly and political concerns. So much so that the skill value in Courtesy is the skill cap for all other social skills in these circumstances. That is, characters who are at the top of society in this culture, and thus in the center of power, should be well trained in this skill. As always, what certain skills can or can't do depends on the setting. In other settings the skill doesn't even exist.
  10. Personally, I hope that Chaosium will not focus too much on BRP. Any BRP product being worked on would be a Glorantha product not being worked on. I very much hope that Chaosium stays with the USP "Glorantha" and does not drift too much into generic systems. That is of course only my personal, modest opinion as a Glorantha fan.
  11. It's a pattern. The HQG-scenario "Highwall Inn" is also a horror adventure.
  12. The Myyrrhn have a primitive Techlevel. But you could model them as barbarians. Always lower techlevel as the rest of the YK.
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