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Arcanum conversion


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I am thinking of converting the Arcanum to a BRP system to play, and I was wondering if this would be where to do it, and if anyone here is interested in reading about it, maybe making suggestions as I go? Sort of a 101 day project like they do sometimes over at rpg.net. Just because.

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The Arcanum is part of the Atlantean Trilogy. The Arcanum was the rulebook or system book. It was published by Bard Games in the mid-1980's. The Lexion: Atlas of the Lost World of Atlantis was the campaign setting book. The Bestiary was the book of monsters.

The Arcanum was a class-and-level system similiar to Dungeons and Dragons. However, it incorporated a skill system and some other innovative ideas that deviated from the standard D&D class-based system.

Arcanum (role-playing game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Atlantis role playing games - Wayne's World of Books - Info & Sources

BRP Ze 32/420

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I am thinking of converting the Arcanum to a BRP system to play, and I was wondering if this would be where to do it, and if anyone here is interested in reading about it, maybe making suggestions as I go? Sort of a 101 day project like they do sometimes over at rpg.net. Just because.

That would be very cool. I have fond memories of the game, and regret that I've lost my copy of the core rulebook and the bestiary... I've only got the Atlantean worldbook left.

(as an aside, an adaptation of the Arcanum computer game would also be extremely cool)

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Jason, some guy in Missouri bought the rights to the Atlantean Trilogy a few years ago and reprinted them. There are copies for sale at Noble Knight, and they are 90%+ the same. He added a PC race (the Selkie) and some more classes, changed the art (including the cover), and made a few other little changes. The Arcanum, Lexicon, and Beastiary are still as useful as ever.

Drohem, I'm looking for input if you (and anyone else) are interested in giving it. I've always thought the Atlantis Trilogy plus BRP would be about as good as fantasy game could get. Just remember that I am doing it for myself, so I won't necessarily use all the suggestions I might get. The project could be a two way street, though.

Simlasa, looking at the links above you can see what the Trilogy is. The reasons I like it? You can run any kind of fantasy game in the setting; the world presented is ours (or a close parallel), there is info given for cultures and creatures covering the entire globe (and this makes it feel more vibrant and alive than most settings), the magic system is possibly the most detailed single one ever published (it includes demon summoning, runes, symbols, shamanism, mysticism, alchemy complete with formulae and ingredient lists with latent properties, etc.) It is, in other words a wonderful setting to showcase the new BRP rules. Swords and sorcery, wierd science, mutations, exploration of ruined cities, mysteries, tribal cults...It's all possible in this one setting. In fact, I think supers is about the only thing in the upcoming book I couldn't fit in. Overall technology level is about like the Roman Empire, with anything between cave men and Imperial China or Moghul India.

There is also Atlantis the Second Age from Morrigan Press plus Bestiary and a couple of other interesting supplements. It uses a modified Talislanta 4 system but lacks a lot of the better parts of the original Trilogy, like the spell and alchemy lists.

I have thought about three different conversions before deciding on this. The others are a space opera setting and Dark Conspiracy. This is my pick because it encompasses most of my favorite genres and because it will make fairly thorough use of the new rulebook. For the time being my major source for conversion (basic rules, chargen, skills) will be Elric!, since that seems to be the basic ruleset for the new BRP book. Then I will mix in whatever advantageous elements I am presented with from the new book. Most of this should be fairly straightforward, I expect the most work will be getting the right 'flavor' out of the magic in the setting, which is very complete and colorful.

So here is my first bit...the races. There are elves and dwarves, although they are fairly minor races in the setting. I may use them, but I don't think they are a necessary part to capture the ambiance I am looking for. If I do use them they will be similar stat-wise to the elves and dwarves from Magic World. Humans will be similar to the ones in Elric!, with 2D6+6 for stats, and so on. Of the other races presented in the Arcanum, I am not going to use the Zephyr (winged humanoid), or Selkie. The other three, converted to BRP Elric! stats, as follows...

Aesir, think Frost Giants from REHs 'Frost Giants Daughter'

Str 2D6+12

Con 2D6+6

Siz 2D6+12

Int 2D4+6

Pow 2D6+6

Dex 2D4+6

App 2D6+6

Descended from the Jotun, friendly with the Dwarves, little talent for magic but do have tribal shamans. Fierce enemies of trolls.


Str 2D6+9

Con 1D6+12

Siz 2D6+6

Int 2D6+3

Pow 2D6+3

Dex 2D6+9

App 2D6+4

The results of human/animal hybridization, Andaman are reclusive, shy creatures for the most part. They have a low reproductive rate, and many births are stillborn, so are gradually becoming extinct. They are excellent scouts, hunters, and warriors. They come in number of types...Lion, Hyena, Wolf, Jaguar, etc.


Str 1D6+12

Con 2D6+6

Siz 2D6+4

Int 2D6+4

Pow 2D6+4

Dex 3D6+6

App 2D6+2

Another hybridization, of man and goblin. They seem to have inherited all the worst traits of man AND goblin, and make excellent if unruly shock troops.

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Right on! I love the Andaman and Nethermen. It's great to see them back in action. I'm excited about this project too since I always liked Bard Games and SMS products.

I'll try to dig out my books later tonight after the baby goes to bed. However, I'm not feeling too well today and might go to bed early.

BRP Ze 32/420

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Y'know... after looking at those links... I've seen those books at the local shop for years and never even picked them up for a thumb-through... in fact I think some of them are still there... maybe even in the discount bin...

It certainly sounds interesting for that sort of 'other earth' style fantasy.

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