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  1. I play that you can sacrifice only your own MP, not stored ones.
  2. Or if the players are requesting something for the next Holy Day. This is how I play (and GM) them.
  3. The problem with using spells is that they use MP, which are also your Hit Points (so to speak) in Spirit Combat. Characters may have crystals or MP matrix, but spirit can not, so, for them, casting spells can be very dangerous.
  4. I have already asked, and Scotty's answer was yes.
  5. But you can bring fists enhanced by a Boon of Kargan Tor that someone cast on you. Of course, only Son Goku has Fist Trance (TM), but still.
  6. Horned Man surely can dispel said Truesword and Sword Trance almost at will. But is is still worth to try. Why not? His role is to test the would be shaman, but I also expect him to have a bag of tricks of his own.
  7. In both RQ3 (Magic book p57) and RQG (p250), a bound creature can not regain Hit Points, but nothing is said about MP, So, for me, the normal rule (i.e. 1/24th of total MP per hour) should apply.
  8. One more question: If you are attacked by a spirit and you choose to use a fight with a (magically enhanced) weapon, does the character weapon skill vs spirit sspirit combat skill roll replace the normal spirit combat vs spirit combat roll, or is it in addition (at a normal SR for this attack)?
  9. In RQ3, you were creating specific enchants (Fire elemental, frex). I have not checked, but I presumed this has not been changed.
  10. Frankly, I always maximize the worship rolls with max MPs. But I don't think things becomes too easy: - The gods need the MP. - If you spend too much MP, this is spot on time for the GM to launch something. If you are left to 1MP and a band of broo attacks the village, or someone needs an immediate help for healing, you are in deep sh..., not to say that using sword trance with 1 or 2 MP (the ones you have recovered) is a bit futile. - I think you forget the other modifiers the GM may add (weather, omens, whatever he wants), that may force you to use the other options to get a d
  11. Ouch! But the adventures for finding the Issaries guy and the Humakt guy to provide the spells, plus give them what they require would be interesting. But it is worth it!
  12. Same for me. Ditto. Still agree. Don't be afraid. Please continue. All opinions are good to hear. Yes (although for me it is more RQ than Glorantha).
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