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  1. Not more than building Enhance CON based on Darkness starting from enhance INT based on Fire/Sky. You would use Air for all sword usage. Bing, +100% with sword.
  2. Completely agree. For me, and with a rifle, 20m is easier than 7m. Frankly, I've never been in a firefight and don't know if my results would have been as good under real combat conditions (but probably not). Yes, which is, for combat skills, the normal use.
  3. Perhaps they stick to sorcery, but they still worship gods, in their peculiar way.
  4. RAW, the Matrix Creation Rune spell allow for creating spirit spell matrix and rune spell matrix only, but not sorcery. MGF wise, I would accept it. The question can also be asked for Aeolians (whose sorcerors worship Orlanthi gods) and Lunars (whose sorcerors worship ... Lunar gods). We still don't have the rules, but Arkati are also concerned by the point.
  5. That is the role of situation modifiers. Easy task (like shooting a non moving target at close range, having enough time to aim) : +20 or +30%, which means your 50% character will hit his target most of the time. The skills value are positioned for normal use. For combat skills, that means having to avoid being hit, on moving targets, and not having time to aim. When in the army, when practicing, we had around 5 second for each shot, which is more than enough for quite careful aim, and I almost always put all my shots on target at 100m. When I went for the first time in a simulator, think time
  6. Yes, that's the spirit of the rules. Aeolians have the same position, as Lunars.
  7. If you know Bladesharp 6, you can cast Bladesharp 1 to 6 at will, provided you have the MP.
  8. Yes, and I seem to remember that the authors thought that the change (from 2 to 5mn) increase the usefulness of the spells. I surely don't like it, but most probably because of the habit (I played much more RQ3 than RQ2). For the time being, I kept the 2mn, but will probably also go back to 5, because more magic is then used.
  9. A little hint for the Munchkinism thread. Those linked spells can have a MP pool linked and an Attack condition that says that when YOU touch the object, the spell is cast. No time, no roll (because the spell is self contained and nobody casts it) and no MP to spend (they are already in the reserve). At least, it worked that way in RQ3, and I see nothing in RQG that contradicts it (RQG p250). A little expensive on the POW, but you get instant buff (very practical to be the first one to have all spells up).
  10. Literally, RAW, yes, they are, but, see Richard S's answer (very complete) about what is in the Q&A.
  11. Kloster

    French RQG

    I've just found another difference: P82 (both version), on family heirloom, French release adds an optional rule that allows poor occupations (= not Assistant Shaman, Merchant, Noble, Priest and Warrior) can have a second roll on the Family heirloom table, the Roll twice result being ignored.
  12. Yes. You don't need a create matrix spell. Sorry for the confusing wording.
  13. Agreed, and even if I hadn't the same reading as you, I like your way. I take. This I like. I always played you can forget spells to be able to learn others.
  14. Agreed, but I see this more a result of the Rune Points rule than a consequence of the shortening of Spirit spells. Probably becaue your players and GM don't have the habit of trying all kind of new tactics. The 1st time I GMed RQG, my players (all of them RQ3 grognards) instantly noticed that point and immediately looked for ways of having their spells before their opponents (for a quick finish) or to have their opponents spells finish before theirs (for prolonged fights). The retreat and come back 1 minute + casting time later was used in the 2nd combat.
  15. In fact, an inscription is a Sorcery spell matrix that is usable only by it's maker, but that don't need a spell to be created. If you want, you can (in addition or replacing the inscription) use RQ3's Spell Matrix creation spells.
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