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Fate versus Luck


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A discussion began in my game as to the difference between the Fate and Luck Runes.

One player sees Fate as "being in the right place at the right time", while another takes it to be "fatalistic", while assuming that "right place, right time" rightfully belongs to Luck.

I know few characters are supposed to take either of these Runes, but how do you interpret the difference between the two of them?

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Honestly I think they're best seen as two roads to the same path. Something may have been destined to happen, or it may just be a lucky break, there's not really any way to tell. In terms of what players can do with them, I think "right place right time" could work for either. I think Fate may have a bit of prophecy powers too, and luck is a two-edged sword that can either save or ruin the day with equal chance.

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2 hours ago, The_Wombat said:

the difference between the Fate and Luck Runes

I've always seen Luck as the roll of the dice - pure random chance.  Essentially a Trickster rune.

Fate on the other hand is the preordained path - try as you might, Fate has determined this is your outcome.  If you are fated to gain the "Sword of Doom", you will at some point do so.

Two sides of the same coin?  Probably.

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