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Steampunk builds

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I'm new here and also new to BRP. My group and I have played a bit of Call of Cthulhu and recently we've been playing the Mongoose version of Runequest. I find the Mongoose RQ to be lacking a lot areas, which is what brought me to BRP. I've just finished my first read and I'm planning to run a game in the not to distant future.

I've been working on a steampunk idea with no supernatural presence at all, just crazy science. The issue I'm have is in the construction of devices and vehicels . I've been thinking of trying to work on something like common guidelines for construction and modification (i.e. it takes x amount of time and materials to build a dirigible, this long to mod a gun to increase damage). Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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I'd consider looking into the Hawkmoon rules for "scientific sorcery". I'd say that would be the quick and dirty way to do it. While steampunk and mad science have an element of science and reality behind them, they still have more in common with magic than hard science.

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Many of the "Spells" in Hawkmoon are just guidelines or recipes for pseudo high tech equipment. Almost all of the magic requires the use of a laboratory, and expenditure of time and materials. The Rules work better for a Girl Genius campaign as opposed to a D&D one.

Although the Hawkmoon rules as they stand work great for certain Sun Sword wielding Barbarian. :D

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I7ve been working on a vechile supplement for BRP. Basically it will cover just about any sort of vehicle and will have guidelines for creating BRP stats for real vehicles, as well as designing vehicles from scratch.

Since it uses real terns like horsepower and tons (or kilowatts and metric tons), it should be usable for steampunk designs as well as modern ones. Steampunk designs would just be less efficient.

If there is anything in particular you want to design, let me know and I can post some of my design notes. They are not finished, but they are probably good enough to give fairly decent game stats.

One cool thing about an RPG is that things just work as written up, even if real world physics says "no way". :)

Chaos stalks my world, but she's a big girl and can take of herself.

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