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    Started RPing in 1979.
    Ran a Runequest campaign 1979-83, played and ran numerous other games.
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    Playing D&D 5th edition, fed up with it.
    Since its finishing thinking of offering to run a Runequest campaign next for our group.
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    Female divorcee with 2 grown-up daughters and time on her hands.

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  1. I find the detailed character generation a great help with making the players a part of their society. I'd use it if I'm planning a campaign involving lots of politics with the characters taking part in major events. If I was playing a more D&D style dungeon-crawl game, maybe as a one-off to familiarise new players with the system, I'd skip it.
  2. If they are out in the boonies nobody has much cash anyway. If they are selling stuff with a theoretical value of 500L and bargain well the trader may say I can only afford 100L but I'll chuck in some supplies/ a mule/that wierd old amulet.
  3. Theres an Issaries heroquest in King of Dragon Pass. https://kingofdragonpass.fandom.com/wiki/Issaries_the_Concilliator
  4. Some shamens might cast Discorporate on their assistant, others require them to learn it for themselves. Assistants probably don't go into the spirit world on their own as a matter of course. They are trainees. Its still a useful spell for a shamen as it allows them to take companions into the spirit world
  5. Nowhere near as broad as RQ3 or Heroquest, but I solved that by telling my players they were starting off as members of the Ernaldori Clan. They are an Orlanthi noble, Storm Bull bandit, Eurmal entertainer, and Ernaldan farmer who took the Red Vows and is trying to decide if she wants to stay an Ernaldan or switch to Orlanth or Vinga In my very first campaign there was for a while an Orlanthi . There was also a dragonewt, an elf, a rhino rider called Ronald who mispronounced his 'r's as 'w's. Selection of race and cult was done on pretty munchkinny grounds but we came straight from D&D.
  6. Only 1 of our group (not me) has a camera atm (heck, I didn't even have a headset before Covid-19) but the other tips look useful to my specific situation We're still experimenting whilst our Pathfinder referee runs a campaign he purchased on Roll20. 1 useful thing about being in a group where everyone referees is theres no pressure to rush getting things ready, 1 of us always has something to run.
  7. It was an attempt to deconsecrate an altar of Orlanth Victorious that led to Starbrow's Rebellion. I'd imagine the Lunar leaders didn't want to be responsible for anything like that happening again. Ofc with hindsight the course they took didn't turn out too well either.
  8. Converting the PDF into a Word document Extracting the maps and putting them into the roll20 system Extracting artwork and other stuff you want to be available to players as handouts Taking NPC/creature stats and putting them into the NPC character sheets When I'm refereeing in the real world we don't use figures and battle maps are drawn on scraps of paper It doesn't take as long as writing my own scenarios does but it takes a lot longer than using something published edit: I suppose the real problem is unlike writing scenarios its all boring stuff, formatting, copy pasting, inputting stats etc.
  9. We've been using Roll20 with Skype for chat. Its a pity that there isn't any adventures for Runequest on Roll20. Even a published adventure takes quite a while to prepare for use there
  10. I was more thinking if the brides clan or family doesn't agree but the bride would. I suppose it would be risky though. If someone got hurt it might cause a feud. I don't think the clan would get too involved in ordinary people's marriages so long as the potential spouse isn't from a hostile clan, Its not like in a feudal culture where land or herds might be lost. Any dowry or bride price would be fixed by social status and exchanged between families. Perhaps a similar amount to a ransom, presumably paid to whoever is losing a member.
  11. I rather suspect there will be elopements and maybe even bride-raids too.
  12. That's actually about 10 times the price since 50L per point of potential potency is the ingredient cost in RQG. I think I might just stick to the RQ2 prices. If you have the right lores you could gather your own materials.
  13. Good luck, hope it goes well. I'm playing my 1st online game next Monday (CoC that somebody else is running) and if that goes well may try continuing my RQG campaign online.
  14. I much prefer the approach being taken this time than that in RQ3. A deep lake rather than a shallow sea. Ideally everywhere will get covered in time but in RQ3 I always felt I only got enough info to whet my appetite, not enough to actually run a game in most of the regions outside central Genertela.
  15. Which got him killed. If the Humakti asks you to wear the death and truth rune decorated armour don't do it.
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