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I've been reading several campaign logs recently, and there are 2 in particular that I've found were really good and really useful to get my head into a Gloranthan mindset. In both cases I thought the authors did a great job coming up with adventure ideas that make use of the history and locations of Glorantha. I figured I'd share:

1. The Bardori Saga, here on BRP by @Gallowglass : a 1625 RQG campaign centered around a Dundealos clan. It deals with rebuilding a tribe that was destroyed by the Lunars, and includes cool stuff like exploring Lunar ruins after the Dragonrise, and expeditions to Prax, in addition to traditional Sartarite politics. It will be interesting to see how it compares to the upcoming "Children of the Flame" sourcebook on the same tribe, written by Studio Deadcrows for the French version of RQG (I'll post some info about it as soon as it goes out to backers).

2. Apple Lane, at last, on RPG.net : a 1613 campaign starting in Apple Lane, and featuring a few classic RQ adventures (the titular Apple Lane, Rainbow Mounds, etc.) mixed with a bunch of "day in the life"-type encounters and events (especially a few holy day ceremonies featuring limited heroquesting). It later goes into ghost stories, but sadly stops around the time things get interesting with Sartarite politics.

I started listening to a couple actual-play podcasts, too, but, although I'm grateful that the authors did record their games and put it out there, I haven't found one yet where the sound quality and pacing is good enough to be worth the huge time sink (in comparison, write-ups are much shorter to consume and only give you the good bits, plus sometimes a helpful GM commentary).

Got any good HQG/RQG/13AG campaign logs or actual plays to share? Please do!


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- Wesley Quadro's Gwandor Saga is good, but he has others as well:


- Artus Silenis' Pavis campaign, starting with Borderlands, is good (in Spanish, though)


- I have written a couple chronicles of two episodes of our Colymar campaign (also in Spanish, though):

The first episode:


The last episode: https://elruneblog.blogspot.com/2016/12/partida-de-heroquest-el-iniciado-de.html

- Jeff Richard's famous Taming of Dragon Pass and David Dunham's East Ralios campaigns are also a good read:



- I have also enjoyed reading Andrew Logan's campaigns Six Seasons in Sartar and River of Cradles:


- Sandy Petersen's campaign across the Wastes is not to be missed:



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This is shaping up to be a VERY nice resource for fans...  I'm looking forward to more, of course!

But I'm also thinking that (after the flurry dies down, and the thread begins sinking downforum into obscurity) the material might valuably be collected & preserved somewhere that newbie's might go looking for examples and inspirations...?  I'm just not sure where that would be ...


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