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  1. As far as I see (there can be mistakes), yes to all your questions.
  2. If the game world does not change when the game system change, Hero Wars, and then Heroquest would never had existed. The Glorantha in HW/HQ is not the same than the one in RQIII. This is partly due to a change in vision, but also to the change in game system. And the Glorantha in RQG is not the same than the one in RQ2 or RQIII, in great part due to the changes in the system. The simple fact to have sorcery give a different Gloranthat than RQ2.
  3. I remember of some Eurmal's mushrooms that have random permanent magical effects, not all beneficiary, but I don't remember in which RQIII module.
  4. More seriously (?), I was part of a party that was in a town where the watch continuously found humans drained of their blood with 1 hole in the neck. We discovered all the murders were done by a duck vampire, rune lord of Vivamort, that drank blood with an iron straw (he had no teeth). We fled.
  5. If it is, I think young Frankenstein should be close!
  6. With any other RQ version, I would say a swarm of trollkins with slings and short spears. With the new rule of multiple parries and the opposed rolls rule, I would say swarmS.
  7. IIRC, if you are able to use a matrix, you know what it is. If there is no condition on the enchantment, you are able to use it by touching it.
  8. Going back in the discussion, of course, here, you are right: If you and your buddy are powerful and show it, the small fry will go in hiding and bigger opposition will show up.
  9. In RQIII, yes, but beware to the Criticals that ignore armor. That's why we tended to put the enchantments on the shields themselves: You always substracted the AP of the shield to the damage done.
  10. This is what Reputation is for. But in RQIII, no Reputation.
  11. In RQG, I don't know: I've never been part of a group with such powerful characters. In RQIII, most of the time, they discover the other group is as powerful when somebody draw a weapon. Power level is not tattooed on the face, even if there are hints (iron weapon, for ex.). When a high power level is mutually discovered, most of the time, nothing occurred, because each group was gauging the level of the other, trying to guess the level of protection. This was a time for speakers, and one of our players (a Yelmalio Rune lord/Issaries acolyte) was at his best in such situations.
  12. Even 'Good Omens'? I wholeheartedly recommend it, but not for Glorantha.
  13. Kloster


    I'm going with 'bee', but with a shorter sound (I'm french). For me, 'PAH-vis' (ditto). Same for me.
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