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  1. 5 hours ago, glassneedles said:

    With Jonstown Compendium I am definitely going to buy  Six Seasons in Sartar (Andrew's blog along with Refereeing and Reflections reviews convinced me that buying everything at once was a sensible idea), do you have other suggestions for Jonstown content that is good for newbies?

    Yeah, I am biased though being a co-author on the Holiday Dorastor books. I think both the Temple of Heads and the Spider Woods would work for even starter groups. There are scenarios there for any power level. 

  2. 4 hours ago, Rodney Dangerduck said:

    Our GM is doing a great job but he is struggling right now with the question of this:  Just what should our Lunar Opposition have?  What do they have that flies?  There is all of one Lunar Cult written up in RQG, and Seven Mothers is the "nice", proselytizing branch.  It's challenging to make a wide variety of good enemies out of them.  Nobody would run the Epic Campaign of Lunar Expansion and feature Issaries as the primary Sartarite opposition.

    There are a number of good opponents already published in Jonstown Compendium supplements both Lunar and others.

  3. 4 minutes ago, Arcadiagt5 said:


    Correct! The characters have nameplates shown in the screenshot, and somewhere along the line I've gotten into the habit of bolding adventurer names and italicising NPC/place names in my session write ups. 


    OK, that seems fair. I was just worried if there were concerns from a game design/balance perspective that I was missing. Of course if they use certain spells a certain way often enough, then NPCs will learn from them sooner or later. And as their reputations rise, NPCs will start routinely looking up to see if there are hippogriffs up there…


    How? By my reading of the spell it’s defined by the placement of exactly four wands. That certainly allows the long thin tripwires that they’re using, but I can’t see how you get an L shape with only 4 points.


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  4. 5 hours ago, Arcadiagt5 said:

    Find Enemy:

    The other thing they did (in addition to personal protections like Shield, etc), was that at the first sign of trouble (like, oh, the glittery reflecting broo with draconic wings coming into view and lighting up the sky), every other adventurer cast Find Enemy on the airborne Terris. As written this creates a repeater effect where every adventurer can locate the enemies that Terris can see from the various castings. 

    Find Enemy is an amazing spell. Throw a couple of points of Extension on it and you will never be surprised.

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  5. Quote

    Can’t see why a city built house should not have the same caveat! 

    I am not a subject matter expert, but in my mind an increase in civilization reduces the number of local spirits. This is were housing starts to become a commodity and the the original question of "how much does it cost?" becomes more relavant.


    I am not sure of a family ownership amongst Heortlings, this does not sound right. Yes to clan however...

    I was trying to capture a larger cultural and geographical area 😉

  6. Quote

    I suppose in a way it should always be a heroquest, if you want to invite the right gods and goddesses to live there! Cost is interesting seeing as you will never own the land or buildings, but will be granted the rights to them. So, I would imagine the cost is swearing allegiance/fealty/loyalty (looking for the right word) to the clan that has given you the rights to the land. If the lands should have spirits (tell me one without that the a clan would want to be building on) placating the spirits would be another cost (and a chance for some great adventure).

    The ownership is likely Family or Clan based. The construction requires a blessing or at least a permission from the local spirits and success can bring additional benefits. 

    I imagine this would be very different than building a house in a town, but in a wilderness doing it without a HeroQuest is likely to fail and bring on several enemies/curses upon oneself.

  7. If they are starting from scratch, I would suggest they start with a homestead or longhouse. This will be a community project. Its not so much the cost but rather an effort.

    We describe the Laying of the Hearthstone with the following Stations

    • Settling (choosing a location)
    • Gathering the People
    • Preparation
    • Building
    • Feasting


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  8. Cost a fluid thing. It depends a lot on the structure, who is building it, where, and what materials are near by. A creation of a home can be a HeroQuest (we have one example in the Holiday Dorastor: Spider Woods supplement). Can you be a bit more specific as to the background of the group.

  9. 1 hour ago, Bill the barbarian said:

    I have moved halfway there, spells weapons and gear are in Lunars and thee rest are based on standard of living.

    Same for me. It needs to cost at least 10 L (RQG or 100 L RQ3) to keep track of it.

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  10. 33 minutes ago, Agentorange said:

    In one game where I was feeling particularly strict * I didn't allow Detect Poison,  I figured poison was a concept rather than a substance, after all different animals can eat things that would be poisonous to other animals....so I insisted on people learning Detect Hemlock, Detect Aconite, Detect depleted uranium and so on.

    * My players may have used the word pedantic, i really can't remember.

    Your game, but you can also apply the same logic to Treat Disease and Treat Poison skills since these are different and would in real life require different treatment. 

  11. Quote

    So, lots of rationales for allowing him to live, all of which will lead to hellish complications and difficulties for the party, sorry, I meant interesting plot developments

    Yes, it is based on how you an your players view the whole concept of Chaos and the way you view the attitude of the culture to it. Let me show how it would be in the games I been involved.

    • Eurmal - The one think tricksters do not get involved with and always oppose.
    • Orlanth - Kill it now
    • Ernalda - Can he be cleansed before it infects others? 
    • Humakt - Why are we even discussing this? Get it cleansed (DI) and/or die
    • Lhankor Mhy -Can I study it before you DI to remove it?
    • Chalana Arroy - Please do not make him suffer as you kill him
    • Babeester Gor - <hack> 
    • Storm Bull - He dies, now! Its the only way to be sure. Maybe we should kill everyone he came in contact with in the last week for good measure?
    • Lunars - Welcome to the club!
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  12. 20 minutes ago, French Desperate WindChild said:

    Note that humakti followers are not only humakti but people too. They have their own value, from parent, .. they are in a community, etc...

    if the community has no issue with chaos, they have no issue. If the community or leader has issue with chaos, the humakti may have issue too.


    And don't hate or fear chaos doesn't mean love chaos: humakti cann kill people even without any passion

    Except for that whole separation thing. I never bought into humakti as being part of a community. They are loners IMO.

  13. Quote

    Chaos itself is not really a problem for Humakti,

    That depends on how you view Humakt. In games I have played Death, and by extension Humakt, is viewed as the force which in the end is able to stop Chaos. Granted I am not speaking for the "Glorantha", but from what I seen published this view is supported. Even the Broo Legion in Dorastor consists of illuminated Broo.

  14. Quote

    Dorastor is already a stopping point in the next group vacations, it could be a good suggestion to demonstrate the advantages and benefits of this option xD

    Well, make sure to pick up a one of our guides and see all the sights. 

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