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  1. If I remember correctly, the numbers for France were around 30-35 for men and 13-15 for women from circa 1000 to 1789.
  2. Thanks. I have only seen the movie in french.
  3. You beat me by 1 year. Congratulations.
  4. I had the same problem. I had trouble to even convincing people to restart RQ. Only RQG appearance allowed me to restart interest.
  5. No problem here. I am just tired and going to bed.
  6. I am the guy that spoke of 4 fingers, not Sir_Godspeed, and I already apologized for the english language mistake.
  7. Sorry, I forgot that for some english speaking people, the thumb is not a finger. In french, the 'pouce' is a 'doigt', In german, the 'Daumen' is a 'Finger', in italian, the 'pollice' is a 'dito', ...
  8. You're forgiven. In fact, my son asked me why I couldn't stop laughing, so, please, don't resist.
  9. Those, I know. It is easier for me to compare with Swiss towns, having lived close to Switzerland for 30 years than using US midwest comparison. Thanks.
  10. Let's say Boldhome or Clearwine, or Apple Lane.
  11. Where in Switzerland: Geneva, Luzern, Lugano or St Moritz?
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