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  1. If you play Hero Games system, you know that it is just a special effect, but the value is the same as any other helmet (if you are a player) or what you decide (if you are a GM).
  2. I had not thought to that. Thanks for the insight. Thanks.
  3. I know that a Sartarite character can change his clan, mainly by marriage, but is it possible to change tribe? Is it possible to be 'adopted' by another tribe, and if yes, how would it be possible and how would it occur? Is it possible to be 'adopted' by a clan of another tribe, and then enter said tribe, and how? And lastly, a more RQG question, what would be/become the loyalty passion(s) of the character? Would he lose the previous ones, or would he keep them and gain new ones? What would be the scores of the new passions?
  4. In addition, the banner is cut in half and malformed. I am using Firefox on Win7 and Edge on Win10.
  5. Yes, the new look is quite problematic. Too bright, lot of lost space, fewer lines per page.
  6. Jape, this is also what I have understood. Well explained.
  7. I agree with you. I said all Red emperors, because they are head of the Red Moon cult, and as far as I remember, ruleswise, all initiates of the cult have to be illuminated. This is the specific I used (and as you, I thought to Arkat because of the cult swaps).
  8. Arkat? All members of the Red Moon cult (though I can't remember of any being described) so all Red Emperors?
  9. Seems to be the 'Palladium book of weapons and Armors'.
  10. Inside same category, yes. Same for RQG.
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