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  1. Won't somebody think of the children!
  2. Like trees in a strong wind, I'm sure these rules will bend. That means priest is still open. Aren't Woodlords the ambassadors of elf forests? All these rules are abstractions and as elves are seen as part of their forests 'defence' would be pretty liberal in its use. In the past Aldryami have gone to war with other races, and killing Trolls and Dwarves is a mercy for them.
  3. I've seen Shannon about on one of the RQ Facebook groups, what about talking to him direct? He can always say no. P.S. I would be very interested too.
  4. Ignore the modern stuff, find the RQ3 stuff and start in Pavis, it's much more a S&S setting and has a wealth of scenarios and an easily understandable world and timeline. I agree, Glorantha now feels overwhelming, but these settings and scenarios, written for a less involved style will really help. Stuff Like River of Cradles Shadows on the Borderland Strangers in Prax Sun County Should set you up with loads to do til you feel at home in the world, these will take you further afield, and tell you more about the world in general. Snake Pipe Hollow. For high level adventures Lords of Terror The gods the bad guys worship and how Chaos (evil) fits into the world. God of Glorantha. Deities from around the world and the mythic history. Gloranthan Bestiary. Creatures and peoples from around the world. Glorantha: Genertela, Crucible of the Hero Wars Different lands of the Northern Continent. Elder Secrets of Glorantha What's what about the three main (and other minor) Non-Human Races. Griffin Mountain. Classic adventures in a primitive land. There is some great stuff from RQ 2 that has been reprinted and loads of other stuff out there to find if you want. Finally, avoid coming here if you want a short answer to anything, or indeed a simple one. And last but by no means least, the introductory scenario Apple Lane. Forgive the chaoticness of my links. Not organised enough.
  5. How can you expect Time to respond to worshippers? Worshipping time will get you nothing but old.
  6. That is amazballs Rick, great work!
  7. Which bit? The bit where other people shout at you because you don't agree with stuff or get things wrong, or the bits where you have a civilised discussion? I skipped the first. I always think more than one '?' is a sign of rudeness, and as bad as all capitals. Yes, I saw that LM's can use Sorcery, But, yes, I also read the very first line in the sorcery Chapter, and I quote; "Sorcerers perceive an Impersonal Universe of Immutable laws". (my emphasis) How does that fit in with a God (again my emphasis) of knowledge? Oh I know it can, Illumination/Gbaji/Nysalor/Arkat et al, but please show me where the rational is for LM's ability to use sorcery in the open (in the book) and I'll bow to your superior knowledge. P389 mentions their ability to use it, but as far as rational goes, to put it mildly, it's walktapus dung. The attack and parry bit? Yeah, a misreading on my part I admit, so, sorry I guess.
  8. I like the idea of fewer skills, but for a system that has just introduced Philosophy (Yelm knows why) to its printed character sheet, and has a skill that enables you to build a boat and decorate a cabinet without blinking an eye, having an separate attack and parry skill doesn't seem that complex. Tons more (skills)rolls added (or some needlessly retained) in magic too. Most people in the past fought with a shield, how does one skill cope with that? What if I drop it? Do I still parry at the same amount? What if I keep the shield and decide to attack with a flail that I just picked up and want to carry on using instead of the Battleaxe I've been using for the past 15 years, same skill? Half of my combo is still there... Two extra skills aren't that much esp when most groups have fights on a reg basis,. I think in 2 decades of regular and intense RQ only 4 times did we ever formally talk about philosophy, we didn't need a skill, we just role played our character's views.
  9. Not sure I get you, but, no, we never found it so. I roll for my attack and parry, you do the same. If my weapon/shield is unusable I either equip a new one while attacking/frantically parrying with what I have equipped or I don't. Anyone can do for a short while, till they get whatever punishment the tribe meets out to a Warlock/Witch. If they weigh the same as a duck... I thought in most Orlanthi socs, it would be regarded as one step below Chaos, if that. I know all cultures blur around the edges sometimes but I would have thought Sartar was a bit far from that. St Lhankor?
  10. Yeah, Fook that for a game of soldiers. Dumb as a bag of spanners, makes the system more complex in my honest, not less. As this thread gives some indication of.
  11. They are quite (but not enormously) different weapons, watch any of the vids on u-tube to see the differences. I can point you to some really good ones if you want. I feel the best times I've had with players are at low levels, they are more inventive, less willing to fight and fumble more often!
  12. I certainly wouldn't give someone half their skill to attack if their skill was parry and vice versa. Yeah, that quote doesn't seem to help...;) I haven't played under these rules (but i do have huge amounts under the very similar RQ 2,3 and variants), but I would take it that any reference to players getting a skill (any skill) means one skill (for all skills). Attack or parry, not both. references to Javelin, bow, sling, dart or any projectile refers to it being used as a projectile weapon not melee in any effect and vice versa. Forget about skill groups for the moment. Have the players pick one primary cultural melee weapon (attack), Shield parry (if primary is 1H) or weapon parry, one cultural missile weapon (ranged attack) and one secondary (side) weapon attack. That is all they need and should have. There is time to sort the other stuff later. Lhankor Mhy sorcerer? They don't use sorcery, do they?
  13. I may well be wrong, but aren't Hippogriffs associated with fire? Looks amazing though!
  14. Sorry about that, you came across as a non-native to me for some reason in that post. Once again, my apologies. Isn't it just a little application of common sense? Yes it could be clearer, yes people could apply a bit o common.
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