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  1. I, being french, am not accustomed to form 1040, but frankly, yours is so close to what I had to fill 2 years ago that I had trouble to stop laughing. Thanks Sten for this moment.
  2. Yes, why not. Yes, exactly the same way.
  3. What we have decided is that the occupation income has to pay tithing except for the priests. We are not sure if this is the intent, but this is the only way we found working.
  4. This one bother's me because that means that the cult is not giving enough to the priests they are supposed to support: A priest income is at least 5 hides of land (=160L per year). As priests pay 90% tithing, remain 16L per year to pay for a noble lifestyle (200L/year), and the priest is supposed to be supported by the cult. Agreed, but that makes the priest stupid. OK. Of course, no problem on this. Money came to our world circa 3000BC, well into bronze age. And as I have understood (from Riskland Campaign), you bring everything to the head of clan, that gives you back minus 'taxes and tithing', so the gifts have already their tithing paid. Of course, I was speaking of ransom received, not paid.
  5. We never had this kind of fight (attack/parry ... wait for the critical) because we used extensively and ceatively the maneuvers that RQ3 gave us. This was a constant fight of outthinking and outmaneuvering the opponent(s). And this is one of the big things I am missing with the new rules. Perhaps is this valid only for our group. I don't know, but it worked fine for us and I am trying to recreate it with RQG.
  6. Kloster


    Yes. I used it for casting spells and 1 battle song.
  7. My house rule is to remove entirely the 'above 100% opposed rolls' rule, if only because I prefer the higher chance of crits and specials. It also render useless the hordes of trollkins, that have now no chance to hit. It (combined with the single skill for attack and parry and the RQ2 style category modifiers) makes almost impossible to hit a giant (because it's strength makes it's attack and parry so high you can not ever hope to hit it,...
  8. When you are protected by a magic affecting spell (Shield, countermagic, ...), does the effect of the spell count to blocking the spells you cast on yourself (heal is the one that comes to my mind, but in fact, any other spell)?
  9. Hello Jeff, A question about Sorcery: Why having the runes used in sorcery an 'all or nothing' thing, instead of using the percentages the characters have in the same runes?
  10. As I feel current experience rules too slow, I don't have much thought about slowing it further.😁
  11. I will use the RQ3 experience: 1 experience check after 1 adventure AND 1 week of downtime. That will solve my problem with the current experience flow that I feel too much slower than with previous versions. And that will solve the problem of the adventures that have various length and duration: the shorter I have played is less than 1 night, as 'River of Cradles' is several weeks.
  12. Another related question: On which part of the character's income does the tithing apply? Professional income (I think yes, but see later for priests and rune lords)? Land income (not sure because 10% is already taken by Orlanth cult and 10% by Ernalda cult)? Income paid by a cult to it's Priests and Rune lords (seems absurd, because the cult is supposed to pay for the standard of living of it's priests)? Adventuring (for lack of a better word) income (I say yes)? Gifts (I don't know, but see all the posts above)? Ransom (I would say that the whole ransom is going to the clan/guild/family)?
  13. It does. RAW, if the Parry, or more properly the defender skill is at 120% and the attacker one is lower, the parry is made at 100% and the attacker is reduced by 20%.
  14. In fact, I'm closer to RQG than you. Almost all of my changes are in the combat. I also get rid of the 'above 100% opposed rolls' rule and of the '1 adventure per season' rule (replaced by 3 weeks of extraordinary activity per season), but not much more. I will perhaps add a few tweaks from this thread, but not much.
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