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  1. But for this one, you need 'detect sorceror that knows Geomancy', because I think they don't advertise, at least in Sartar/Prax.
  2. Yes. Yes. Yes. Completely agree here. Same for me. I accept 'detect poison', but ...
  3. Nice idea. In that case, yes, because you detect the psychic/mystic remain of the intent, not the trap itself.
  4. Yes, of course, both would detects: They are traps. This is why wide definition detects such as 'writing', 'traps,...) are difficult to use.
  5. and it would register at 'detect traps'. and it would NOT register at 'detect traps'. Those 2 points are why I allow 'detect traps'.
  6. If you can detect 'life' or 'unlife' which are concepts, you can detect 'writing'. It would detect substances that are poisonous to the caster, or, if you are devious and the caster is using a matrix, poisonous to the creator of the matrix.
  7. Detect Bronze, to recover used arrows at the end of a combat.
  8. Kloster

    Building Gringles

    Wahou!!!!!! Breathless.
  9. Hurricanes, or tornades, like in the american midwest. On facture, anti destructive wind, but those are coming to my mind.
  10. I've never heard about it, but have a try on 'The ring thing', especially if you accept the schwytzerdutsch.
  11. I do not have my BGB at hand, but with RQ3, another advantage for the sword/shield combo vs 2H sword is the amount of AP (12 for 2H sword, 16 for kite shield and 18 for hoplite), plus the fact that if you parry with your attack weapon, it's AP will go down much more rapidly. Another is the cost (320p for 2H sword vs 150p for the most expensive shield, that has 50% more AP).
  12. Those are normal conclusions.
  13. Sorry for the confusion. For your proposal, as I firmly dislike the multiple parry rules, I have no real opinion on them. I very much prefer staying with 2 actions per round among Attack, Parry and Dodge (not counting over 100% skills).
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