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Slaying the Dragon - Snead's unfinished alchemy rules


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I heard years ago that Snead released these notes into the wild. They were updates to the Nephilim Alchemy rules.

I haven't successfully tracked them down and I was just thinking about them today. Does anyone have these notes? Does anyone have a lead on where I might find these notes!




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Hmm - IIRC they were incorporated into the Chaosium book "Enlightened Magic" for BRP (

 and still available in PDF: https://www.chaosium.com/enlightened-magic-pdf/)

But the only place I have even the vaguest recollection of the files being was they might POSSIBLY have been in the files section of the old Nephilim Yahoo group, and that's long gone I believe.

I can't recall what if any changes were made between the draft Alchemy Rules to the version in EM, nor what exactly  was changed between the rest of the text being published in Liber Ka and its reworking in to EM, but others might.

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I have Enlightened Magic and Liber Ka. I don't think these rules were integrated into that book. I actually vaguely remember going over them from the yahoo group but any copy I might have downloaded is long gone now.

I'm pretty sure Slaying the Dragon has some unique stuff that hasn't been revisited.


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