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BRP on Fantasy Grounds

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I know the FG people have been working on updating BRP rule set to work better. See the following:


If you are still experiencing issues I would recommend you post on the Fantasy Grounds website as I don't believe that they frequent this sub very often.

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@smiorgan At surface view it appears quite functional but once you get a group going and you load the purchased modules you'll see the various issues and bugs start to pop up that make the ruleset unplayable. 

Any of the vanilla skills dragged from the ruleset to the character sheet get deleted even after saving the session or exporting or importing the character sheet. The solution I found to this was to just manually enter skill on the skill sheet. This issue seems to be present even with custom created skills that get dragged onto the sheet.

Many of the purchased rulesets screens and or windows that show the data needed for play are not resizable even in Unity, not to mention the base size is tiny. This makes most of the information contained within them too difficult to obtain when compared to just using the pdf in a separate screen.

I love BRP I payed for this and every BRP module I could get my hands on, in fantasy grounds, knowing the issues with them so I'm fine with this for the most part because I love Chaosium and I love Smiteworks and I'm rooting for them. 

The fact of the matter is though a GM would be better off either using CORERPG or MORECORERPG for this ruleset and not bother with the BRP one in its current state.

I plan on remaking a version of the BRP ruleset for my own use since its the only ruleset I will use when I GM an RPG.

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Hey @Chaosium... not sure exactly who...
 * maybe @Todd@Chaosium (because most convention/events are Virtual these days and ( even after vaccines get common and in-person events resume) it looks an awful lot like virtual events will be a much bigger part of gaming, going forward!)
 * maybe @Scotty (because (I think) he's their techie-lead)

 * maybe someone else too, or instead?

This issue (both FG, and online engines in general) really wants some "official" Chaosium lovin' ...

For example (just suggestions) --
Maybe put out some open calls for work on the various online engines.  Pony up some sweet Chaosium swag for any credible content by fans/devs, even incomplete; and throw some actual ca$h at dev's working each platform, for usable/playable tools/frameworks/material/etc.


I remember -- in the lead-up shortly before RQG had been released -- there was some big talk about digital assets...  Was it just talk?  Over-ambitious / over-optimistic chatter that turned out to be impractical?  But you guys mentioned ...

 * Official character-generator tools; instead, we have a hodge-podge of (remarkably-good) fan-efforts that (afaik) are un-promoted by Chaosium, and other fans just stumble across (or don't, because they scroll off the bottom of social-media feeds after the author/dev hits "reasonably complete" and stops announcing fixes/upgrades).* Official partnership with one or more VTT's, with RQG content directly supported there.  I had thought that was going to be Astral (when I saw some mentions here by y'all), but that seems to have faded.  I can go to the WotC website (or FLGS) and buy "Lost Mines of Phandelver" boxed set (an excellent starter/intro package).  I can go to Roll20, and buy the same material as playable digital assets.

RQG is a great product, and I expect the upcoming Starter Set will easily surpass WotC's LMoP.  The CoC7e Starter Set is another great one!   But if we want our RQG/CoC/BRP fix digitally, y'all seem to be leaving us out in the cold...



(edit - I see that Roll20 actually DOES have some Chaosium (CoC7) content!  YESSSS!  Though not the wonderful Starter Set, hopefully you're working on it?  But where's the RQG lovin'?  I want me some Glorantha!!!  And some generic BRP wouldn't go down badly, either...  And it's worth spreading the love, eh?  FG, Astral, etc... )

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correction -- Roll20
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