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  1. Kloster

    #ShipsofRQ are on their way...

    Small question that concerns most European customers on Chaosium website: What will occur with orders passed BEFORE March 29 (Brexit date) but items sent AFTER (which now seems more than possible) said date? Do you know if there will be delays or taxes?
  2. Kloster

    RuneQuest 6 vs BRP for Base System

    Yes, this why I called RQIII a quasi impulse system. This is something we liked (probably because a lot of us are also wargame players).
  3. Kloster

    Joining multiple subcults of the same God

    RQG p302: Storm Voice (Rune Priest) Orlanth Thunderous Subcult. Requirements: Standard. Storm Voices are the spiritual leaders of the Orlanthi. A candidate must belong to the Thunderous subcult. Wind Lord (Rune Lord) Orlanth Adventurous Subcult. Requirements: Wind Lords are the temporal leaders of the Orlanthi. So, to be a Rune Lord/Priest, you need to be a member of both subcults. You then have access to both sets of spells, you need to spend an extra POW to join the 2nd subcult and you have only 1 Rune point pool (see P 282).
  4. Kloster

    Joining multiple subcults of the same God

    I think that the answer would be the same for the 'none' sex characters: They are no men, but are no women either, but I wonder what would be the answer for the 'both' sex (hermaphrodites).
  5. I like lead zeppelins. Whole lotta love!!
  6. Kloster

    Question for GMs: enchantment question

    If I remember correctly, the element is needed to Summon the elemental, but once binded into an enchantment, the necessary element is brought within. When called outside, the elemental does not need extra because it has already been summoned. This is at least how we played it.
  7. Kloster

    RuneQuest 6 vs BRP for Base System

    RQIII was, I think, a quasi impulse system: Movements and actions are simultaneous, you could interrupt and have an opportunity action, mix physical and magical. In fact, contrary to other BRP games, each SR was 1/10th of a round. That's why I spoke of impulse, even if I know Ringworld is the only one to have it proper, with it's rolling rounds.
  8. Kloster

    RuneQuest 6 vs BRP for Base System

    In fact, I agree with you, BGB is simpler That's why we stayed on RQ. We were using every tactical opportunities given by the impulse strike ranks: Changing opponents, interwoving movements and attacks, opportunity fire, maneuvers, striking weapons, trying to disarm,... This is because we wanted those crunchy settings that it was faster and easier to start from RQ than from BGB when we wanted the Mad Max, then the Alien(s) games.
  9. Kloster

    RuneQuest 6 vs BRP for Base System

    My bad memory. In that case, it is simply easier and faster with RQ, but feasible with BGB.
  10. Kloster

    RuneQuest 6 vs BRP for Base System

    Yes, but if my memory is correct (I don't have access to my BGB copy now), the strike rank used is the RQ2 one, not the RQIII impulse system (which is VERY important: this is what avoided the LONG attack/parry rounds, waiting for a critical with high skill scores, in addition to allow precise movement interwoven with physical and psy/magical actions). And the parry system imported from Stormbringer is not only the multiple parry (-30% per parry, easy to lift), but more the f... combat result table. If I add the percentile, formula based (not table based, with ceiling effect) skill category bonuses, the logical SIZe table, the easy to customize preliminary experience system, RQIII is faster (for us) and easier (also for us).
  11. Kloster

    RuneQuest 6 vs BRP for Base System

    No. From memory, some options are not compatible (the way parries are done, the impulse system among other things).
  12. Kloster

    RuneQuest 6 vs BRP for Base System

    Much easier and faster with RQIII, that already has all the crunch, the deadly, the gritty we wanted. Just adapt the skill lists, chase rules coming from James Bond 007 (Hello M Klug) and non combat damage from Hero/Champions and we got a Mad Max campaign. By adding psi powers (=Lunar Spirit magic for rules), we add a SF campaign in the Alien universe.
  13. Protecting a chainmail is clearly an abuse, but protecting a weapon or shield is not. It would avoid damage to it, but not to the wearer: A large shield with a Protection 4 would protect for 16 points of damage, but would need 20 points of damage to be damaged itself. I once had a RQIII sorceror that cast Resist Damage on his shield and weapons for that effect.
  14. Kloster

    RuneQuest 6 vs BRP for Base System

    Runequest 3
  15. Kloster

    Capping Battle Magic like RQ2

    In that case, which spell would you use? RQG p249 says: An entity bound within an item has no natural senses and cannot perceive the world about it unless it uses magic. Completely agree. Yes, this point is very important. This is also coming from RQIII. That means that the spirit coming from the binding has full MP to perform his duties, in addition to the fact you don't have to beat it.