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The God Learners Podcast Episode 4: Writing Adventures in Glorantha


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The God Learners Podcast Episode 4: Writing Adventures in Glorantha is out, with three guests from the Beer With Teeth collective: Erin/Varanis, Dom/Rajar @Thaz and Diana/Berra @Diana Probst. We learn a bit more about their campaign(s), their characters and how their gaming has spawned an impressive catalogue of scenarios, not just on the Jonstown Compendium but even contributing the Crimson Petals scenario to Pegasus Plateau.

We discuss a lot of the steps and methods that go into writing a scenario, including personal approaches to GMing, research, and the process of turning an idea into a product.



If you're already subscribed to the God Learners in your podcast app of choice, you will most probably already have the episode on there by the time you see this. If not, how about subscribing today? 🙂

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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2 hours ago, Diana Probst said:

Thanks to the God Learners for having us, and sorry about the unearthly beings we summoned by using Ludovic's microphone stand as a pentagram.  I hope you cut that part.

We tried, but they fought us off...

Telling how it is excessive verbis


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I loved listening to the "making off" or thinking process behind Beer with Teeth's scenarios! That and the GMs talking about how they run RQG was really interesting. 👍

The Motel of Mysteries is fun, as well! I have also sometimes thought about archaeologists of the future digging in the ruins of our current cities and towns, so that's been like seeing my imagination in print. 😄


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Read my Runeblog about RuneQuest and Glorantha at: http://elruneblog.blogspot.com.es/

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