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Aroka the Blue Dragon


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We know from the myth of the Second  Dragonslaying; when Orlanth libereated Heler from Aroka, that Orlanth also took other things from Aroka's corspe...these included Aroka's sinews

"Orlanth took other treasures from the corpse too. He took the sinews from the right side of its spine, which were red, and from the left, which were black."

So does anyone have any ideas what these sinews do? Are they Movement Rune related or something else?

Did Aroka originally steal the sinews from 2 other gods?

Why are they different colours and how does that relate to their powers?

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Left Clavandal and Right Clavandal is an EWF classification of the cities and lands of Dragon Pass, for the Dragonspine Ridge as separator.

Left being black and right being red might tell us a bit about the Hero Wars?

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Telling how it is excessive verbis


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The Red Camp of Innocence was in the south. The right side of Aroka was towards the south. 

The Black Camp of Introspection was in the west. The left side of Aroka was towards the west. 

Aroka faced northeast, and was a boundary between two different worlds, coming from the southwest corner, between the animistic and formal realms. Holding those sinews might give you power over those realms, or the ability to move within them. 

Orlanth faced southwest, coming from the northeast, between the divine and mystic realms. The divine on his right, the mystic on his left. And Sh'hakar'zeel's head is held in his left hand.

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On 4/5/2022 at 8:57 AM, Martin said:

That was the Bad  Dogs that ripped out the sniews of Mastakos

Yes, but there is nothing wrong with putting the sinews of another deity, or deities, back to heal Mastakos.

After all, what's the worst that could happen?


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