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  1. Agreed, but 'Shockwave rider' and 'Stand on Zanzibar' (my favorites from Brunner) are difficult to relate to Glorantha.
  2. France's VAT rate for books is 5.5%. It is paid on all books published is France or coming from outside EU. For books coming from EU countries, it is the originating country's rate (as for all wares).
  3. According to 'River of Cradles', Prax's Agimori were selected by Lodril, but worship mainly Foundchild. They only marginally (around 5% iirc) worship Lodril, but only alongside Foundchild. That means they can be Lodrili, but mainly aren't. Basmoli were in Prax before the covenant, so should live alongside it, but I agree with you, very few will worship Waha. IIRC, Baboons worship Grandfather Baboon (equated to Daka Fal) and live inside the covenant. Some will probably worship Waha. They don't have a totem animal. I don't know. According to 'River of Cradles (iirc), they worship Orlanth, Ernalda,spirit cults and local heroes. Agreed.
  4. Just for information, the Loire river (one of the largest and longest french river) is almost never over 3m deep (except during floods). In most of it's course, you can cross it on foot (but of course, you are not dry at the end). In Tours, where I lived, average depth is a bit over 1m (and width just below 800m). Just above Orleans, where my mother's family lives, average depth is around 2m.
  5. Well seen. I didn't remember that point.
  6. It is possible, but point by point (Bladesharp 3 to 4, then 4 to 5, usw). But you're right that without collaboration, fixed cost spell matrix of more than 3 points would not be possible (but I'm not sure RQG has 4 points or more spirit fixed cost spirit spells).
  7. This is exactly the result of a fumble with Sense Chaos, and with a score of 30%, your fumble chance is 97 to 100, so 4% of fumble. In your 10000 inhabitant city, that means 400 false positive.
  8. RQ3 Tap spells could go to 0. At least, it is not written they are limited to 1.
  9. I read it that TAP BODY can't tap size below 1 because you need a SIZ above 0 to have a physical existence. Other stats don't have this problem. I have not checked with RQG but in RQ3, you simply died (most often of old age) when 1 stat reached 0.
  10. Dumas died in 1870. This means, according to current EU laws (I don't know for other areas/countries) that his production is public domain since 1940, but moral rights don't end. You can not do what you want with Dumas's works: You just don't have to request permissions from rights owner. But movies (or other works) that use them have their own rights (that end 70 years after the death of the author).
  11. And substract when firing backwards!!! Not sure I want this kind of added complexity (and I love complex, detailed games). Even Car Wars and Gurps don't go thus far.
  12. Wikipedia give genus Brontornis to belong either to phorusrhacid (terror bird) or anserimorph.
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