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Oolings of Asrelia


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1 hour ago, Manu said:

I have read that Asrelia had special snakes, living in marshes, called Oolings. Any other info on them?

They were only written up and described in Anaxial's Roster. 

Ooling have sandy-brown bodies with black blotches along their backs, outlined with dusty green flecks. Unlike most snakes, they bears their young live rather than laying eggs. They are most at home in sandy soil, and have spread from their native Kethaela all along the Manirian and Praxian coast. They can wait for years between feedings. In the dry riverbeds of Prax they often wait for decades, and then seem to appear in profusion to feast upon the creatures that gather to drink during the seasonal floods.
The Spirit-lord Lokra once ambushed Asrelia, the Rich Goddess, and bore her away. Asrelia shared her wealth, and by the time Orlanth and his sons found her, she had conquered Lokra. Since then, the ooling have served Asrelia and her temples as guardians and, occasionally, messengers. They also live in the wild, where they bury themselves in the ground and strike from ambush.

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7 minutes ago, Tindalos said:

Given their nature as a large constrictor snake sacred to the Earth, it's probably are another name for/been replaced by the Esrolian Python.

Or they were a rejected name for the Esrolian Python. Which is more to the case.

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26 minutes ago, Jeff said:

Or they were a rejected name for the Esrolian Python. Which is more to the case.

Ah, a third option I'd missed, thank you!

Of course, there's still room for both versions in Esrolia, since snakes are so popular; and from the God Learner name, the Ooling was a sand boa rather than a python.

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