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Not sure if this belongs here or in the Magic World forum. If inappropriate, can an Admin please move it?

Has anyone used, run or house-ruled bits from the Classic Fantasy Monograph (#0383 by Rodney V Leary) for the clerical ability to turn undead? Page 30 says to compare half the cleric's allegiance score in Good against the POW of the undead being. This is OK when facing intelligent undead (like vampires and liches) but allows any reasonably Good cleric to destroy instantly the lower ranked undead like skeletons and zombies.

I house-ruled that the maximum number of Undead that can be turned (or controlled) defaults to 2D6 (as per AD&D). Alternatively, (experimental, untested) use half the cleric's Light or Shadow points as the total amount of undead POW or MP that can be turned.

I'll be using this rule in a Magic World campaign where the priest will match 1/2 Light points against the POW of undead. 

Any suggestions would be gratefully received.



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I think 2d6 is a fair and simple house rule. I personally think the number of POW-less undead destroyed should increase as the clerics score in Good/Light increases. Not just the range of effect. 

In my campaign I allow 1 POW-less undead per per 5 points their Good/Light is above their Evil/Shadow score. So if their shadow score is 25 and their Light score is 72 that's a 47 point difference which would be 9 skeletons in range.

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