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Explain To Me: Classes/Talents from Classic Fantasy

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So I've tried and tried to read Design Mechanism's material, but I won't lie their font choice seems to be rather difficult for mem so I was hoping someone could just explain to me how the Classes and Class Abilities/Talents work.

I would really appreciate this as I am strongly keen to see if they are something I would adapt to my home BRP hack.

Cheers and thanks in advance!


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Classes are similar to Mythras cults. You need a particular set of skills at a particular skill rating to advance from rank 0 to rank 1. Then you get the class 1 abilities. When you get the requisite skills to the next rating (70% if I remember correctly) you advance to rank 2 and get an additional luck point. Some classes get some abilities automatically but most have to spend some xp to get new abilities 

does that answer your question?

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When I first read Classic Fantasy it reminded me, a bit, of Earthdawn.
In that game, Disciplines (classes) are societies of folks who all study/practice the same set of abilities. When you go up in Circle (levels) the other folks of the Discipline are who you go to for training, to learn new abilities.
Classic Fantasy doesn't push the cult/brotherhood aspect so much but if I were to run it I would try to emphasize that... have other warriors as contacts and resources, along with some degree of responsibility toward the school and fellow students/teachers.

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