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Sea spirit cults ?

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The thread on sailors and shiphandling got me thinking. Obviously Runequest like most RPG'S focuses on land based adventures hardly surprising really. Now certainly on land there are all sorts of small localised spirit cults dotted around the place, some perhaps sub cults, some independent so and  so forth.

Fair to say the same would hold true for under the waves as well ? that there are probably all sorts of aquatic  sub cults, spirit cults and so on in the same way that holds true on land ?

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21 hours ago, David Scott said:

Yes, we actually have one example of a spirit cult: Robber.

Mother of Wachaza and source of the Drown spell (RBOM p45). Often contacted by pirate Uzko and occasionally by more intelligent Uztagor (Sea Trolls).

 - Troll Gods, RQ3.

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Sailors are so superstitious that they are likely to have their own totem spirits.

Ship Crews are also likely to worship Spirit Cults, perhaps using the Captain in place of a Shaman.

I can see them honouring the Seas in which they travel, major currents, dolphin spirits and so on.


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