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  1. Leika and Asborn's armour is specifically stated to be enchanted on p24 & 25 of the Gamemaster Adventures book.
  2. Unenchanted iron armour does work for sorcerers with long duration spells, at least until they need healing.
  3. Enchanted iron damages werewolves etc as well as unenchanted iron. Unenchanted iron affects all spells the bearer casts, not just those cast on the armour or weapon. It also affects spells cast at the bearer, making it less likely they will be affected by a hostile spell cast at them.
  4. Debatably ogres might be considered a subspecies of human, but otherwise, ok or not, it isn't cannibalism.
  5. Cannibalism is the practice of eating the flesh of ones own species. Only the case of the troll eating another troll can really be described as cannibalism and the petty exemptions are ones they would consider quite valid.
  6. Depends on how generous the DM is with handing them out. Mine certainly don't. What about when the Humakti is ambushed or just adventuring?
  7. With trolls its part of funeral rites (except for poor trollkin but as far as trolls are concerned they aren't real trolls), Herd Men are animals not people, it ain't newtlings who eat newtling tails
  8. How many rounds is your Humakti casting spells for before they get around to casting Sword Trance, how many MP do they have left to cast it with, and what have their opponents been doing in the meantime?
  9. Yep, I have no strong opinion on which way it should work, I just think that as written its clear as mud.
  10. I don't find the discussion weird at all. What you're arguing is that one-use actually means use as many times as you have the rune points for but you won't get the rune points back. I can see why some people are unhappy with that and it is a big change from previous editions if that's how it is intended to be played.
  11. In the case of weapon skills a critical is also a special. You apply the effects of both.
  12. Scapegoating of ducks after Starbrow's Rebellion may have been Fazzur's idea but many Orlanthi seem to have been happy enough to participate. The tribes seemed happy enough to feud and politic between themselves during the Lunar Occupation. I'm sure when the occupation ended there were plenty of old scores settled or scapegoats selected under cover of punishing collaborators.
  13. Fair point. There are a lot of skills that won't be useful every adventure but when they are needed they will be important.
  14. There are some occupations where I think the lack of points is due to mistakes. For example Hunter doesn't get Peaceful Cut. Give it +30% Peaceful Cut like Herder gets and the total looks more reasonable (although Peaceful Cut is primarily a flavour skill). There are some cases where more points doesn't mean a more useful character. Esrolia gets cultural weapon bonus for all 3 types of shield, somewhat redundant I think.
  15. I agree its quite a clever idea for an item. Should be a one of a kind, too good to be available for purchase.
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