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  1. They need to go to The Hollow to get their junk cut off? Surely there are easier ways? But maybe it's never easy to lose your junk...
  2. Maran Gor. Chop his own essentials off, they will accept him then as a rune level, or die laughing.
  3. You could reduce the whole of combat down to a single die roll if you like, or even no rolls at all if you want. Lots of 'games' out there do that. Others have said about the clever way you can roll more than one dice at a time, and even in advance! You only have to imagine it and other things and it can be done.
  4. I'm thinking about buying a paper copy of this, but I've heard about people getting a pre Gen-Con proof edition with references missing etc. Is there a way to tell the difference before I buy, please anyone?
  5. The Dwarven representatives that are traded with, don't seem to have beards [as yet casteless?], and often break into what can only be loosely be called, 'song'. They have earned the nicknames of Stinky, Spotty, Scary, Snotty and Groggy, as their names are almost unpronounceable, '[high pitched screech]EEE. [almost inaudible rummble]Mab. [said as fast as possible undulating]Untun'.
  6. I think you are the only person who loved Bland World as a name, and most people don't want to/have time to create a world from effectively zero. So you are in a very small minority. Both the books and the world feel very dated, Elric feels very of it's time. If you distil it down, the Eternal Champion has some great ideas and great characters, but the world[s] feel a bit flimsy compared to a lot of top notch fiction, fantasy has moved on, for the better?
  7. That's because it's not very good.
  8. The pigs are owned by one Somer H Jimson. "Still good, just a little airborne!"
  9. Sorry about the thread Necro, saw it while looking for something else, seemed more recent when I perused.
  10. Brilliantly expanded on. Love this!
  11. It does feel like that sometimes, thought. The moving away from slavery in Orlanthi culture (or at least having only 'nice slaves'), the positioning of both Yelmic and Lunar society as evil, Humakt as the 'nice' god of death (the primal god of death at that!), elected kings ( Is there a myth where Orlanth was elected king? I'm sure more knowledgeable people will know.) and others I definitely don't think we should bowdlerise these myths, but encourage players to see the problems and make their own about themselves.
  12. Rock a Lunar Rock! Return To Sartar (address unknown) Love Me Jar Eel (Love Me True) (You're the) Devil in Disguise. On a cold and grey Charg (oh!) morn another sad little trollkin is born, In The Ghetto!* The best example of this is The Fat Cartman's version. The travelling vagabond.
  13. Jeff has been trying to remake Argarth in his own image since Greg died, you only have look at his White Bollocks campaign to see that. If not Glorantha. So that's a conversation ender for me. Sorry to have wasted your time.
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