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I started a new QuestWorlds campaign in germany


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  • 6 months later...

We just ended our little adventure in the "Black Glass Ruins". The two rebels have a new home, secure from lunar prosecution. Now, they will sleep together with four darktrolls and eight trollings in the same dwelling. The permanent darkness and shiver is bad, but they are armed with warm clothes and an alynx immune to the supernatural blackness. They have to pay attention to giant morels growing in one of the old baileys and some similarly giant acidic moths. Maybe they help the trolls extracting the lead glance under the ruins... and they spoke with the "shadow of the black glass", the godlike genius loci of the ruins. It offered them hospitality for a price. Once in a season the ruin-dwellers have to foist one of the black pebbles unnoticed in a home or in the pouch of another human being... so maybe the shadow may slowly spread his zone of influence. The rebels agreed. Now their eye color is black and if they shed tears, the tears are black, too. Maybe one day the shadow will grant them an enhanced ability to recognize the surroundings in darkness. At times they will have a small talk with Orsta Trades-With-Trolls and the Nameless Humakti. Our campaign goes on.

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  • 7 months later...

Maybe they´ll become trolls? (just a bizarre idea...)


Gaming time in our Red Cow Campaign seems to correlate with real time.

We´re playing for 2 1/4 years and it is 1620. The trouble with the Telmori is just beginning.

At this rate we´ll have it finished in 2026.


Currently I´m considering to insert "The gifts of stone", the Mostali-Adventure in the Sartar-Companion, but I´m not sure. The atmosphere of the adventure feels different and the story line seems just very loosely tied to the plot of the campaign. What do you think?

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On 12/5/2021 at 6:47 AM, Chiarina said:

We´re playing for 2 1/4 years and it is 1620.

That's doing well!  My HQG campaign has been going 7.5 years and I've just covered the timeframe from Earthseason 1617 to late Seaseason 1618.  (It is play-by-forum though, so very different gaming pace.) 🙂

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  • Chiarina changed the title to I started a new QuestWorlds campaign in germany
  • 11 months later...

4 years are over. This evening we played the battle at the Wolf´s Stand and the characters defeated the Telmori. Unfortunately the player of the shaman - the only moderating force in the group when it comes to the Telmori - couldn´t attend. The victory was bloody. 1620 is over.

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