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  1. you usally only do it when you are really desperate. How worship maran gor, i suppose.
  2. Don't generally all orlanthi gods accept it except Chalana Arroy?
  3. Come to think of it, do we have any detailed, "canon" source as to the BG and Eurmal connection? I can only recall second hand sources.
  4. a sound elemental is experienced as the sound of a guy screaming and rolling past you in a shopping cart
  5. I cast "summon @Bill the barbarian"
  6. Revenge? I dont think we have reason to believe they didnt part amicably
  7. Well, my group has trickster with an honour passion.
  8. It will come. For now, I was pondering how a Sartarite sun domer might appear different than the northern and eastern dome-heads. Edit: herp...forgot to add >uneccesary shield boss
  9. Some Eurmali say the illusion rune was the first rune. Meditate on that
  10. *wry baby-making smile* I'm sure you can figure SOMETHING out...
  11. I think you might be on to something here... It makes me think of how Arkati guard certain spots in heroquests. I seem to recall having read something about putting pieces of yourself in the godrealm for ease of access later or somesuch. But I only got half remembered maybes...
  12. we are all us? the many ad one, or somesuch?
  13. Refering to his famous magical beam attack, of course. as the son of a volcano god, his kung fu was very powerful
  14. gonna derail for some Shargash lore: I seem to believe that shargash suplex'd a chaos god so hard they both went to hell and when he came back he had become demonic. Not sure why I think this though.
  15. I have had this idea for far too long in my head, just had to put it on (digital) paper
  16. A song sung by the Varmandi chief at a feast in Apple lane. Mel: Bones in the ocean
  17. Good read. Would read the book of Melo Yelo.
  18. Trying for an elf, Light son of Yelmalio. I would have made the skin look more like plant stilk but...I don't know how to do that.
  19. Wonder how detailed descriptions the artist got of the characters. Could be they just picked some runes they thought were cool?
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