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Cult Writeup Template


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Does anyone have a thorough Cult Writeup Template?

I'm detailing some of the Cults of my world, and find I'm constantly going back as I remember other things to add. I'm stealing formatting and structure happily from CHaos Cults (thank-you Charles Green!) but I'm finding I want a little bit from some of the original CHaosium stuff, some mythology, etc.

Pointers toward good examples would be appreciated, and if I make a significant change I'll post what I use to the downloads section.


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As far as I remember, Moon Design's "Cult Compendium" had a chapter about

the step-by-step design of Runequest cults that could perhaps be useful:


From there: "A guideline chapter shows how to design your own new cults."

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I didn't know there was a volume 3 of Gloranthan Classics.

There are four volumes. And worth every cent/penny (depending on what products you already own).

Note that they mostly focus on RQ2 content (which I like), however they are easily used with BRP.

See the bottom of the page of this link: Issaries, Inc. Product Listing

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