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Seven Mothers and Lightbringers


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11 minutes ago, Caras said:

Is worshipping Seven Mothers somewhat same as worshipping Lightbringers as a group? Can you worship Lightbringers in same way, as a group? 

Yes, there are lightbringer temples, such as the one detailed in Clearwine in the GM Screen pack Adventure book. There's also one in Runegate. However it's not through a combined cult like the Seven Mothers.

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IMHO the difference is what the default is: 

The default for five of the seven Lightbringers seems to be worshipping them as individual deities.
The other two Lightbringers are worshipped only in the worship of the Lightbringers as a group. 
It seems to me that Lay Membership worship is directed at the Lightbringers as a group, and but individuals can only initiate to separate cults, not the "Lightbringers-Cult". 

The default for Seven Mother worship seems to be initiation to the group as a whole. Individual initiation to six of these is possible, if you are is a devoted worshipper of a specific aspect of the Seven Mothers, but is less common. 

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2 hours ago, Caras said:

Is worshipping Seven Mothers somewhat same as worshipping Lightbringers as a group? Can you worship Lightbringers in same way, as a group? There seem to be very much similarities in them also, Lightbrigers following Orlanth and Seven Mothers following Red Goddess.

There is no dedicated Lightbringers cult currently. But in the past there may have been one, perhaps part of the Theyalan missionary package or perhaps an artifact of God Learning. Certainly, there are references to local variations on the story which add gods to the coterie, temporarily or permanently, but there are none which appear to subtract gods. There's some kind of substrate there which requires Orlanth-and-Eurmal-and-Lhankor Mhy-and-Issaries-and-Chalana Arroy-and-Flesh Man-and-(Ginna Jar) as a unit, and if the unit is reduced the myth just doesn't take. This implies that there's something in the Otherworld which allows you to approach the Lightbringers as a group in the same way you can approach the Seven Mothers, or Lodril's Ten Servants and Sons, as a collective group deity.

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