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  1. Hardest game in the world, that. Thirty years man and boy.
  2. I don't think that should be in this 'dumbest idea' thread. ;)
  3. Love it. But not in an UZ way.
  4. I thought, very much like chariot racing, there were different teams/owners. So it would be possible to rig, but not automatic by any means, no one wants to see a push over.
  5. I think Glorantha has been drifting to the 'nice' for quite a while, with nasty things like slavery and human sacrifice just not happening any more in lovely utopian Orlanthi society. We are meant to believe that the poor are only there through their own actions. Much like how the US and UK see them now. Because one stickpicker became a hero, every other one must have had the same chances. The Luck Rune just doesn't have a lookin nowadays. How do Thralls and the poor view gods that keep them as such? Also, I thought that sacrifices in Tarsh were to ensure a good harvest, not to stop random earthquakes being done to their own people by a worshipped god? Very much puts her on a par with Malia.
  6. I have to say that this is in my T5 vids of all time. Bravo sir, Bravo!
  7. Personally I always thought that while gladiatorial games were unsavory, it wasn't actually human sacrifice. In that, in a sacrifice, a person was chosen and that person died no matter what. One had at least a chance of surviving in a gladiatorial fight.
  8. They need to go to The Hollow to get their junk cut off? Surely there are easier ways? But maybe it's never easy to lose your junk...
  9. Maran Gor. Chop his own essentials off, they will accept him then as a rune level, or die laughing.
  10. You could reduce the whole of combat down to a single die roll if you like, or even no rolls at all if you want. Lots of 'games' out there do that. Others have said about the clever way you can roll more than one dice at a time, and even in advance! You only have to imagine it and other things and it can be done.
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