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  1. hmmm, does an allied spirit body ages at the same rate than its lord/priest then ? Because that's very short.
  2. The title says it all : what is the life expectation of an alynx ? Is there any indication somewhere ? Very important concern here, that's a genealogy issue !
  3. Even at 0hp it isn't pointless to parry : if you do a better parry than the attack, the parrying weapon hp doesn't matter. If you have nothing else to try ...
  4. I was answering kloster who precisely said that. Note if one considers a parying weapon always absorbs its hp in damage, then a negative hp weapon will increase them
  5. it seems wrong as you take less damage by parying normally a crit attack than a special attack. I agree it should stop absorbing damage at 0. Also note the special does the same damage to both weapon and limb. So damages above weapon hp should not be absorbed.
  6. Remember dark sense is sonar like hu-metal is bronze. It's only the closest earthen word to describe it.
  7. Well, technically, you need to also look at the ratio weapon weight/user weight. Else, even with a lot of STR, instead of moving the weapon, you'll be moving yourself. But that will only matter for a pixie using a long sword or a human trying to use a tree like a club. Now, in a magical world like Glorantha, it's probably fine. The respective ENC will also be different : a duck moving around a long sword will find it very impractical. But, to a duck, the sword ENC is already proportionally bigger, as his wearable ENC will be lower than human's.
  8. actually, it's not that simple physics characteristics don't scale linearly with the size. The weight and the momentum will be 8 times bigger if you double the size, for example. The rigidity will scale yet differently (to the square I guess), etc ... Anyway, no, a greatsword for a duck won't be really a short sword, neither will a long sword for a duck be equivalent to a 3 meters long sword for a human, it's something in between and totally different for a duck than for a pixie because it's not linear to the size (famously, an ant can bear 100 times or more its own weight). I think using STR & DEX requirements only is probably a very good approximation.
  9. It surely can. And a search on youtube/google about book restoration will probably give you a lot of results. Plus, it's up to you to build it stronger than it ever was. I think it requires to be a lot more delicate though. And personnaly I will make a few new ones first before trying it, if only to have an idea about what could go wrong and where/when should I be more careful. If pages barely hold, you'll probably have to reinforce them a bit, too, and stitching a regular one may give you ideas how to do it properly. I actually made some tests with a couple A5 versions of those books first, using only a few signatures. That's how I saw it was easier than I thought.
  10. I'll add I was very dubious at the japanese binding at the beginning, but we use the booklets in all our sessions since months now and they didn't get loose so far. And it's super easy & quick to do. With the wood pieces, it's really strong.
  11. You should give the back a round form, before glueing, unlike I did for the first one 😉.
  12. and finally, more stafford's library waiting for their cover
  13. Then stafford's library GRoY, entekosiad & fortunate succession, bound with a piece of leather my father kept when he replaced his old sofa 😁
  14. here is the spirit spells list, with a japanese binding. No folding here, just make holes and go through with your thread. The third image is the runic spells list, I tested with two piece of wood. Very nice, and useful at the table as reference booklets.
  15. An english version of the first method : https://www.trumpetvine.com/moleskine-reloaded/
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