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  1. Completely true. Yes, RQG's SR are more an initiative order than a measurement of the passing of time. Not my tastes. I think the result is quite different. Completely agreed here.
  2. I haven't checked the errata, but this is a good point.
  3. RQIII was very clear (Player book p48): "... he may not attack with a weapon with which he parries. Two handed weapons however, can be used to attack once and parry once."
  4. Yes, I used that while in the army 30 years ago. Having a hot meal readily available while a mountain trek was really enjoyable. And the food was correct. For army food, it was exceptionally good. At least, this is what our foreign students told me. That was this: Water that once the compartments were broken, was mixed with calcium-something.
  5. Yes, and I'm part of those that think it (and I created a Sorcery user).
  6. Only up to the normal max (21 for humans), and you first loose a permanent rune point, to gain 1 INT (or other stat) point.
  7. This is exactly what Akhorahil said, or at least what I understood he said.
  8. For me, if you enhance INT for sufficient time to learn a rune or technique (1 season if my reasoning is correct), you can use the INT points to learn that. As (RQG p384) you never unmaster a rune or technique you have mastered. My understanding is that you can't learn more rune or technique before enhancing INT again, but higher than previously. I am still undecided if you can still use the rune or technique after the enhance INT stops, and before you recast it.
  9. That means a 27 INT. Hard to manage.
  10. This is part of the reason I don't like having a weapon roll instead of an attack and a parry roll for each weapon. I also don't like the way roll above 100% are managed. But Sword trance (and other like spells) are not broken. They give the intended result of a death god servant cutting through a number of mooks.
  11. RQG p 366: Spirits may be bound into a magic crystal, or into a specially prepared object or animal as described in the Binding Enchantment section (page 249). The binder of a spirit can use any spirit magic the spirit possesses and the magic points of the spirit to fuel spells.
  12. Only you can use the MP, this is true, and only you can cast the spell known by the spirit, but anybody that can perceive it can target it with a control spell that automatically succeed (p250).
  13. The danger is not there: Anybody that can see the spirit, either by being a shaman, or by using a spell like second sight, can target it with a control spell that automatically succeed. The following order is in most of the case to attack the owner of the crystal, that is thus attacked by his own spirits. RQG p250: Control spells automatically work against creatures while they are bound in items. Also, a control spell supersedes the innate control held over an entity bound into an item. An enchanter who does not use conditions (see below) to restrict the use of their items may find their bound entities stolen or turned against them by crafty opponents using the proper control spells. Anyone that can use the item can also cast spells on the entity trapped inside: they do not need to be in physical contact with the item to affect the entity with spells, although they must use magical means of seeing (such as Pierce Veil, Second Sight, or Soul Sight) to target spells against a bound entity in this way.
  14. Dead crystals are not attuned, they can't be. And I can't find anything that forbid to take control of a spirit bound in an attuned crystal. The only restrictions are with enchantments.
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