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101 Gifts from a Knight's Lord

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Just casting out for ideas for gifts that a knight's lord could bestow upon them at Christmas.

Typically my knights get a new set of feast clothing, occasionally a replacement horse if one died, and then sometimes something odd.

Some examples have been; A large coat of arms for their feast hall (5 Glory), A pair of Saxon dice (Gaming +2, but caught cheating on a fumble), a wonderful cat to boost a flagging estates fortunes, a book of etiquette (yearly courtesy check).

I'm looking to harness the collective creativity here and come up with 101 more gift ideas. Please chime in!  :)

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In my campaign, after a PK unhorsed Gawaine during a (lucky) joust, he gracefully give a pair of golden spurs as a reward (1 £).

Otherwise, the lord could give a tapestry depicting some great dead of the PK (or his father).

The reward should be a special gift for special occasions. Not an ordinary one each christmas.

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This is a great thread, and possibly at the end we could try to build a table for rolling on it.

However, I feel that Tizun Thane got it right: we should make differences between "special gifts for special times" and "ordinary, yearly Christmas gifts".

In particular, I feel that:

- an "ordinary" Christmas gift should be much lower in value than £1 and it should not give any significant mechanic effect, but just fluff effects.

- a "special" gift should give mechanic effects and/or be £1 or more of value.


In this sense, all the gifts in the first post by BioKeith should be "Special" with the possible exception of the "5 Glory Coat of Arms" (since 5 Glory is not that much).

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Yeah, I think it's traditional for a Lord to give his knights gifts, and to get gifts from them in return, and it all kind of cancels itself out, generally. There was a year in GPC where Uther gives everyone more lavish gifts than usual, I believe, that might be a good indicator of things. I could see value in a chart showing the kinds of things that would be given as gifts, but have no mechanical benefits, and maybe an option on the chart for rolling on better tables. Since I generally try and keep all the dice either d20s or d6s when dealing with Pendragon, maybe have the first table be normal items, but on a 20, roll on the next table, and same on the next table, getting progressively better. Then, maybe due to yearly actions or Glory or something, you might get bonuses on the table. Something like that.

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The value of the gifts should general also reflect the rank and income level of the recipient. That is, an ordinary gift for a estate holder is going to be much better than an ordinary gift (and probably most special gifts) for a vassal or household knight. In my campaign's I've given out:

New weapons, armor, horses (normal and special), books, special honors and titles (with associated glory), tapestries, furniture, mosaics, statues, and other stuff that I've forgotten.


Having gifts come with glory also helps to keep minor gifts special (I'ts not just a new sword, but a gift from the King!)

One thing I'll note is that stuff like statues and tapestries are great rewards as they are rewards that don't really impact game mechanics the way better armor or a better mount might. In fact such gifts can also be used to draw excess wealth away from player knights. In my current campaign the PKs managed to get a hall for their knightly order and have pent a small fortune outfitting and maintaining the place. Just the cost of transporting the statues of the founding members from the manors where they were at to thier hall cost a considerable amount.


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Chaos stalks my world, but she's a big girl and can take of herself.

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A couple more things I've added for this year:

  • An illuminated manuscript (copy of an old Latin text revealing mysterious events that took place during the roman occupation. Takes 2 weeks to study. Succeed at a Read roll and receive a Faerie Lore check
  • Fancy Feast clothes (+1 to App this year)
  • Fancy Hunting armor (+1 protection)
  • A Cambrian Steel blade (+1 to Sword skill in the first round of combat, not in battle)
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