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Adventures from other Systems


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What other systems have you found that have easy to convert adventures, or at least adventure ideas that are easy to move to Pendragon?

  • RuneQuest - Mythic Britain is great. I've especially liked their adventures around the 13 Treasures, and they are easy to convert as the system is a derivitive of Pendragon (or Pendragon is a derivitive of RQ, take your pick).
  • Cthulhu Dark Ages was a natural one. Although set several hundred years after Arthur, they are also really easy to convert and provide lots of great ideas. Replace the mythos with the fae, mix with some Evil Cults, and a couple Orders for the players to join. I highly recommend it.
  • I've looked through a few Harn adventures, and although they definitely have that medieval flavour, I haven't converted any yet.
  • I've seem some discussions around Shadows of Esteren and Symbaroum, but haven't checked those out yet. Anyone familiar with either of those?

Any other suggestions?


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Prince Valiant for starters: The RPG was written by Greg,m and the Hal Foster strip obviously had an influence on Pendragon. PV is Arthruian but with a bit of a golden age of hollywood feel to it. But the adventure threads in PV all pretty much port over to KAP. I once had a campaign where a major component was a long standing feud bettwen a PK and a Knight from Levcomagus based upon one of the "A Family in Despair" story leads.

ICE's Robin Hood Supplement has a bunch of adventure hooks that can be adpated to Pendragon. Yes, the game is about playing justice seeking outlaws, but a lot of the stuff could be adapted to Pendragon.

GURPS Camelot: It takes a bit of effort to adapt it to make it fit with KAP's \version of the tale, but the book can be mined for ideas. 


Any version of Merrie England gives a nice medieval backdrop and so adventures can ussually be ported over and adapted. 


Pretty much any game with an Arthurian, Medieval,Celtic Britain, Roman, Post Roman-Britain, Saxon or Viking setting has stuff that can be adapted to Pendragon in some way. 

Generic Medieval Adventures tend to be the easiest to port over, as they tend to be Knight errant type adventures, although they can have problems with requiring the PKS to use skills and abilities (magic, stealth, missile weapons) that PKs either cannot or will not use. They can also be a bit too "high fantasy" to port over as it. 

Adventures in Arthurian RPGs can be some of the easiest to fit in with the storyline and general feel of KAP, but might have problems with different interpretations of the  story or have things that don't translate well into KAP. A monster that might be suitable for begging PCs in another RPG might be too tough for beginning PKS in KAp and so on. 


Almost anything historcial/semi-historical can be ported over and even some mythical stuff, with a bit of work. For example, the adventures from RQ3 Vikings can be adapted to KAP and still work. A GM might not want to have flying "Winged folk" in Thule, but the land is remote and mysterious enough that he could do so without ruining the feel of Pendragon, although it might cause some problems for Prince Valiant. 

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I have a directory in my PC, where I put all the books that I feel could be adapted to Pendragon. Here are its contents:

- GURPS Camelot
- GURPS Celtic Myth
- Harkwood (a chivalric adventure/sourcebook for GURPS Classic Fantasy)
- All "Daring Tales of Chivalry" books for Savage Worlds (4 books)
- "Caves of the Circind" for Mythras Mythic Britain
- The Sword and the Loves from Mammut RPG
- I, Mordred (alternative setting where Arthur is an usurper and Mordred the rightful king)
- Age of Arthur (alternative "historical" setting, includes a scenario and some adventure seeds)
- Time of the Wolves (complete campaign for Age of Arthur)





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Something worth thinking about is adapting non-knightly/non-Arthrian adventures occasionally. It depends a lot on the actual adventure, but sometimes the main elements of a very good adventure would work in an Arthurian setting, and a GM can run a nice "change of pace" adventure by adapting the adventure to Pendragon, or even just elements of an adventure. Sometimes modern day or even Sci-Fi adventures can be adapted this way. Often the "setting" of a story isn't actually vital to the story.


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Chaos stalks my world, but she's a big girl and can take of herself.

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