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  1. The pigs are owned by one Somer H Jimson. "Still good, just a little airborne!"
  2. Sorry about the thread Necro, saw it while looking for something else, seemed more recent when I perused.
  3. Brilliantly expanded on. Love this!
  4. It does feel like that sometimes, thought. The moving away from slavery in Orlanthi culture (or at least having only 'nice slaves'), the positioning of both Yelmic and Lunar society as evil, Humakt as the 'nice' god of death (the primal god of death at that!), elected kings ( Is there a myth where Orlanth was elected king? I'm sure more knowledgeable people will know.) and others I definitely don't think we should bowdlerise these myths, but encourage players to see the problems and make their own about themselves.
  5. Rock a Lunar Rock! Return To Sartar (address unknown) Love Me Jar Eel (Love Me True) (You're the) Devil in Disguise. On a cold and grey Charg (oh!) morn another sad little trollkin is born, In The Ghetto!* The best example of this is The Fat Cartman's version. The travelling vagabond.
  6. Jeff has been trying to remake Argarth in his own image since Greg died, you only have look at his White Bollocks campaign to see that. If not Glorantha. So that's a conversation ender for me. Sorry to have wasted your time.
  7. The point I was trying to make is that my objection is to the killing of a large number of people for any reason. "I certainty don't believe the Dragonrise was at all intentional enough to even constitute manslaughter, let alone murder, and therefore can't be genocide, because I do believe that the distinguishing element of genocide is the extermination of people, primarily on racial or ethnic background" They were all worshipper of the Red Moon if that helps? Wiki says it's usually defined as an ethnic, national, racial or religious group, a bit of an expansion from my first one, bu
  8. Eurmal? Absolutely. ZZ? I really can't remember if he was one of the deities listed in the Companion as vital, I'm not sure he is, lots of deities fought. I know Stormbull is vital and He does a better job.
  9. I must admit I found it difficult to understand what your point was, were you disagreeing with me or agreeing? Your opening sentence was very long, which I found hard to parse. Perhaps we disagree on what is mean by genocide, but let's be clear so that we both are on the right page. Genocide. Noun. The deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group. I assume you agree? I'll now say what I'm arguing. For me personally, the first clause is what matters, 'The deliberate killing of a la
  10. He's forced into it and does it because it's the only way to save his skin. I'll repeat it again Chaos does not = evil, though its emanations into Glorantha are. I'm not saying Eurmal is evil any more than a tiger is. What do Eurmal and ZZ have in common, the Disorder Rune. If that helps.
  11. So Loki was just a hard done by teacher, whose lessons were just misunderstood? I wasn't talking about Chaos=Evil or that's not the whole of it. Pure Chaos doesn't have a sentience, a direction, a will. It's not trying to destroy Glorantha out of spite or malice, it's not Trying to destroy it at all. Telling a ZZ troll he's one step away from Chaos is effectively telling a serial killer they're evil, you won't like the result, but both statements are true.
  12. It's a double bind because they are also an unreliable skills boost, until they get high, and then they kind of become a liability. I also see them as a crutch, crutches are good initially, but you'll never walk properly with one. I had a character, loved him to death, Orlanthi Skirmisher who only wore his sling We had just got the then new character sheets with a HUGE list of traits about 20, 30? I loved it. But in the end I realised I wasn't role playing him, I was dice rolling THEM. I started to ignore them and just picked out the ones that suited him and mostly used them as keyword
  13. Both? Show that [how much detail is up to you] and give the players the opportunity to decide for themselves? Do they help others with the danger they *themselves* might starve? Do they help their allies, hinder or loot? If they don't help, their allies might die or at the least no longer trust them. What should the player who has Hate [Lunars] 100% do? The game gives/encourages people to have these strong passions, but then says, but you have to play 'nice' ! *Added for clarity.
  14. I don't understand, violence is ok as long as it's 'your' kind of violence? Sanitised? Young fit people whacking each other with nice big shiny bronze swords, hot! ? A couple of deaths a session? Loss of limbs but no icky blood? Why are you playing a game with violence in it, if you want to ignore completely the consequences? or the nasty bits? That feels a bit like a modern/fairy tale view, both Disney and a drone strike, it has to be heroic and remote? Are all of the people you fight 'tash twirling villains with gorps up their sleeves? Do they not have spouses, kids, mums and dads, or is tha
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