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  1. That runner does look like a hippy chimp. I like the Headhanger as a Bagogi offspring, it doesn't feel any more or less Gloranthan than many other creatures, I mean Shadow cats are associated with a Wind God, What?
  2. I would definitely prefer the Boggles.
  3. The delay in the sale of the the Starter Set is not due to Brexit, but Boggles.
  4. What was the stuff you had to exclude? Vivamort made me do this.
  5. They are a bit like the Italians who remember the time under Mussolini with fondness, 'well, public transport was well run and they were polite AND smartly dressed' etc, or Londoners' selective memory about the 'Blitz'.
  6. 'as custom and tribute demanded' Tribute never seems to me to be a positive thing, demanded is rarely positive too. Semantics perhaps. People usually only go to war when the they feel unfairly treated. Equal exchange doesn't seem like a really good reason to me, but they did and it wasn't. The fans of Glorantha, runequest et al have always been excessively fond of trolls and it is evident everywhere, I don't think Gregg was immune to this Uzophilia either. Personally I've never been enamoured with eating my children or someone else's for that matter.
  7. Yes, you give me your money and I tolerate you and don't eat your children. Hence the Tax War. ZZies fights Chaos and look how loathsome they are.
  8. A certain someone though it was a cool sound?
  9. Argarth is Wakboth. No. Wait! I think I'm in the wrong thread. Sorry.
  10. How did a Sun goddess become so important to the Orlanthi and why did she fade?
  11. Probably because he's a boring Gary Stu?
  12. Yelmalio Creates soldiers, Humakt Creates suicide bombers, Zorak Zoran Creates monsters [think of them as the worst GIs in Viet Nam] Orlanth Creates shirkers, always going AWOL to get their end away.
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