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Brian Duguid

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31 minutes ago, David Scott said:

You still have 5% with a 00% skill. The 00 is about the category bonus. 

That conflicts with page 57 of the main rules (emphasis is mine):


The lowest value a skill can have is 00%, which represents zero chance of success. A skill never has a minus value; if a modifier would make a skill start below 00%, write in 00%.
An adventurer’s skills category modifiers do not apply to a skill with a 00% base chance until they have gained the ability, either through cultural, occupation, or cult bonuses, allocating skill points to it, or through training.


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31 minutes ago, Bill the barbarian said:

This seems to be new in RQ G. I am fairly sure in old iterations of RQ a 00% percent meant no checking until the skill was above 0 percent without mods... I hate to ask but could we get a citation for this?


A roll of 1–5 on D100 is always a success, even if the ability rating is lower.

Game System, Ability Use, Results, Success, page 142.


Some skills are marked with (00) as their base chance. Skills category modifiers are not applied to these skills until the skill rating is increased to above 0%, meaning that the skills start at 0% unless increased through previous experience or training. Once the skill increases above 0%, the skills category modifier is applied.

Skills, Base Chance, page 163


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18 hours ago, French Desperate WindChild said:

mmm not the second, it seems , I've got the cha4028_-_runequest_-_roleplaying_in_glorantha_2nd_printing.pdf and my question was based on it

however, I like @Scotty's fetch's answer

Ah, I was looking at Spirit Dance, which actually doesn't appear to have ever had that explicit restriction.

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