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Orlanthi Horse God?


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42 minutes ago, Ironwall said:

do the Orlanthi people (specifically sartarites) have some kind of horse god or goddess?

The horse was originally a solar animal and was adopted into the Orlanthi Pantheon. Hyalor brought it in and Redalda adopted it. 

Redalda, see also Heortling Mythology, page 158, Redalda was not always the goddess of horses. She, a daughter of Orlanth and Ernalda, was the only one of Orlanth’s kin who did not laugh at the horse when it first arrived at his stead...

Hyalor, also Heortling Mythology, page 151, Hyalor was an ancient hero who rescued a shattered creature from death, forming the first bond between Man and Horse. His people wandered, and eventually Beren the Rider led some of them to join the Vingkotlings. Hyalor is so deeply imbedded in the Heortling culture that he receives no direct worship. Instead, he receives a portion of the sacrifices given to Elmal, Beren, Redalda, and any other deity who includes the horse as part of their worship.

There's also Beren and Ulanin who are more rider hero / ancestors than Horse gods. Also in Heortling Mythology.

I see Redalda very much as an Epona / Rhiannon mashup.

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