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  1. So unlike Mr Orlanthi or Miss Ernalda, you have to join two cults to have some real benefit in your day to day life? Seems like a bum deal to me. Twice as poor.
  2. Why would fans of Questworlds who aren't already playing RQ make stuff in RQ? There is little money in fan RQ stuff, if they are going to produce for money they might as well do D&D. If you like the system that much to convert stuff over, surely you must want stuff for the system?
  3. It's not about simplistic, it's about actual proof. If you say, 'I don't believe in your storm god!' And I lightning bolt you a couple of times, it's going to give you serious pause for thought. Even the purest of Malioni believe in Gods, they just think they are jumped up spirits and we shouldn't be boosting their egos.
  4. Just wondering how big the continents are, and the world itself? Does it kinda overlay on the Med? Ta.
  5. I think very few in Glorantha argue there are no gods, the argument is whether we should worship them or not, or try to overthrow them etc.
  6. Tell Meso and South America that! But seriously, GRoY and Enk hint at human sacrifice in Solar worship in the past and Shargash likes a taste.
  7. Off screen and not in your face, yes. Hope. 'Dry as a funeral drum.' So, no.
  8. I think modern research suggest that most fights weren't, 'To The Death!!!'. Gladiators were expensive things, expensive to buy, expensive to train and keep. Throwing that kind of money away frequently would quickly make it a really bad investment. The point was to make money, not to throw it at the crowd saying, 'Here, have this for S&G!'
  9. 'No. Let's not go there, tis a silly rule.' *Thanks to Pendrago...Monty Python for allowing me to slightly tweak that joke.
  10. I'm not sure why it would be associated with Orlanth at all, I would have her associated with Shafesora, the rain goddess of Peloria instead and Entekos, gentle wind god of the Yelm pantheon. Wrong side of the mountains for Orlanth.
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